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  1. fgams

    How to Send Link to Attachment Quarantine via Notification

    I configured PMG as follows: 1) Move all emails with an attachment to the Attachment Quarantine. 2) Send a notification to the recipient that an email with an attachment was quarantined. All works. I would like to include a link to the Attachment Quarantine in the notification. How can I do...
  2. fgams

    dnsmadeeasy Is Not on the ACME DNS Plugin API List

    Hi All, I want to setup ACMe certificate renewal via the ACMe DNS Plugin, problem is that my provider, dnsmadeeasy is not on the list. What should I do? Thanks
  3. fgams

    False Positive: Why Is This Email In Spam?

    I do not understand why this email is going to Spam. Everything looks good. Spam score is 0, spf, dkim and dmarc all ok. ---- Delivered-To:,, Return-Path: Received-SPF: pass ( Sender is authorized to...
  4. fgams

    Tracking Center Not Syncing

    Reading the documentation, the cluster section says: The Proxmox Mail Gateway HA Cluster consists of a master node and several slave nodes (minimum one slave node). Configuration is done on the master, and data is synchronized to all cluster nodes via a VPN tunnel. This provides the following...
  5. fgams

    Cluster - Banner Names, Sending Email and Certificates

    Hi All, I'm testing the cluster feature of ProxMox and have a question/comment. Lets say you have a master PM server and one node with the following configuration: Master: Node: Each server has a PTR (reverse dns) record and a Let's...
  6. fgams

    Multiple Smarthosts for Outgoing Mail

    pmg has the ability to forward all outgoing email to a smarthost. Is there a way to configure multiple smarthosts? Thanks
  7. fgams

    [SOLVED] I Want to Make PMG an Open Relay

    I would like to make pmg an open relay for outgoing emails. I will control access via my firewall. How can I achieve this? Thanks
  8. fgams

    [SOLVED] Help with DKIM key pairs

    use case: multi tenant mail gateway If I understand DKIM correctly, a key pair has to be generated for each domain. However, pmg only has the ability to use one private key. How can pmg sign emails for multiple domains with only one key? I don't think it'll work, or I don't fully understand...
  9. fgams

    ClamAV Signatures from SecuriteInfo 90% Detection Rate!

    I've seen many members here looking for a second anti-virus solution for pmg. How about getting better signatures for ClamAV instead? There is nothing wrong with ClamAV except for the detection rate, which is a function of the signatures. I found SecuriteInfo who provides ClamAV signatures...
  10. fgams

    [SOLVED] Lets Encrypt Cert on GUI not working

    ACME is working and a valid certificate is installed. SMTP uses the certificate and it works. HTTPS on the GUI does not work, it uses the self signed cert. How do I fix this? Thanks


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