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  1. [SOLVED] Force delete of "Pending removals"

    hidden flag/setting in the datastore.cfg is the ideal solution. For perspective, one of the pbs servers: 2022-08-18T13:22:42+02:00: Removed garbage: 34.908 GiB 2022-08-18T13:22:42+02:00: Removed chunks: 27588 2022-08-18T13:22:42+02:00: Pending removals: 15.045 TiB (in 8600742 chunks)...
  2. [SOLVED] Force delete of "Pending removals"

    Unfortunately Snapshots are not remote and they prevent migrations between nodes. (local storage) I do think a good common ground would be to have an option to set a lower value than 24hours. (6hours, 12hours, etc) If atime is broken, surely relatime will also be broken ? From my estimation In...
  3. [SOLVED] Force delete of "Pending removals"

    For us using PBS offers us an option to make fast, low impact backups with high frequency on a multitude of datasets. With Rapidly changing data on web, database, email, file servers, why would we want a daily backup only which will be many many hours old, when we can have X 15min backups and X...
  4. [SOLVED] Force delete of "Pending removals"

    We run GC and prune tasks every 30mins, backups from a cluster are done every 15mins. But we land up with pending removals of around 10TB per 24hours. atime is enabled (relatime disabled), Is there any way to force GC to remove after 4 or 6 or 12hours and not wait 24hours and 5mins ?
  5. [SOLVED] Force delete of "Pending removals"

    ^^ has the potential to kill all the backups, as some chunks are now marked "old", when they are actually needed and should have current access times
  6. Configure or disallow concurrent backups

    has any progress been made towards this ? It is pretty easy to saturate a 20Gbit link with backups from a cluster and the only solution is to limit the number of concurrent nodes.
  7. Backup PVE cluster with 15 nodes and over 650 VMs

    We are saturating a 20Gbit link with backups from the cluster and on large clusters one needs to be able limit the number of concurrent nodes which run backup tasks.
  8. Sequential backup for VMs/CTs

    has any progress been made towards this ? We are saturating a 20Gbit link with backups from the cluster and need to limit the number of concurrent nodes.
  9. Pve Firewall droppt traffic

    Did you ever find the root cause and a fix for the problem ?
  10. No IPv6 access when firewall is turned on

    Did you ever find the cause for the above or a solution ?
  11. Vm shutdown when Qemu-guest-agent enabled

    +1 fall back to acpi when quemu-guest-agent fails to shutdown / restart the server
  12. Bulk Migrate doesnt work with LXC

    +1 same issue, hopefully this gets added to a future update
  13. kernel: PANIC at arc.c:5283:arc_read()

    @wolfgang hardware is fine, the kernel is tainted and failing. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. kernel: PANIC at arc.c:5283:arc_read()

    Starting a VM or a container which uses ZFS for storage results in a kernel panic. There were no errors or issues before upgrading to the latest kernel. Any suggestions ? AMD EPYC 24core, 3x1.92TB SSD in zraid1, 2x200gb SSD for boot/os Message from syslogd@prx-ax at Aug 29 06:37:58 ...
  15. AMD EPYC 7401P 24-Core and SSDs for ZFS

    The random EYPC crashing bug fix has been added to @
  16. [Tip] fast reboots with kexec

    Script was renamed to
  17. systemd-timesyncd dead after upgrade from 4.4 to 5.1

    The unit file detects the presence of "/usr/sbin/ntpd" if this is found, the service will never enable/start Use the following commands apt purge ntp systemctl daemon-reload --- I have updated the script located here
  18. 4.15 based test kernel for PVE 5.x available

    Tested on a dual 24core (48core, 96thread) AMD EYPC, working perfectly in production. 4.15 is a must have on AMD EPYC. My Post Install Script ( located at will automatically Detect an AMD EPYC CPU and install the kernel 4.15.


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