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  1. Ma907xb

    CEPH - Initial config IP Public/Cluster

    Hello, Running Virtual Environment 6.1-5 . I currently have a 4 node setup. I'm connecting my fourth node to the other 3 nodes. I joined the server to the cluster, then installed ceph. After installing CEPH my browser was refreshed and the initial installation window was closed. How do I set...
  2. Ma907xb

    Proxmox - NixOS

    Hello, Would it be possible to install the below linux distribution on a VM within PROXMOX? Some pretty handy tools for managing configurations of multiple VMs.
  3. Ma907xb

    CEPH Error - clock skew detected

    Hello, I just realized an error in my ceph health. What's the resolution?
  4. Ma907xb

    Ceph - Bus/Device

    Hello, Which Bus/Device is recommended for installing on top of a ceph pool? I'm just running a 3 node cluster with CEPH. I was recommended to use SCSI as well as checking the discard option, but I don't understand why. What should be selected for device #? Could someone offer an explanation...
  5. Ma907xb

    How many OSDs?

    Hello, I have 3 nodes each with the below 1 SSD - PVE 1 SATA 1 SATA I took this from How many OSDs should I have for my 3 node setup? I see this recommends 12 OSDs, but I'm not sure why. Thank you!
  6. Ma907xb

    [SOLVED] systemctl status networking.service down / network works

    Hello, I'm getting a FAILED on my networking serivce. I'm not sure what's causing the problem? All networks are working correctly/pingable. The configuration looks correct. Here is my etc/network/interfaces auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet...
  7. Ma907xb

    [SOLVED] CEPH config

    Hello, During my initial configuration of CEPH I'd like to format some drives on my server before the installation. I use this command to format the drives ceph-volume lvm zap /dev/sdb --destroy but i get a runtime error. How do i know the process completed? root@vmhost3:~# ceph-volume...
  8. Ma907xb

    Change cluster IP

    How do I change my cluster IP address to the preferred subnet? I want it on XXX.XXX.49.10. XXX.XXX.48.10 is for management. Where is this configuration handled?
  9. Ma907xb


    I ran the update today and i see there are a few packages to install. I updated my node and there was a selection that came up for console encoding. What is the correct selection here? I selected cancel on this screen and didn't make a selection. I wasn't sure what to select. How do I correct...
  10. Ma907xb

    boot errors

    After installing PVE as RAID1 i get the below errors on boot. Are any of the the below errors a concern? Specifically the ones that mention 'no caching mode page found'? no caching mode page found assuming drive cache: write through
  11. Ma907xb

    Correct initial installation w/ CEPH

    Hello, I have 2 SATA drives both 1TB. What is the best option for a proxmox installation with CEPH + cluster. Which option runs the most stable? Both drives are setup on my server as AHCI with hardware raid disabled. Would zfs (RAID 1) be the best option? Do any of these advanced...
  12. Ma907xb

    Proxmox - Corosync & CEPH

    I'm working on getting a cluster setup, and need to create policies in a firewall to allow the traffic. What services are required for Corosync and CEPH to operate correctly? What ports are required?
  13. Ma907xb

    Exclamation mark on VM

    Hello, My VM was working fine but i woke up to an exclamation mark and my VM is unresponsive. What does it mean? .
  14. Ma907xb

    O_Direct Error - Write through / Write back

    Hello, I've gotten the O_DIRECT error when starting VMs. I have (1) SSD at 232gb and (1) 1tb disk drive. I configured as RAID 0 just to get things going as I will be changing my configuration in the future. I read in the documentation to enable write back to stop the O_DIRECT error. This...
  15. Ma907xb

    Proxmox - R320 raid dell perc s110

    Hello, I purchased some refurbished R320s. RAID can be configured in the bios and I'm not sure of the correct SATA mode to select in the BIOS. The server has 2 HDDs, and came with windows server 2016 pre installed. I'd like to setup a few nodes and eventually configure ceph but I will be...
  16. Ma907xb

    Proxmox Bridge

    Hello, Trying to get access to my VM through SSH from my local computer on the same network. My local computer can ping the VM but the VM cannot ping my local computer. I'm very new to this, but have been trying to learn. I see vmbr0 in the network GUI on my node. should the correct...
  17. Ma907xb

    Proxmox VE on Google Cloud Platform

    Hello, I wanted to play around with some Proxmox cluster configurations inside of Google Cloud Platform to test out a future physical build. I was trying to configure a VM instance template with a proxmox bootable disk inside of GCP. GCP allows you to boot from a custom image. I was able to...
  18. Ma907xb

    Proxmox VM Hardware

    I'm new to IT and programming, but am excited to get into the field. It's my understanding you need 3 physical servers to setup a High availability cluster. 3 Nodes. Is 3 adequate to setup a cluster? Do I actually need 4 physical servers? I'd like to setup a test cluster network with approx 60...


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