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  1. Email limitation as a VPS server provider

    Hello! I appeal to your knowledge in search of the best ideas to answer the following two questions: As a provider of VPS servers (servers to which I do not have access), what would be the best method to limit the number of emails of each customer? (KVM virtualization via Proxmox, public IP...
  2. Official KVM Templates | Enable IPv6 into machines

    Hello! Although I use the official templates for CentOS / Debian and Ubuntu and in the cloud-init section of proxmox I manually configured the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, only IPv4 is taken into account. Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks!
  3. Counting remote accessed hosts

    Hello! I own a hosting company and I often face the situation where my clients using weak passwords end up being broken and at the same time my VPSs become the source of scans on other hosting companies. I managed to block through Suricata the situation in which a client scans a certain IP...
  4. Prevent port scanning from KVM to internet

    Hello! Does anyone have any idea if the maximum number of external connections to a certain port can be controlled from the proxmox Firewall or from Suricata, but without saying which port it is? Automatically track external connections for each port in order to discover the scans coming from my...
  5. Connect multiple physical servers into one single internal network

    Hello! I would like to receive some suggestions regarding best way of merging few physical servers located in different physical datacenters (under 4ms from one to another). The idea will be to have one single private subnet which will make our life easier in case of a VM migration. It is...
  6. FreeBSD don't start after proxmox 6to7 upgrade

    Thank you! Tested but still stuck like with any other kind of CPU. Best regards, Florin.
  7. FreeBSD don't start after proxmox 6to7 upgrade

    UPDATE: If I disable KVM hardware virtualization then it boots up but keeps CPU at 100%. Still looking for help with this issue. Thank you!
  8. FreeBSD don't start after proxmox 6to7 upgrade

    Hello! Last night we upgraded our proxmox using 6to7 script on a OVH Game server with Ryzen 3800X. After ugrade without any kind of error we rebooted the node and then we were unable to access internet. Fixed internet access by adding MAC address on /etc/network/interfaces with IPMI and when we...
  9. Prevent port scanning from KVM to internet

    Isn't this rule for inbound traffic?
  10. Prevent port scanning from KVM to internet

    Thank you for help! Suricata seems promising. Anyone have idea where I can find rules to defend outbound SSH brute force & port scanning? Thank you!
  11. Prevent port scanning from KVM to internet

    Hi, there! I would like to know if exists such a solution to implement at host level any kind of software to detect users who are using our IPs for port scanning and brute forcing servers over the internet. Unfortunately we're very close to lose our leased /24 subnet and we need such a solution...
  12. NAT VM abusing resources

    Thank you. Opted to refund all NAT LXC containers which were unable to pay extra for dedicated IP address because it was too difficult to identify abuser and I was very close to lose my whole rented /24 subnet. Best regards, Florin.
  13. [OVH] Split /64 into /112 for LXC containers

    Hello! I try to split /64 subnet IPv6 from OVH into /112 subnets for my LXC containers. My server has 2001:41d0:700:4354::/64 and I've set up this configuration: iface vmbr0 inet6 static #address 2001:41d0:700:4354::1 address 2001:41d0:700:4354:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff...
  14. NAT VM abusing resources

    Hi, guys! I encounter an unpredictibile situation on my small business. After selling over 100 NAT IPv4 VMs with 50 public ports each and /64 IPv6, I've started to receive abuse reports on NAT IPv4 which says that one of my customer scans random hosts for weak passwords and things like this...
  15. IPv6 from Tunnel Broker

    Hello! For the first time I try to use IPv6 with Proxmox (I don't have experience with IPv6 at all). My problem is related to fact I can ping from main node but I can't ping from LXC container. When I try to ping from container nothing happens, ping command freezes. Thank you...
  16. LXC shows node's load avg. instead of his own

    Hello! I run some LXC containers and I saw that load avg. on LXC container it's exactly same as node's itself. Can anybody tell me how to fix this issue? Thank you! System packages: proxmox-ve: 6.4-1 (running kernel: 5.4.151-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.4-13 (running version: 6.4-13/9f411e79)...
  17. Proxmox crashed twice in 2 days

    I come with an update. On IPMI it reported an "ECC uncorrectable" and I started to manually check DIMM by DIMM but until now, everything is fine with 4/8 DIMMs. I would like to ask, what else should I check if all DIMMs will be treated by Memtest86 as working normally? Thank you!
  18. Proxmox crashed twice in 2 days

    Shouldn't be related to hardware because it gets frozen only when receive from whmcs VM creation query. On kern.log isn't anything no crash time.
  19. Proxmox crashed twice in 2 days

    Just those lines before freeze Nov 2 22:19:00 sv2 systemd[1]: Starting Proxmox VE replication runner... Nov 2 22:19:01 sv2 systemd[1]: pvesr.service: Succeeded. Nov 2 22:19:01 sv2 systemd[1]: Finished Proxmox VE replication runner. Nov 2 22:19:03 sv2 dhcpd[2091]: DHCPDISCOVER from...


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