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  1. LXC / CT limitations , what to keep in mind?

    What do I'm missing..?? Yes I think in production...
  2. LXC / CT limitations , what to keep in mind?

    Thanks Victor, it was very detailed! So implementing freeswitch will not be so straight I tought... I have a production proxmox but can not recompile there.. I have 2 options: 1-Install a lab trying to recompile the kernel and test.. 2-use docker..(it looks they have it resolved...
  3. drbdmanage license change

    I have installed a 3 node proxmox 4.4 with DRDB9 and have to do A LOT OF WORK on the CLI. CEPH is far more included in the GUI. Just say it doesnt look that you are whilling to support it the future.. but I hope you will.
  4. drbdmanage license change

    I I really hope you are right... I really do.. Althought its a no-brainer Linbit won't put much resources keeping their code working with proxmox.. I would like to be DRDB9 added in proxmox panel.. it looks that wont happen..
  5. drbdmanage license change

    This is the point.. Linbit doesnt offer a Proxmox 4.4 compatible version yet.. why? because they are not expert in proxmox and dont want to spend so much time creating a compatible version... there is where you should be appearing to provide a fast update. You are interested we use proxmox and...
  6. drbdmanage license change

    We (or at least I) are not complaining about DRBD its far better than CEPH at least for low requirement use cases (which you obviously dont want to support). We are complaining about : 1-Linbit's really inmature choice of leaving GPL and then resumin it. Not serius thing.. 2-Proxmox's inmature...
  7. LXC / CT limitations , what to keep in mind?

    WE have same issue, and really would like to see fs running on Proxmox LXC .. it suppoused to be more trustable in terms of time handling than a KVM........right? Mainly on heavy loads... As Victor said it shouldnt be so hard to implement.. anyone with LXC expertise on how to apply those...
  8. drbdmanage license change

    Thanks e100, are you aware if the repo supports Proxmox 4.4 ??
  9. drbdmanage license change

    Yes!!! DRBDMANAGE IS BACK GPL.. So please Proxmox staff guide us on how to upgrade to latest DRBDManage version (we are having a lot of problems with resources being move to connecting state after connection loss)
  10. Proxmox 4.2 DRBD: Node does not reconnect after reboot/connection loss

    Sad to say still problems exist my resource is in StandAlone even after upgrading my nodes to Promox 4.4-12. DRBDmanage license is back to GPL status so please Proxmox help... One thing I can see is that drbdmanage was not update to latest version..
  11. Proxmox 4.2 DRBD: Node does not reconnect after reboot/connection loss

    I have same problem, same version 4.3, connection lost and status connecting... outdated.. never reconnects.. I will try to upgrade to version 4.4 and see what happens...
  12. add sys_nice and sys_nice_admin capabilities to an LXC on Proxmox 4.4

    Hi there, I have searched a lot on google but couldn't find any specific (and trusty)procedure to add capabilities to a LXC on proxmox. (I need to install Freeswitch) I already tried this (closer post I found to what I need): Tried...
  13. HELP.. Emergency mode after upgrade from working 4.2 to latest 4.4

    Thanks for posting Ashley, Yes I did that.. thanks. I have a softraid (mdadm) that is giving timeout. But partition is ok, when I go to rescue mode I can mount the /dev/md6 device without a problem, all data is there.
  14. HELP.. Emergency mode after upgrade from working 4.2 to latest 4.4

    I just upgrade my proxmox 4.2 to 4.4 and just didnt boot. Chekcing on the console it went to emercency mode. and dont know how to proceed. Any help will be appreciated. here is a screenshot
  15. Proxmox VE4 CT No internet

    Hello everyone, same problem here! Proxmox 4 Beta1, updated august 8th. No internet. Any clue?
  16. PVE 3.3.5 web interface ... still having problems anyone?

    Hi everyone, happy to join the forum. I installed a clean 3.3 from ISO a couple of months ago, recently I updated all to 3.3.5 pve-manager/3.3-5/bfebec03 (running kernel: 2.6.32-34-pve) I can reach the web interface once a day, or twice at most. Sounds funny, but is the real thing for me.. :(...


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