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  1. [SOLVED] Unable to use Xterm.js In case anyone needs to setup console on Centos7 VM: 1) Edit the /etc/default/grub file. Append the console=ttyS0 statement to the grub config file at the end of the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX line: console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200 2) Create the...
  2. Enable MTU 9000 Jumbo Frames

    My 0.02. If you have bond (say, LACP) on the top of interfaces, you can use the following syntax: pre-up ip link set eth0 mtu 9000 && ip link set eth1 mtu 9000 && ip link set bond0 mtu 9000...
  3. Ceph BlueStore - Not always faster than FileStore

    Thank you for awesome post. It saved me hours of troubleshooting!
  4. CEPH problem after upgrade to 5.1 / slow requests + stuck request

    The fix worked like a charm! Thank you so much!
  5. CEPH problem after upgrade to 5.1 / slow requests + stuck request

    I did pretty much the same as @black4, except I didn't have "too many PGs" message. My troubles started when I execute this: ceph osd crush tunables optimal After that only ~610 pgs became active, other ~5000 became activating+remapped. I changed tunables back to hammer: ceph osd crush...
  6. CEPH problem after upgrade to 5.1 / slow requests + stuck request

    Hi guys, I have exactly the same problem as @black4. @Jarek, can you see any issues after you have implemented your fix? Thank you,
  7. monitors crash after upgrade Proxmox 4.4 to Proxmox 5.1

    It appeared the particular osd is broken: # devices device 0 osd.0 ... device 5 osd.5 device 6 device6 device 7 osd.7 ... device 23 osd.23 when I deleted that OSD - everything is recovered. but when I tried to add it back - the issue came back. Any thoughts? I saw similar posts around, but I...
  8. monitors crash after upgrade Proxmox 4.4 to Proxmox 5.1

    I tried complete reboot (with VMs down) - this didn't help. The only thing which kind of worked was to add two small machines as temporary monitors to create quorum. However I need to resolve root cause asap :(
  9. monitors crash after upgrade Proxmox 4.4 to Proxmox 5.1

    Hello, After successful upgrade Proxmox 4.4 to Proxmox 5.1 we decided to go with BlueStore instead of FileStore. As soon as I deleted one FileStore OSD and created BlueStore instead, ceph became unresponsive. It appeared that 2 of 3 monitors crashed, and failed to start. Here is the snippet of...
  10. Need to delete local-lvm and reuse the size

    @Tarek Damak If you have VMs deployed in local-lvm - then yes, you'll lose them. If you have your VMs deployed in local - then you're safe. You can do the following: - delete local-lvm storage in gui - lvremove /dev/pve/data - lvresize -l +100%FREE /dev/pve/root Then you need to boot from...
  11. Disable firewall from command line

    If you have troubles with editing /etc/pve/firewall/cluster.fw, try to disable firewall manually on each cluster's node: pve-firewall stop Than chmod u+w /etc/pve/firewall/cluster.fw which allows you to edit the file. After editing start firewall back: pve-firewall start
  12. shell link with error message

    What I figured, that the issue is related to the consoles of proxmox hosts; guests' consoles work fine.
  13. shell link with error message

    Hello, I'm using PM v4.4. Recently I switched from pam authentication to "Proxmox VE authentication server", and have very the same behavior of the console. Taking in account @udo 's comment above regarding pam users, if I create pam user it works fine. But how to propagate this to proxmox...


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