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  1. aaron

    Unable to use NFS share within LXC container

    for the container check Options -> Features if NFS is enabled (needs to be a privileged container). The other possiblity is to mount the NFS share on the Proxmox server and use a bind mount [0] to mount it into the container. [0]:
  2. aaron

    Proxmox hyperconverged sd boot problem.

    A bit more information would be nice. Do you get past the BIOS and see the bootloader and kernel messages before this error appears? Also, do not install Proxmox on an SD card! It will not last long because Proxmox VE is writing quite a bit on it like logs.
  3. aaron

    Proxmox with OMV or with Webmin

    Have you checked out the LXC wiki page? [0] [0]:
  4. aaron

    OVS with 2 NIC configuration

    Do you really need OVS? If you just need VLANs on your bridge you can set it to vlan-aware, set the VLAN for the VM and skip the complexity of OVS.
  5. aaron

    Certain VMs from a cluster cannot be backed up and managed

    Thanks, can you post the config of one of those VMs? qm config X
  6. aaron

    Proxmox add VLAN for VMs

    Is the switch on the other side configured accordingly? Has the VLAN tagged on that interface?
  7. aaron

    Upgraded to 5.4-13 and Windows VMs wont boot

    Hey, which on what hardware is this running on? Do you have the latest updates installed? Of course only if this is still a problem :)
  8. aaron

    Proxmox add VLAN for VMs

    The vmbr0 is set to vlan-ware. You should be able to set a VLAN ID for the network device in the GUI right below the field where you select which bridge to use.
  9. aaron

    PROXMOX VM PCIE Quantity

    Check the IOMMU Groups column. Your problem sounds a lot like the one problematic GPU and your main network interface are in the same group. You can only pass through the whole group and not individual device of the same group.
  10. aaron

    Wie am besten 2 Server verbinden

    Ceph geht erst an 3 nodes ja. Welche VMs auf welchem Node laufen musst du abwiegen. Du kannst den zweiten Node auch als fallback nutzen. Mit ZFS als Storage kannst du auch eine Replikation der VMs zwischen den Servern haben [0]. Mit einer dritten Maschine (gerne werden Raspberry Pis genommen)...
  11. aaron

    Prxomox HA

    Well, for HA you need at least three nodes in the cluster. But the third node doesn't need to be a full Proxmox VE installation. You can add a so called QDevice to the cluster. Basically a service that needs to be installed on the Proxmox nodes and the counterpart on a third device. Check our...
  12. aaron


    If you pass through the device as described in the link of my previous comment the VM should be able to access it like it would be connected directly to the drive. No mounting within Proxmox just passing through the drive to the VM. You then mount it in the VM.
  13. aaron

    ZFS dedup is not deduplicating the vm images

    Ah, The used column shows the full size if you did not enable thin provision. The whole size of the disk is reserved in that case. The actual usage is in the Refer column. Without any experience with dedup myself there are two things that I see. First the DEDUP column which shows that there are...
  14. aaron

    Proxmox with Storage Server

    Yes using a central storage server for the VMs is possible. Use either iSCSI or NFS to export the storage to the Proxmox servers. Please check our documentation for more details.
  15. aaron

    Proxmox with Storage Server

    Where did you read this? It sounds a bit weird to me. The way to go with a central storage is to export the storage as either iSCSI or NFS. See our documentation for supported storage types. If you do this use a separate physical network to connect to the storage to avoid problems. The storage...
  16. aaron

    The correct configuration for Proxmox

    With only one SSD for the new fast storage and regular backups to the HDDs you must know if you are okay if you lose all the data until the last backup if the SSD fails. Don't forget the time until you restore the backup and have the VM up and running again. For the speedup: most likely yes but...
  17. aaron

    PVE-ZYNC issue with space?

    Do you have compression enabled on the source pool but not the target pool?
  18. aaron

    ZFS dedup is not deduplicating the vm images

    By default dedup is not enabled because it needs a lot of resources. Have you enabled it on the ZFS storage? Also look into enabling compression. This way depending on what your data looks like you can still get some nice space savings without the big cost in resources needed for it.
  19. aaron

    Pfsense Firewall/Router on Proxmox

    Please provide direct links to the document you followed so everybody can load it without searching around. Also there seems to be a bit of information missing, especially how your Proxmox and VM (network) configuration is set up.
  20. aaron


    Since I don't have any experience with this exact setup I cannot guarantee that this will work. Because it is connected via SAS this guide can work for you. The best is to build a test setup and see if it works for you.


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