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  1. [SOLVED] Promox 6: problem with noVNC - failed to connect to server

    Hello, after upgrade to Promox 6, I have probem with noVNC console from webbrowser (Chrome,Firefox tested). After some time I cannot connect noVNC console to VM with error "failed to connect to server". After shutdown and start of VM everything work ok - for some time. Same problem is on VM...
  2. Recommended solution for replace quorum disk

    Hello, I have to replace quorum disk which is connected throught ISCSI. Is ok do on running system: - disconnect iscsi mapped old qdisk - quorum disk to offline - attach new iscsi location - new disk - mkqdisk with same name Is any better/safer solution ? Thanks for reply
  3. Problem with network between quest in cluster

    Hello I installed Proxmox cluster - like All works great. But I have problem with network comunication between guests on another node (on same node is all ok) I am using bridged interface auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static...
  4. kernel 3.10 and Areca problem

    Hello I try new kernel pve-kernel-3.10.0-1-pve_3.10.0-5_amd64.deb with Areca ARC-1680. But kernel freeze when booting, find controller but no partition on it (append photo - Than kernel write HW timeout. Same Areca driver...
  5. After upgrade to VE 3.0 RC2 VM's don't stopped corectly when host shutdown.

    I upgraded to 3.0 rc2 like All works but when host shutdown, VM's don't get shutdown process and are hardly killed (like power down) I can do shutdown from Web access, directly from OS on guest, or from console (system_powerdown) - works OK...
  6. Suspend KVM guest and then resume after proxmox reboot

    Hello, I want using like this: If rebooting Proxmox host all kvm virtuals are saved and after Proxmox host resume all kvm hosts are resumed (without reboot guest's OS). Is any solution for suspend KVM guest, reboot Proxmox and resume KVM guest ? Thanks for reply
  7. How work HA+ DRBD + cLVM and communication failure

    Hello I plan use Proxmox with HA + DRBD + cLVM on two nodes in PRIMARY/PRIMARY mode. Each node have only one LAN port. Thanks for great manual here But how work cluster in this situation ? Situation: Both nodes will run correctly but communication link between...
  8. bond+ vmbr = eth0: IPv6 duplicate address detected!

    Hello I have problem with bond+vmbr and IPv6 in KVM guest. dmesg: eth0: IPv6 duplicate address detected! my interfaces config: # network interface settings auto lo...


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