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  1. Proxmox Live Migration no network after Migration is done

    Hello, German Post at Hetzner Board: i have 2 Dedicated Hetzner Servers One is in Helsinki and one is in Falkenstein. I have a Public IP /29 Subnet on vlan4000 together. (all VMs need to have...
  2. Bridged IPv4 with Routed IPv6 on hetzner DS?

    You can use the new VSwitch Feature for this. You can add an ipv6 network to a own vlan
  3. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    I tried all Filesystems Compatible with Proxmox. Nothing works perfectly. Maybe we will switch to Proxmox when we get a Ceph environment later. But i got a Free Hypervisor Cluster Solution with Shared Storage, Snapshots, and Replication Feature. I worked with "Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016". It...
  4. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    I dont know if it is worth the time. I heard OCFS is already very old and not really under dev anymore. But i dont know if that is true. Can be possible that i read is about the old OCFS Filesystem in 2.6 kernel. What do you mean? Is it worth to try with proxmox on a SAN Storage? Here you can...
  5. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    I tried CLVM with GFS2 today and it worked including Backup, Snapshots etc... But if i copy much data the System gets Stuck for a few Seconds everytime. Copy a 5GB File from a Share to local Disk....after about 80% Stuck for a few Seconds. Explorer Stops working. After is works again as it...
  6. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    ZFS is no option for the most SAN storages like a HP MSA. There should be added support for a shared Filesystem which supports all kinds of SAN and SCSI
  7. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    But this could be a valid solution for enabling Fibre Channel SAN Systems with Live Snapshots. Why is proxmox not trying to find a official way to support that? We have to use vmfs from Vmware at the moment because of this.
  8. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    Does this mean "not recommented" to use GFS2? Or just not supported? Is it known as a stable solution with Proxmox?
  9. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    I found this tutorials how to make a GFS2 Filesystem. Is there a official supported way from Proxmox how to make a GFS2 Filesystem with a Fibre Channel San? I like to use it in production.
  10. Fibre Channel SAN with Live Snapshot

    Hello, we like to integrate our Fibre Channel San to Proxmox. We already did this successfully with LVM, but there we cannot make Live Snapshots. But is there maybe a way to make it happen with a GlusterFS Volume to Connect 4 Nodes with a shared Filesystem to the Fibre Channel SAN? The San...
  11. KVM 3d Acceleration

    Are there any updates when virtio-gpu Support will be available? My last info was that is already available:
  12. New installation with Emulex LPE12002 Fibre Channel card does not work

    Today i changed the adapter to a QLE2562-A-NAP Adapter. It works like a charm. No issues. Dont know what the problem with the LPE12002 is. :-(
  13. New installation with Emulex LPE12002 Fibre Channel card does not work

    Update: Today i updated the Firmware and Boot Version to the latest (11.14) Then i tried 2 different LPE12002 cards in 2 different Servers. HP DL370 G6 HP ML310 g8 Both produce exactly the same error.
  14. New installation with Emulex LPE12002 Fibre Channel card does not work

    Hello, we tried to install Proxmox with a MSA2040 SAN and with our HP Emulex LPE12002 I tried Proxmox 4.4, 5.0, 5.1 Everywhere i get the same error. I cannot see any disk. The Server had running Vsphere 5.5 before and everything works here. I have no idea what i can do. I investigated...
  15. [PROXMOX 5.1] [lpfc] HBA Emulex LPe12000 error

    Hello, we evaluate Proxmox with a HPE MSA2040 SAN, so we have no Subscription. We also use the Emulex Fibre Channel Card but it does not work. lpfc 0000:22:00.0:1: 1:1305 Link Down Event x4 received Data: x4 x20 x8011 x0 x0 lpfc 0000:22:00.0:1: 1:1303 Link Up Event x5 received Data: x5 x0 x20...


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