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  1. VMs freezing and unreachable when backup server is slow

    From the file I read In fact, depending on the backup speed, VMs are not slowed down a bit: they are slowed down a lot, freezed or even crashed. On Windows machines, I receive the ESENT/508 error: svchost (1008) SoftwareUsageMetrics-Svc: A request to write to the file...
  2. blocking traffic in-between VMs

    The main firewall problem on the node seems resolved using this patch. Ref: EDIT: anyway, the vm/ct firewall still doesn't work
  3. blocking traffic in-between VMs

    I found this error in /var/log/syslog: /var/log# pve-firewall restart Dec 30 17:02:36 pve1 systemd[1]: Reloading Proxmox VE firewall. Dec 30 17:02:36 pve1 pve-firewall[2448715]: send HUP to 1278 Dec 30 17:02:36 pve1 pve-firewall[1278]: received signal HUP Dec 30 17:02:36 pve1...
  4. blocking traffic in-between VMs

    I'm looking again now to the firewall, and I see now that the firewall is completely open, not blocking anything for both the nodes and the VMs. Probably I was wrong when I created the post, or something changed. I tried restarting pve-firewall and dis/enable the firewall settings, without...
  5. blocking traffic in-between VMs

    Hi, I have a pve on Internet, I want to block any traffic between VMs, and allow them to go to Internet only. I enabled the firewall on datacenter, node and vm level. The node firewall works, I can only connect to it from my office public IP address, but the VM pve firewall doesn't DROP...
  6. nesting not working with newer kernels

    No, unfortunately I don't know that. I can bet that it's a 5.4, anyway. I'm using kernel pve-kernel 5.4 on Pve 7.1, without any problem so far.
  7. nesting not working with newer kernels

    Hi all, I just subscribed to a nested PVE VDS from Contabo. The first thing I did was upgrading to PVE 7.1, after that I imported some VM from my onprem server, just to see they don't start: linux vm starts with kernel supported virtualization = no, while Windows VMs get stuck at boot (blue...
  8. very poor performance with consumer SSD

    Thank you for your really good answer. I have a pair of customers' ceph clusters with enterprise ssd, and they work with no problems. As this is an internal/test cluster, I went with consumer SSD for economical reasons, but I have thrown on these too much time! The thing is, the SSD connected...
  9. very poor performance with consumer SSD

    I have a pair of HPE DL360 Gen8 dual Xeon, 64GB RAM, 2 hdd 10k sas for system (ZFS RAID1) and 4 consumer sata SSD They're for internal use, and show absymal performances. At first I had ceph on those SSD (with a third node), then I had to move everything to NAS temporarily. Now I...
  10. move cluster node configuration

    I have a cluster with P420 RAID controllers, and very bad performance with SSD. I know I can configure the controller in HBA mode, but then I will lose the system RAID1. I would like to switch to HBA mode, reinstall the system in ZFS raid1 and then move the configuration from the old...
  11. encrypted archives still coming through

    I just hit this problem too. I think, as a suggestion, that the "Block encrypted archives and documents" really blocks it, the Heuristic Score thing is not very intuitive. Thanks.
  12. ceph install broken on new node

    Do'h! I still didn't add the new nodes to the ceph network. I feel so stupid...
  13. ceph install broken on new node

    All nodes are reachable, and the cluster is ok: These are software versions, I did an apt upgrade of OLD3 yesterday: pveceph status in old nodes works, while on new nodes returns got timeout
  14. ceph install broken on new node

    I didn't read correctly, sorry. This is the first of the new servers: root@NEWSERVER1:~# ls -al /etc/ceph/ total 12 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 15 17:12 . drwxr-xr-x 92 root root 4096 Jul 15 22:31 .. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 Jul 15 17:12 ceph.conf -> /etc/pve/ceph.conf -rw-r--r-- 1...
  15. ceph install broken on new node

    I added the second new node (it's the fifth), and used the pveceph install command. The result is the same, "Got Timeout (500)". The new nodes are a bit more updated, 5.4.15 against the 5.4.13 of the older ones, but there are no ceph packages to upgrade in those. Also, the new ones are...
  16. ceph install broken on new node

    Before trying that, I did read this post which said to use pveceph init on new nodes too. It didn't do any harm, but I should have asked before doing that. It's not a link, and neither in the other servers. The file is correctly synced. -rw-r----- 1 root www-data 1038 Jul 15 17:12 ceph.conf...
  17. ceph install broken on new node

    I'm replacing two nodes on my PVE5.4 cluster. I will upgrade to 6.x after that. I installed the first of the new nodes, joined to the cluster, reloaded the webgui, everything ok. Then, from another node's webgui, I clicked in the new node's "Ceph" section. It proposed to install ceph packages...
  18. Greylisting problem with wide range ip senders

    You're totally right. The greylisted emails are without or with wrong SPF. Thank you for the time spent for convincing me :) Stefano
  19. Greylisting problem with wide range ip senders

    I did a quick check, and a good part of graylisted mails come from a domain with good SPF. I can private message some of the domains if you wish.
  20. Greylisting problem with wide range ip senders

    Manually editing the greylist' whitelist is worse :) I already have SPF check enabled, but AFAIK it doesn't work with Greylisting. SPF tells if a mail server can send for that domain AT ALL (or give a bad evaluation if SPF is "~" and not "-") Graylisting stops the first connection of SPF...


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