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  1. Yet Another RAID Controller question

    Tom, can you tell me which one you feel gives you the best performance out of all of them? Also, how do you feel about using Solid State Drives?
  2. Yet Another RAID Controller question

    I just got off the phone with Adaptec to find out which controller might be best for us to use with proxmox. I was told the 6805 would be great, but only if the kernel was 2.6.39 or over, which I know we are not running. We are still on 1.6 and going to upgrade to 1.9, but I see the 1.9 is still...
  3. Memory configuration in a KVM

    @Udo, - Thanks for the response. I ran a top command and noticed that it does not look like the memory is an issue, however if you look at the attachment, one of the KVMs is hitting the CPU% at 103. Any idea why this may be happening? There is nothing in the logs that would throw up a red flag...
  4. Memory configuration in a KVM

    Now the KVM went past the 6.65. This is puzzling.
  5. Memory configuration in a KVM

    Hi all, I was just curious. One of our KVMs had 4096 memory assigned to it and I noticed that on the Virtual machines page, that KVM was showing in the memory section as if it was using all of the memory. I then added memory to the system, 7168 to be exact and now on the Virtual Machines page...
  6. Server Comes to almost a Halt

    @Udo, It doesnt look like our hardware has that option. :( For performance sack, would I want to have setup our servers as KVM or VMs? We have the two servers, web and database setup on KVMs and the webserver's memory is always running around 85%.
  7. Server Comes to almost a Halt

    In my pveam.log I see this... [GNUPG:] IMPORT_OK 0 9ABD7E02AD243AD3C2FBBCCCB0C1CC225CAC72FE [GNUPG:] IMPORT_RES 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dec 27 06:25:04 start download Dec 27 06:25:04 download failed: 500 Can't connect to...
  8. Server Comes to almost a Halt

    Are there infos in the ipmi-log? I'm not familiar with this log file. Is that the exact name and where is it usually stored?
  9. Server Comes to almost a Halt

    For some reason our server's sites will come to almost a complete halt or stop. Sometimes we even get errors that you cannot connect to the sites.In our proxmox log when this is happening, we are getting this warning.pvedaemon 5886 WARNING: Cannot encode 'meminfo' element as 'hash'. Will be...
  10. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    A buddy of mine that works on our Servers had to come in and set it up a little differently. He had to set it up the way he knew how to accomplish what I was trying to do. It seems to be working fine, I just know with Proxmox certain things can be tricky and wanted to make sure that we are doing...
  11. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    Here is the VMs from 1-4 but the 105 is a OpenVZ, so where would I find it? The OpenVZ is the second db server. I made the changes last night and restarted. It didnt seem to work, so I had to re-add the virto vmbr0 and then it seemed as if it changed all the VMs configurations and IPs. It was a...
  12. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    I tried what you suggested and it didn't work, but now my whole server and down and I cannot bring it back up. It will start, but it is like the whole configuration is wrong. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME???
  13. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    This is now what my interface looks like. Is this correct? This is the one that killed the sites, but had not restarted the VMs at this point # network interface settings auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eth0 inet manual iface eth1 inet static address netmask...
  14. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    I made the changes in #6 and restarted network with /etc/init.d/networking restart, however it killed my sites. Do I need to restart the VMs as well? I had to comment out the command line you had me put in my interface. However, now the new vmbr10 is now showing in the proxmox admin. Can you...
  15. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    Okay, thanks for all your patience on this one! You did not answer the question, if this can all be done within the proxmox control panel/admin? I watched the videos on this topic, but does not cover exactly what I am trying to do.
  16. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    And these configurations could be accomplished in the proxmox admin or would I have to set each configuration on each server's network? And just to be clear, since I have webserver1 ( communicating with dbserver1 ( and webserver2 ( communicating with...
  17. Getting strange messages - Synchronized to & Promiscuous Mode

    I noticed more of the synchronized to (ip address), stratum 2 in our syslog again after a reboot. I was just making sure that this is normal.
  18. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    Thanks for the response Udo! Please excuse my ignorance, but I am pretty new to networking and wanted to gain some knowledge here. So the above will accomplish my webserver and dbserver to communicate within the proxmox environment/machine? And do I really use the term 'dummy' in the code...
  19. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    Here is my interface configuration Interface Active Ports/Slaves Autostart IP Address Subnet Mask Gateway eth1 no vmbr0 yes eth0
  20. Proper Routing and Setup - Passing Back out the Router!

    I found this proxmox wiki about networking and am having a time thinking which way I need to set this up. So my question is, am I going to be able to do what I would like to do with the way I have it setup right now? And if so, what? Then if I can't...


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