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  1. [SOLVED] Network down on reboot because of Failed to start Wait for udev To Complete Device Initialization

    Long story short, I updated to the latest kernel and after reboot the server took a long time to boot and the network was down. In the logs I had the message: sr0: Worker [1402] processing SEQNUM=7997 is taking a long time ifupdown2-pre.service: Main process exited, code=exited...
  2. Pfsense fisical server and pfsense backup on Proxmox

    You should consider installing a Proxmox single node cluster on the physical machine and run PFSense only virtualized. In this way you just have to replicate the VM to the other cluster or periodic restore from a share a common Proxmox Backup Server or backup location. Instead of 5 network card...
  3. Hetzner is dropping Ceph support

    Hello, hello, I just got informed that: What do you think is the reason here? Is Ceph not worth it? In the long run it works just fine to have ZFS with replication every 5 minutes all over the place? Maybe it's more cost effective and less complex. Looking forward for your opinion, Thank...
  4. 3 Nodes Shared storage options

    Hi Eric, Just use ZFS and make sure to set the same storage name on both servers, for example 'local-zfs'. You will setup replication between the node and the migration will be a breeze. Bye, Rares
  5. thinclient / minimal OS / RDP

    I use . You can also run it as Live CD without install.
  6. Gitlab in lxc: creating project not working

    Hi, The mount point, the /data folder, will be always as root. Crete a subfolder like /data/gitlab with the right permissions and set that subfolder as data folder for GitLab. Rares
  7. Cluster meshed Network recommendation

    Hi Ph0x, How do you do this? Do you have other alternative then MCLAG? Thank you, Rares
  8. PFSense VM on Proxmox

    You pfSense VM will have 2 virtual nics attached for WAN and LAN. 1. If you have multiple ports you can put a port in a separated bridge and assign that WAN interface to that bridge. 2. You could consider having a managed switch and set the vlan id on the WAN interface.
  9. Replacing sendmail with a webhook wrapper

    Could redirecting the root mailbox to a script be a more simpler solutions? Something like:
  10. Issues bonding 2 NICs and using it with VMs

    Take a look at this:
  11. ntpd instead of systemd-timesyncd

    Thank you Wolfgang for the reply. My question was if there are any benefits in using ntpd instead of systemd-timesyncd? Also do you think that having a local ntp server would improve the stability of the cluster? Yould you invest in a local GPS controlled dedicated NTP server device...
  12. ntpd instead of systemd-timesyncd

    Hi, After an "apt upgrade" and reboot I got in cehp "cluster [WRN] 1 clock skew 0.131975s > max 0.05s". Indeed after 2 minutes the error dissapear from ceph dashboard. Reading more I found: systemd-timesyncd does no clock discipline: the clock is not trained or compensated, and internal...
  13. we use no switch connect 3 node server install error.

    How do you get DHCP if the servers are connected one to another? I assume that you have a 3rd interface for connecting to the network and Internet. Install Proxmox on each server individually and connect them after that. Follow this setup...
  14. how to identify OSD / physical drive

    Try with something like this: ceph osd dump | grep ^osd.37 lsblk
  15. Cluster unavailable after adding about 15 Nodes

    Do you have a separated/multiple network for corosync? Do you have a congestion on the network? Do you combine storage with corosync network? What connections/capacity do you have between nodes?
  16. Scripting VM Console (tty access to VM console)

    I want to thank you all for all the responses because I just realized that I need something similar for a project I'm running right now :)
  17. Scripting VM Console (tty access to VM console) ?
  18. Scripting VM Console (tty access to VM console)

    You want something similar with the console that pops up when you do Proxmox packets update from the web but to run on your machine? What about modifying /etc/inittab to display your software instead of the login prompt on a specific tty?
  19. Debian 10 / Ubuntu 20 issues on LXC containers, alternatives?

    We use only Debian 10 CTs, all working fine on Proxmox 6.2 with pve-no-subscription repo. Try to update both Proxmox an all Debians to the lastest version.
  20. Improvement: Reduce migration downtime to seconds with two step transfer

    I am using ZFS replication for my containers to replicate every night to another server. Before migration I issue a manual run of the replication task and only then click Migrate to reduce downtime.


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