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  1. Problem with Ceph getting timeouts

    have you tried to restart the monitors and manager on each node? systemctl restart systemctl restart what does "ceph status" show?
  2. Corosync 3 - add second ring

    Hi, since i have quite a few problems with corosync3 since the updates from the last weeks i tried to add a second ring but somehow the config i made was broken. i think the problem is that the config i made would be for corosync2 and therefore i got errors like "no multicast port defined" on...
  3. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    the ceph upgrade wen't quite smooth through, altough i haven't rebooted the nodes so far and atm i'm getting the bluefs spillover messages like mentioned in another thread. i have to look deeper into this problem if it has something to do with my "low spec" ceph cluster or something else...
  4. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    ok, thanks. then i'm going to remove it
  5. Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

    A short information for all with infiniband adapters, with the update the name changed from ib0, ib1 to ibs3, ibs3d1. At least with my Mellanox ConnectX-2 Dual Port cards. This brought the first node i updated to a complete stop as the networking service wouldn't start and i had to adjust my...
  6. Backup failed for vm running in Ceph

    looks like the same problem as mine in the last days i did the backup with "uncompressed" or "gzip" and all went good, but it is damn slow in comparision to lzo :(
  7. Failed Backup stops VM

    okay, thank you i will try this and uncompressed too
  8. Failed Backup stops VM

    good morning, since a few weeks, i think since i upgraded to 3.3, i have the problem that when the backup fails, it kills the guest entirely. e.g. INFO: Starting Backup of VM 205 (qemu) INFO: status = running INFO: update VM 205: -lock backup INFO: backup mode: snapshot INFO: ionice priority: 7...
  9. Proxmox VE 3.3 released!

    Because its But Don't Try it with IE, it won't work
  10. Administration of VMs on a central server

    just give it a quick try if your needs are fullfilled to start a vm from shell not more than "qm start [ID]" is necessary, so i don't see the difficult and time eating task ;)
  11. Help with my first HA CEPH Setup

    thx for your answer and infos as far as i have seen you weren't lookin for speed, only reliability but i'm looking for both :D thats why i think the underlying raid wouldn't fit my needs to 100% in the meantime i thought of something like 12 disks with only 7k2rpm if i were able to find some...
  12. SD card size

    Try this with an e.g. dell r720 or any other Business Server ;) edit: and the sandisk pro series does some "advanced wear leveling" maybe this would be the right sd cards to test with
  13. Proxmox web GUI VNC console stopped working on all VMs - Solved PC issue

    Re: Proxmox web GUI VNC console stopped working on all VMs use the noVNC HTML5 Console instead and you can't have any problem with java anymore
  14. SD card size

    but you loose 1 or 2 hdd caddys in a server that could be used for other (storage) drives
  15. SD card size

    pls report back how the install and behaviour of the system is when its installed on the dell internal dual sd module. i plan to do the same and thought of these SD cards: (in 32gig version)
  16. Help with my first HA CEPH Setup

    Hi i would like to take your help to build my first HA Ceph setup and would have some questions about the generel operation of CEPH For my first basic test i was only able to do it with 3 old Workstations to see the basic functionality of CEPH. It worked quite flawlessly except for the poor...
  17. Little Migrate Bug in combination with Snapshots?

    it was mounted at the time the snapshot was taken, but at the time of the migration there was nothing mounted, thats the point i think it's a bug it will even fail when the iso was on a shared storage but isn't there anymore, cause it' already deleted or whatever maybe i'm the only one who...
  18. Little Migrate Bug in combination with Snapshots?

    hi at the moment i have a new test-environment with 3 old-workstations where i'm playing with ceph (there are a few questions left, but they belong to another thread) So i have a VM with a fresh installed windows 7 and took a snapshot. in the meantime i ejected the win7 intalldisc and did a...
  19. Windows 2008r2 and 16bit soft

    your problem has nothing to do with proxmoxVE the 2008R2 server is the problem cause it exists only in a 64bit edition and 64bit systems can't run 16bit software, so you need to downgrade your server to 2008 32bit edition
  20. Proxmox VE 3.3 released!

    hi are there any known issues with the newest 2.6.32-32 kernel (or any else update from the last ~2 months) and windows xp guests? i updated to 3.3-1 this weekend and now the few but still necessary XP guests are slow as hell. thanks btw: love the new noVNC surface! copy/paste would be...


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