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  1. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    Hi, following problem: - two (or more) users under one domain: and - emails to user1 should go to destination mailserver - emails to user2 should go to destination mailserver (maybe offices in different locations) Is there any...
  2. Error - pmg-smtp-filter: WARNING: Use of uninitialized value ...

    Hi, I get lots of these errors in the logfile -> pmg-smtp-filter[5478]: WARNING: Use of uninitialized value $1 in lc at /usr/share/perl5/PMG/RuleDB/ line 36. Thanks Walhalla
  3. SSH configuration (security)

    Hi, before I change and run into troubles: is it possible to change the SSH port and deny root-login for security reasons or does anything internal (sync cluster for example) depend on it? Thanks Walhalla
  4. Cluster sync failed (SSL certificate error)

    Hi, on the node we get the following error (administration interface) when trying to go on some configuration sites (Mailfilter, Configuration): tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed (596) What we have changed: we changed the HTTPS-certificate (pmg-api.pem). Put in our own...
  5. [SOLVED] Emails to non existent users (addresses)

    Hi, how to prevent accepting emails to users (addresses of a domain which is handled by the machine via transport) who do not exist on the final recipient machine? Spending resources / traffic welknown that it will end in an bounce from the final destination ("User unknown"). Regards
  6. Spam-Reports only HTML

    Hi, even today exist many users who read their email text-only. Unfortunately the reports are sent HTML only. Or didnt I find the way to change this? A multipart message would be a great - but simple - solution not to bore all the text-readers with HTML? Greetings Walhalla
  7. List of marked Spam

    Hi, has anyone an idea how to get a list of the emails which are tagged as Spam? I'm talking about Modified Spamlevel / Modified Subject and not emails in quarantine! This Tracking Center is a nice tool. But it is impossible to see the different actions on emails. All emails have status...
  8. Postfix (mynetworks)

    Hi, only one point I really would like to change in (several others too) is mynetworks. You add: 1. the whole network of the servers IP -> 2. all the machines in transports ->,, .... I really dont want to have ALL THE MACHINES of this network in mynetworks...
  9. Edit / change configurations by hand

    Hi, which files can I edit / change by hand and will not be overwritten / changed back by the system. For example any changes in the are overwritten (which is very bad because of some important changes). On the other hand: manually changes in /etc/pmg/ will be published to other nodes...
  10. Statistics - Receiver - "No data"

    Hi, there is no data viewable -> "No data in database" only. How to resolve and see what has happened? Thanks for your help. Walhalla
  11. Tracking Center - columns / live view

    Hi, coming from EFA/MaiScan/-watch I am missing some tool to watch what is going on "live" (more or less). This Tracking Center is a great idea. But there should be a column with the Spam-Score and/or shown in the status if/that an email was marked as Spam. For example: we modfify the Subject...


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