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  1. Import CloudInit drive with Web UI

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to import a cloudinit drive (Debian 11) with only using Web UI ? Without any cli command. I have a user wich can create VM on Proxmox on a node (it works with WebUI), but he cannot create VM and import drive in CLI on the same node, he has this error: I suppose...
  2. NFS Synology - Permission denied (os error 13)

    Hi ! I try to mount a Synology NFS share on a PBS server, and i have some issues. When I create the datastore, enerything works, chunk is created. But when I go into the datastore I have this error: I tried to map all user to admin on the NFS Share, but without success. When I go into the...
  3. UEFI Windows 10 32 bits ISO

    Hi, I try to setup a Windows 10 32 bits with UEFI bios, but I can't boot on the iso. I tried a Debian ISO, and it works... So , I tried to manualy add the bootia32.efi in the OVMF menu, and it said that: Any idea to setup a Windows 10 32 bits installation with UEFI ? thx !
  4. Multipath with DELL MD3400 SAS

    Hi everybody, I try to use my DELL MD3400 as storage for my proxmox cluster but I have some issues with multipath... my multipath.conf: devices { device { vendor "DELL" product "MD34xx" path_grouping_policy group_by_prio...
  5. Proxmox HA - VM Freeze state

    Hi all, I have a small cluster with 3 servers and a HA configured on 2 of them. I want to test HA: I create a CT on node1, activate HA on it, state goes to "started" Now, I shutdown node1, and i thank that the CT will be automatically switch on node2, but the CT switched to state "freeze" and...
  6. Proxmox Backup no web access (8007)

    Hi all, Since today, my Proxmox PBS server is unavailable on a browser (connection refused) I check proxmox-backup-proxy service, it's up. When I do a netstat -natp | grep 8007, I have only : tcp6 0 0 :::8007 :::* LISTEN 570/proxmox-backup- There is no ipv4 listen port. Of...
  7. Continuous backup with PBS

    Hi all :), For now we use Veeam to backup VM from Vsphere, and we look for Proxmox VE (already setup on a 3 servers, cluster) and PBS. In Veeam, we can configure a continuous backup of a VM, at the end of the backup, backup restart, etc... and we keep a lot of incrementials backups. Is there...


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