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  1. Ceph Nodes & PG's

    Greetings. I have a ceph cluster deployed on 3 nodes. Each node has 4 OSDs. There are 12 OSDs in total. Initially, 32 PGs were created. Autoscale PG is off. Recently ceph started warning that the recommended amount of PG is being used. I increased the number of PGs through the interface to the...
  2. Save/Export VM/CT backups from PBS to USB disk for offsite/offline backups

    The function of exporting a virtual machine in zstd format directly from pbs is in great demand. for example I need to transfer a copy of a virtual machine to another host that does not have pbs access. The pbs repository is hosted on iscsi and is located outside the perimeter. So I have to make...
  3. iscsi over zfs + ovios linux

    Great news. We will test.
  4. Adding NFS Share as Datastore in Proxmox Backup Server

    I'm currently using a OviOS Linux as my main NFS storage and PBS as virtual machine. I'd like to continue to use network storage as my backup target. How would add my NFS share to the Proxmox Backup Server as storage?
  5. iscsi over zfs + ovios linux

    I understand. But in my conditions, I would like to get integration with a ready-made distribution, the question is the limited staff who could serve the bundle + I already fully use NFS and SMB on OviOS. So must wait. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer, so there is little I can do to help...
  6. Hide unused nodes for the user who has been given VM usage rights.

    I have a test lab deployed on three nodes for testing software on virtual machines. Quite often we have to give access to third parties to virtual machines to test their software in our environment. We do not want to disclose how many physical nodes we have, but they see the infrastructure...
  7. Hide unused nodes for the user who has been given VM usage rights.

    Hello everyone. How hide the cluster nodes for the user if virtual machines are not running on them. They are simply displayed if the user is logged in.
  8. iscsi over zfs + ovios linux

    Thank you. I will wait for the plugin to appear for working with the tgtadm configuration utility, and I hope it will not take long. It is possible to work with LVM over iscsi, but then it is not possible to expand the disk without completely removing the PV from the host. + snapshots do not...
  9. iscsi over zfs + ovios linux

    Ovios use tgtd - The SCSI Target Daemon. Maybe problem because used this daemon? Proxmox can be adapted to work with it?
  10. iscsi over zfs + ovios linux

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use ovios linux for my tests as a network storage. There was a connection problem. Generated a key and sent it to san. I am trying to add a disk to the virtual machine and I get the error: No configuration found. Install iet on at...
  11. Understanding API Tokens

    I ask for help in understanding how to correctly create and use the API Token. I first create a user and then create a token for that user. A token ID and secret is generated for me. I'm interested in what UUID is in USER @ REALM format! TOKENID = UUID
  12. Proxmox + dnsmasq. Windows VM finds a new network on every reboot

    Thanks for reply. Thread that you post fix my problem. What do you think about the correct use of options hwaddress ether ab:cd:12:34:56:78 or bridge_hw ab:cd:12:34:56:78
  13. Proxmox + dnsmasq. Windows VM finds a new network on every reboot

    Every time the Windows virtual machine is rebooted. The network connection manager is discovering a new network. For example, there was network 1, and after a reboot, the dispatcher showed network 2 and so on. The machine receives the ip address from the network that is configured for dnsmasq. I...
  14. Proxmox + dnsmasq. Windows VM finds a new network on every reboot

    Hello everyone. Faced the following problem. Configured NAT and DHCP for virtual machines on Proxmox. After each reboot, when receiving an IP address via DHCP, the virtual machine with Windows constantly finds a new network. Although the network parameters are correct. What could be the reason...
  15. Nginx and regenerate ACME letsencrypt certificates

    Can you tell me what to read to set it up?
  16. Nginx and regenerate ACME letsencrypt certificates

    Not. I am generating certificates from WEB GUI Proxmox. and at the moment of trying to obtain a certificate in the task an error is thrown If you stop nginx, the error does not appear and the regeneration is successful.
  17. Nginx and regenerate ACME letsencrypt certificates

    Hello. I configured Nginx according to this instruction. Everything works great. It has become much more convenient. But the following question arose: ngnix is blocking ports 80 and 443 to obtain letsencrypt certificates. In order to regenerate the certificates, I had to manually stop nginx, get...
  18. NUMA and cores per sockets + memory size

    Ok. Please tell me for what this option on screenshot?
  19. NUMA and cores per sockets + memory size

    I read the documentation. But in it I did not find whether it was necessary to enable NUMA in the advanced virtual CPU options in the settings of the virtual machine itself.
  20. NUMA and cores per sockets + memory size

    As far as I understand, when using multiprocessor boards based on Proxmox, you need to use NUMA in virtual machines. Are there any recommendations for enabling NUMA in virtual machines? Perhaps depending on a certain amount of RAM and the number of cores? In what types of machines is it better...


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