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  1. Add TLS-ALPN plugin for ACME Challange?

    Hello, Would it be possible to add the TLS-ALPN challange method to ProxMox's ACME implementation? I don't have the ability to use port 80 or DNS for one of my servers. Thanks, Daniel
  2. [SOLVED] Remote Sync Bandwidth Slow

    Hello, I've been dealing with the sync speed to my remote server for over a year. It almost consistently maxes out at exactly 1 MB/s. I've only seen it higher twice, around 3.5 MB/s, which would be great if maintained that. The only detail I noticed when it achieved 3.5 MB/s was that all the...
  3. [SOLVED] Changelog for patches always giving 404 Error

    Hello, The last few patches for PVE and PBS have had missing Changelog notes. They always give a 404 error. Is there a URL I can access manually to see what's changed in the latest patches? Thanks, Daniel
  4. [SOLVED] Moved Datastore to remote PBS server via ZFS Pool Split

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know about the method I used to seed the Datastore on a remote Server. Overview of setup 1. Local Server has 2 ZFS Datapools - Data Pool (dpool) and the Backup Pool (bpool) 2. bpool is made up of a mirrored pair of drives. 3. The BPS datastore is on...
  5. Using OpenVPN to connect Local PBS to offsite Remote PBS

    Hi Everyone, I've done a lot of searching on the forum for this answer. But nothing quite matches what I THINK I want to do. Here's my basic setup now Local Proxmox Host with PBS running on Proxmox (NOT as a VM) | Local PfSense Firewall (NOT On Proxmox) | Internet | Remote PfSense...
  6. Zpool atime turned off effect on Garbage Collection

    Hello, I'm reading in the documentation that Garbage Collection uses atime with file touching to not delete any chunks from the last 24 Hours. If the underlying zpool has atime turned off will this be problem for garbage collection? I would imagine this would be a concern for most people as...
  7. PBS Backup Storage Format after Beta?

    Hello, For our business, right now is a really good time to update our Backup process. We really would like to use PBS. We understand it's in Beta, and we are ok with that. We are concerned how stable the storage format and layout for backups is? In other words, if we use the Beta version of...
  8. local backup and remote backup in the same zfs pool

    Hello, Here's a scenario I'm wondering if it will work. Off-Site PBS Server running as a VM on Proxmox Has a ZFS Pool used for the PBS Storage On-Site PBS Server running as a VM on Proxmox Can the off-site PBS backup the local Proxmox VM's and the off-site Proxmox VM's to the same ZFS Pool...
  9. Change Virtio SCSI to Virtio SCSI Single with Windows Server Guest

    Hello, I've created a Windows Server 2019 guest with multiple drives. When doing a disk intensive operation it is causing a lot of IO Delay. When I created the Guest I did not set the SCSI Controller to Single. Is it possible to change it to SCSI Single and IO Thread for each drive without...
  10. multiple zsync send tasks creates multiple snapshot bases

    Hello, I've been using zsync to backup my VM's, it works great. However I'm running out of disk space on the receiving pool. I think it's because of my setup. Here's an overview I'm creating 4 zsync tasks per VM. # VM105 Sync */15 * * * * root pve-zsync sync --source 105 --dest...
  11. Good Idea to use pve-zsync on /etc/pve directory?

    Hello, I'm curious on people's thoughts on doing a pve-zsync to storage pool (NOT another node) of the /etc/pve directory? I'm thinking this could be done for disaster recovery purposes, such as having to recreate a node from scratch. Is it a good or bad idea? Thanks, Daniel
  12. Install 5.1 searching for cdrom and firmware bug

    Hello, I'm installing 5.1 on a Supermicro X10DRH, with a thumb drive. Once I select install Proxmox I get the following error. [0.000000] [Firmware Bug]: TSC_DEADLINE Disabled due to Errata; Please update microcode to version: 0xb000020 (or later). It then continues to load drivers, and then...


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