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  1. NFS mount with LXC fails in PVE 7.X

    Hello, Prior to PVE 7.X I used the modified lxc profile (see below) to allow LXC containers to be able to mount and serve NFS. Now this refuses to work (Permission Denied). Any thoughts on this? /etc/apparmor.d/lxc/lxc-default-with-nfsd # Do not load this file. Rather, load...
  2. e1000 driver hang

    In the past week we are seeing random e1000e 0000:00:1f.6 eno1: Detected Hardware Unit Hang failuresacross all our nodes, even different hardware hosts. Must do a reset of the host. There are lots of references to this issue going back 5+ years. Was there a driver change with the latest...
  3. [SOLVED] 5.0 failure to create partitions

    Hello, I am installing a fresh 5.0 on Intel NUC7I5BNK with a Samsung 960 EVO Series - 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW). Once it gets to the creating partitions stage, it just sits at 0% forever. Any thoughts?
  4. Fresh Install: Unable to find LVM root

    Hi, I'm doing a fresh install of 4.1 on an HP z620. I cleaned the drive prior to install with Gparted Live. Install goes fine but on reboot I get the error: Volume group "pve" not found. I've done plenty of Proxmox installs on other hardware no problem, first time on this machine model...
  5. Problems with GPU passthrough (x-vga=on)

    Hello, I've followed the wiki ( Everything checks out (Virtualization and VT-d) on in BIOS. But when I add, x-vga=on to the .conf, the guest machine fails to boot, but there are no errors that show up in the PVE logs and the physical monitor is...
  6. Nvidia nforce ethernet does not work with kernel 3.10

    PVE-Kernel 3.10 does not have the drivers to support Nvidia nforce ethernet chipset such as on the HP xw9400. I was hoping to do some GPU pass thru on this machine, but without proper drivers support in 3.10, it is pointless, as the machine has no network.
  7. Bittorrent Sync or Syncthing to create a cluster storage.

    Hey, Wondering if anyone has used Bittorrent Sync or Syncthing to create pseudo shared storage to for a Cluster. I am wondering whether this would work for nodes in separate locations or for created shared nothing clusters.
  8. Port Forward with built in NAT and PVE Firewall

    Hi I have some VMs using the built-in NAT function. I need to open some ports from the host into the VMs. Using built in PVE Firewall I've enabled Datacenter FW with Accept/Accept rules. I have enabled Host firewall, no rules. I've enabled VM firewall and these are the rules.[OPTIONS]...
  9. [SOLVED] VM.PowerMgmt role broken.

    I have tried several different methods of enabling a user/group to only be able to power on/off pools and individual VMs. When I login as one of those users, they are only able to see the node/host and none of the VMs in the assigned pool. pveum roleadd PVEPowerManagement -privs...
  10. Built in NAT mode, no documentation.

    There is no documentation on the built in NAT mode. What the guest Network settings should be. When NAT mode is enabled, nothing shows up in /etc/network/interfaces. When I switch guests to this mode with DHCP net settings, I see no outbound requests go thru, although name resolution seems to...
  11. Multiple VMs same MAC address.

    I will be separating out a single server with several services into individual VMs. The services are tied to the MAC, so I need all the VMs to have eth0 as identical MACs. In VirtualBox I did this by just using NAT networking for all the VMs. Any recommendation on best practices for this...
  12. Setting hard drive serial number

    Hello, I need to virtualize some severs which the software is licensed to the hard drive serial number. I know this is possible with plain qemu+kvm, but I do not see any documentation regarding this in Proxmox and the VM conf files see to have a different non XML format than plain qemu+kvm...


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