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  1. mgabriel

    dirty-bitmap and two jobs

    Hi, after the first backup, the dirty-bitmap is created and used for subsequential backups. the dirty-bitmap gets reset when a new backup is started. I wonder what happens if a VM is backed up in two different jobs to different backup targets, first to pbs and second to a local rdx drive. If...
  2. mgabriel

    Cluster Communication - how to set a specific interface?

    I can't find any solution to route cluster communication traffic (e.g. corosync) through a specific interface. On one installation I see the corosync retransmitting frames and I want to route that traffic through a specific link to prevent side affects coming from bandwidth problems. any ideas...
  3. mgabriel

    Strange HA behaviour (tested from 2.2 to 3.0)

    Hi, I just discovered a strange behaviour on a two node proxmox HA cluster. Maybe some of you could point me in the right direction. When I live migrate a running VM from node A to node B, the migration runs without a problem. The VM is running on node B now and I can access the console, the...
  4. mgabriel

    migration of a running VM takes forever

    Hi, on a Proxmox 2.2 Cluster with a shared storage, I recently had some online migrations failing. The migration seems to run forever and the amount of data-to-be-transferred goes down and up again. I stopped it after 40 mins. A second try was successful. I had that on several VMs, but I can't...
  5. mgabriel

    new VM can't boot from host cdrom

    Hi, I discovered a problem on at least three separate servers: I cannot access the physical cdrom in the hardware node from a VM. This applies to new VMs where I try to install a VM from a disc directly and it applies to data discs, that I want to insert into an existing VM. The cdrom is...
  6. mgabriel

    Image size grows at every backup/restore

    Hi, I discovered a bug, which is not critical, but annoying. I'm using KVM on iSCSI/LVM Storages quite often. From time to time, I move VMs from one storage to another storage. I'm doing this by using the following commands: vzdump --stdout 132 | qmrestore --storage storage2vol1 - 135 While...
  7. mgabriel

    Disaster Concept: 2 SANs with same data

    Hi, I'm currently in a project with migrating two old XEN servers to two new proxmox machines. There are also two SANs available: One FC SAN - primary, for production - and one iSCSI SAN at a second building in case of fire or other disastrous events. All VMs will run from the FC SAN. The iSCSI...
  8. mgabriel

    direct vzdump | qmrestore storage migration doesn't work anymore

    Hi, an older Harddisk is about to die. That's the reason why I had to move the machines to the newer iscsi storage. But as I did it before, it doesn't work anymore. I did a direct storage migration before by using the output of vzdump as input of the qmrestore command. So that worked before. I...
  9. mgabriel

    Number of backups to keep?

    Hi, in Proxmox 1.9 I've had an option to choose how many backups should be kept (see screenshot). But I am missing this option in Proxmox 2.0. Is that option gone or is it just not yet implemented? Thanks, Marco
  10. mgabriel

    Hangs on boot after finding LVM Storage over QLogic FC

    Hi, I tried to do a test migration from an existing Xen Infrastructure to a Proxmox 2.0rc1. The current setup consists of 2 Servers with 2 QLogic FC Cards, connected to an Infortrend SAN. The servers are currently running XenServer with XenCenter Management. I could install Proxmox...


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