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  1. [SOLVED] Toggle Raw error: Error 400: Parameter verification failed.

    After update my Mail Gateway to version 6.4-4 I can't toggle raw in "attachment quarantine" but it's work in "spam quarantine". Error issue "Error 400: Parameter verification failed." What can I do to fix it?
  2. Node startup with iSCSI multipath, some errors

    We have Proxmox cluster with 3 nodes. Our SAN is an DELL MD3820i and we use iSCSI with LVM on top. Storage iSCSI with LVM was configured in Storage Manager. Now, on first node I try to add multipath connection to iSCSI SAN. During node startup the process hang around 2 minutes during...
  3. [SOLVED] Rejected by SPF: IP is not a designated mailserver for ...

    I have 2 node cluster. Works well but last time I get a lot of rejects for one domain. Get this error issue: Nov 25 15:26:48 pmg postfix/smtpd[30129]: connect from[] Nov 25 15:26:49 pmg postfix/smtpd[30129]: Anonymous TLS connection established from...
  4. LVM on iSCSI storage problem in VM. Missing hard disk.

    We use Proxmox cluster (3 nodes), version 6.2-15. SAN storage is Dell MD3820i. Storage was added as iSCSI target with LVM on top. Now I have problem with backup: "ERROR: Backup of VM 105 failed - can't activate LV '/dev/iscsi-os/vm-105-disk-0'": Failed to find logical volume...
  5. [SOLVED] Drive offline after update to new version

    My VM is broken. I try to restore my backup to a new VM. After start I have 0xc000000e error. Windows (Server 2019) is installed on iscsi0 drive (250G) and boot system partition is located on iscsi1 (400G). Usual VM boot from disk 'scsi1'. How I can fix it? Backup was always made with Proxmox...
  6. [SOLVED] LDAP user attachement quarantine

    It is possible to create local user with "quarantine manager" role. We have LDAP user, and one or two should check attachments quarantined by mail gateway. How to grant for an LDAP user access to attachment quarantine?
  7. [SOLVED] user can deliver deleted spam

    We get spam report during opening time every 30 minutes. I delete my spam every time. Today I noticed that you can still get it. If I click on "Deliver" in "Daily Spam Report" from yesterday, previously removed message will delivered. Keep Mail Gateway deleted messages for some times?
  8. [SOLVED] Match field syntax to block subject

    I have created a new "what object" for blocked subject list. Inside I made a list with match fields for different subjects. Its look like: Field: Subject Value: XXX YYY (subject text) I put also a new rule under mail filter which should block incoming mails with "blocked subjects"...
  9. [SOLVED] how to boot grubx64.efi after import from Hyper-V

    I imported the hard disk with debian from Hyper-V. In Hyper-V machine booted with grubx64.efi firmware and now in Proxmox its hanging during start up. Inside the firmware I had this: Guess it has to do something with grub, isn't it? How I can fix the start up?


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