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  1. Backup to CIFS is never finishing

    Hello, my recent issue regarding backup to CIFS is that the backup never finishes, it just gets stuck without any error or log message. The issue is most likely on the PVE side. As example the following VM was backed up: disk-size: 120G regular backup-size (lzo): 21,5 G The backup is issued...
  2. [SOLVED] Windows 10 guest: Enable Secure Boot after install with old EFI

    Hello, is there a procedure to enable Secure Boot on a Windows 10 guests that have been installed with an old EFI disk? With my Linux guests removing the EFI disk and replacing it with a "new" 4m disk worked (had to re-add the boot option like described here...
  3. pvestatd: status update time (409 seconds)

    Hello, I have a CIFS share mounted from within Proxmox and lately there are some real issues with the webinterface and Backups to that share. I suspect that the only related Log message is the following: But I´m not sure though. The symptoms are that all VMs and Storages get a questionmark...
  4. ipfilter is filtering without being enabled (KVM)

    Hello, when you add an IPSet ipfilter-net# (# is a placeholder) to a KVM machine it becomes active immediately even though the corresponding option is not enabled. Best regards, Afox
  5. Tool to generate a random IPv6 address (Linux)

    Hello, is there a tool to generate a random IPv6 address within a given Subnet (e.g. /64) on Linux? Thanks and best regards, Afox
  6. [SOLVED] Disable NDP

    Hello, what happens when I disable NDP for IPv6? If I have a static setup (and know the IP of every client), can clients in the same network still connect to each other? What about clients outside the subnet if they get the IP from a DNS server? Can they still connect? Thanks and best regards...
  7. [SOLVED] ipset: mix ipv4 and ipv6 in one list?

    Hello, is it possible to add ipv4 and ipv6 IPs to the same ipset? Thanks and best regards, Afox
  8. [SOLVED] ZFS no EFI disk for Secure Boot

    Hello, it is not possible to add a Secure Boot compatible EFI disk (4m) on a ZFS volume with current pve-manager 7.0.-13. Is that a bug or simply not possible? Regards, Afox
  9. PMG does not boot with Secure Boot enabled

    Hello, I tried enabling Secure Boot on my machine running PMG but it says the kernel has an invalid signature. Is there a way to fix this besides disabling Secure Boot? Regards, Afox
  10. [SOLVED] TPM Module

    Hello, is there any documentation on the TPM Module option? I´m interested in how it works within Proxmox. Is it tied to the host somehow? Best regards, Afox
  11. Pre-Enroll keys?

    Hello, can anyone explain to me what the Option "Pre-Enroll keys" does and if it is necessary under a Linux guest. Can I enroll the keys later if I now chose to not enroll the keys? Thank you
  12. CIFS storage activation errors

    Hello, every 10 seconds I get the following error in my logs: Interestingly I have created a directory on that storage and I can browse it and backup on it. PVE Manager shows the CIFS as "status unknown" but the directory as "available". After a reboot the CIFS itself gets shown as available...
  13. [SOLVED] PMG 7.0: Can´t edit interfaces

    Hello, After upgrading to 7.0 editing an interface via webinterface seems to be broken. Go under configuration -> interfaces and try to edit an existing one. Best regards, Afox
  14. After upgrade to 7.0 all VMs are down

    Hello, my upgrade to 7.0 went not very well. The VMs didn´t start with the following error messages: Regards, Afox
  15. Windows Server 2019 - bad performance (cleanmgr, virtio)

    Hello, is anyone else facing the issue that certain tasks, for example running the cleanmanager (cleanmgr) are taking very long under Windows Server 2019? Depending on the size of the cleanup it can take easily one hour and more. Virtio SCSI, qcow2, tested with Virtio 0.1.185 and 0.1.190 Also...
  16. Limit simultaneous backup jobs

    Hello, on my node it is possible to start multiple backup jobs at the same time. As this often results in conflicts I want to ask how I can limit the simultaneous backup jobs? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Afox
  17. Lets Encrypt JWS verification error

    Hello, when I use the same FQDN for both API and SMTP after successfully ordering the API cert the SMTP request throws an error like so: No SMTP cert was created at this point. When I then run the same SMTP creation request again it creates a second cert with the same FQDN. I don´t know if...
  18. Lets Encrypt Port 80

    Hello, to feel more secure I have the following question about Port 80 that has to be open for LE cert creation and renewal: Is there a service constantly listening on that port or just at the very moment when creation or renewal takes place? I have the same question for the PVE LE...
  19. ClamAV update error

    Hello, I upgraded to PMG 6.4 and when I try to update the virus detector it throws some errors: Best regards, Afox
  20. Node cert questions

    Hello, I have several questions regarding the certificate of a node: Is there a reason why by default the certificate length is only 2048 bits? Can I increase that length somehow and regenerate the cert? Would it be possible to implement a possibility to create a csr from the GUI so that the...


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