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  1. Denny Fuchs

    PVE6 | pvemailforward | pveupdate: node-03 sends mail to node-01 instead

    Hello, I have since update from 5 to 6 the problem, that the node-03 wants to send mails to node-01 .. instead of, what is configured on Postfix. We manage the whole Postfix configuration with Puppet, so every node is identical ... except myorigin = fra-corp-pmox-03.example.local Every node...
  2. Denny Fuchs

    Proxmox: Irgendwo wird Debian Mirror(?) aufgerufen (

    Guten Morgen, unser Firewall erzählt uns, dass alle Proxmox Instanzen mit über HTTPS reden wollen, was scheinbar zu einem CDN ( gehört, oder gehörte. In der /etc/apt/ ist es nicht zu finden, da wir eigene Repos haben und auch Proxmox selbst hat für...
  3. Denny Fuchs

    proxmox-backup-client key create -> Read from file or stdin possible ?

    hi, is it possible to read the passphrase from a file or from STDIN ? If I try: echo secret | proxmox-backup-client key create or echo secet | proxmox-backup-client key create - it fails with: Error: unable to read passphrase - no tty cu denny
  4. Denny Fuchs

    [SOLVED] Paperkey ( master vs. client encryption key)

    hi, on the manual, I have the following: but, is that "master" key the correct word, or is it the client encryption key. Because, it takes the file from ~/.config/proxmox-backup/encryption-key.json which is not the master key. cu denny
  5. Denny Fuchs

    [SOLVED] Tiger(cron): "broken" mail format on PVE6

    Hello, we use Tiger as audit tool on all our hosts. The strange thing, why I posting here is, that this problem occurs only on PVE6. We get the Tigercron mails with an emtpy Subject and to the "wrong" RCPTO. The "Subject:" and the "From:" is in the body, instead of the headers. We have hosts...
  6. Denny Fuchs

    5.4-3 Can't start Containter: Failed to mount rootfs

    hi, I have a cluster with and I have a container, which does not start on a 5.4. node: lxc-start: 133: conf.c: lxc_mount_rootfs: 1343 Failed to mount rootfs "/var/lib/lxc/133/rootfs" onto "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc/rootfs" with options "(null)" On a host with PVE 5.3 the same container...
  7. Denny Fuchs

    PVE 5.2-5 killed VM without any logs

    hi, we had a very strange issue. A VM just disapears / stopped and the only thing we found, in kern.log "vmbr101: port2(tap104i0) entered disabled state" Nothing more, either in the remote syslog, nor in the local log files from the PVE 5.2-5 or in the VM itself. The VM itself is the 2nd...
  8. Denny Fuchs

    Help interprete ZFS stats (Grafana / Telegraf metrics)

    hi, we've got notifications from our monitoring (Icinga2), which is a VM on a PVE 5.2 host, with WD RED(WDC WD10JFCX-68N6GN0) 6 x 1TB (2.5") as Raidz2, because of timeouts (check_icmp). After a longer investigation, we found out, that these alerts where false positives, because the monitoring...
  9. Denny Fuchs

    Advanced ZFS install possible ? rpool = 2 x raidz

    hi, is it possible to create a pool out of 2 x Raidz-1. I assume, that the performance is quite better, than now for a raidz-2 out of 8 disks. Or can I install on a Raidz-1 and add a second Raidz-1 to the pool? cu denny
  10. Denny Fuchs

    PVE 5.2: ZFS "No space left on device" Avail 4,55T

    hi, we have very strange behavior on one of our Proxmox 5.x . We had a very bad I/O performance with PVE 5.1 with 8 x 1TB WD Red in a Raidz-2 installation. We did an upgrade to the latest 5.2 and the bad performance has gone, but we had the very strange thing, that one of our VMs stopped. This...
  11. Denny Fuchs

    Move rpool (raidz1) to smaller disks

    Hello, we have to migrate a rpool on a raidz, to smaller disks and asking for the best way. At the moment we use 2 x Crucial M550 1TB (953.9GB) disks and want to switch to 2 x Samsung 960 1TB (894.3GB). The Samsungs are slightly smaller, so we can't just replace them. The next problem is, that...
  12. Denny Fuchs

    Force Autologout ( Remote session (X2go) + Browser)

    hi, I have the problem, that need to explicit logout or close the tab, to close the session. If I have forgotten it, than the session is still login, after hours/days for ever. Is there way to force a logout, after X seconds when nobody clicks on the site? cu denny
  13. Denny Fuchs

    [SOLVED] Subscription: Update PVE with no Internet Access

    hi, because of a very restrict policy (PCI DSS), it isn't allowed to get access to the internet from the pve. Also a proxy isn't an easy thing to get it working with a PCI auditor in the background. For all repos we a have internal APT server for that. So my question is: is it possible to...
  14. Denny Fuchs

    [SOLVED] HW planning CEPH 3 x OSD cluster for PVE 4.2 / PVE 5.x

    hi, we planning a CEPH storage cluster to use with PVE 4.2 and after a lot of reading, what for HW we should use for our lab, we consider to following: The basis layout: 3 x OSD nodes with 10 x consumer SSD and / or seagate spinning disks 3 x nodes acting as MON and PVE host Details per OSD...
  15. Denny Fuchs

    API debug: Vagrant-proxmox and LXC = 400 Bad Request

    hi, we want to use Vagrant to create VMs on our Proxmox 4.1 cluster (with ZFS). So we use the vagrant-proxmox plugin, which works with KVM. If I try to get the same working with LXC, than I get a "400 Bad Request". I have no idea, how to debug on the Proxmox side. Is there a debug option, to...
  16. Denny Fuchs

    [SOLVED] Own YubiKey Server API: http URL works, https not

    hi, we have a own YubiKey server and tried to login via the USB key, but it works only for HTTP and not for HTTPS. Is there a reason for that?
  17. Denny Fuchs

    [#875] kvm: how to enable "features: hidden state=on" ?

    hi, since ProxMox uses not *.xml: how can I activate: <domain type='kvm> ... <features> ... <kvm> <hidden state='on'/> </kvm> </features> I know that it is possible to use "args" in *.conf ... so I tried: args: '-features hidden state=on' but: kvm: -features...


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