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  1. jsterr

    [quorum] crit: quorum_initialize failed: 2

    Can you explain how a container disk space fillup has something to do with corosync on the pve-hypervisorhost?
  2. jsterr

    Adding 6.2 nodes to 6.0 cluster - Error 500 Can't connect to x.x.x.x:8006 (hostname verification failed)

    This is still existent on pve 7.2 when adding a node via cli and IP. Please enter superuser (root) password for '': ******** Establishing API connection with host '' The authenticity of host '' can't be established. X509 SHA256 key fingerprint is...
  3. jsterr

    Proxmox with Ceph - Problems showing the osds in the gui

    I never had this after I always checked I: make sure that disks are wiped and initalized with GPT BEFORE I create them as osds EVEN they are GPT "NO" after osd creation because of ceph lvm have correct network-time (check chrony!) most of the times when I had gui problems regarding ceph it is...
  4. jsterr

    Ceph blustore over RDMA performance gain

    Has someone tried RDMA with Ceph since 2018? Is it easier to accomplish these days or is it still a hassle with lots of errors?
  5. jsterr

    VMs not migrating when the node is down

    Do you have HA enabled for the vms? Please show: root@pmx01:~# cat /etc/pve/ha/resources.cfg
  6. jsterr

    Long heartbeat ping times on back interface seen

    I dont have this problem anymore (Im also on 7.2) but as you can see in the history I had it in dec 2020. I dont think its a bug more a little interruption on the network or so. That usually appears if you have network issues. You can fix it by restarting the osds that are affected from this...
  7. jsterr

    Proxmox HA cluster with ceph - need help with network topology and storage

    Do not bond Corosync, as it can increase latency, thats something you dont want because it can result in fencing (= rebooting) of nodes. Just use two single links, and you could use ceph link as a third fallback (if you want).
  8. jsterr

    Proxmox VE 7.2 released!

    Thanks, nice release with a lot of new stunning features! Where can I access the erasure coding pool setup? Its not there:
  9. jsterr

    Network failure after upgrade to Proxmox 7 from 6.4-14

    check ip a and the output of cat /etc/network/interfaces maybe the major upgrade (debian 10 -> debian 11) changed some of your nics regarding their names. If so, edit /etc/network/interfaces so it fits the new name(s).
  10. jsterr

    Ceph OSD Crash, why?

    We got a message from WD today that there is a fw related bug in wd nvme firmware, that can cause nvme command timeouts and failures in linux/proxmox. Maybe this can also fix your problem. You might have a older fw on it. I will write an wiki artikel on howto update the fw - but you can use...
  11. jsterr

    Ceph OSD Crash, why?

    Which NVMe Model?
  12. jsterr

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox Ceph Mirroring - Snapshot Mode

    Hey fxandrei, thanks for the post, this is definetly something I will look into it in the feature. So to fully have working vms on backup node you still need to sync vm-config-files right? Any other things that might not be covered in your tutorial? Can you give more explanation for this...
  13. jsterr

    PVE Reboot - sporadisch

    Ich hab mal den Kollegen Bescheid gegeben, die werden sich demnächst mit dem Vorschlag zum Tausch von Mainboard / CPU melden - je nachdem was dann getauscht werden muss, kann der Rest dann zurück. Sorry für die Umstände! Danke & VG
  14. jsterr

    PVE Reboot - sporadisch ggf. mal probieren - eher unwahrscheinlich aber n Versuch wärs wert. #in /etc/default/grub add dis_ucode_ldr in this way GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash dis_ucode_ldr"
  15. jsterr

    PVE Reboot - sporadisch

    Moin! :) Vielleicht mal von nem Debian/Ubuntu Live Linux starten und schauen ob die Reboots auch dort auftreten? Ansonsten könnte man je nach Möglichkeit auch mal neu installieren und den ZFS-DATA Pool importieren (vorher VM-Hüllen backupen usw...
  16. jsterr

    PVE Reboot - sporadisch

    Wie sind denn die NVMes (4x Corsair_MP600_PRO) angebunden ans System? Das Basis-System hat eigentlich kein 4x M.2 Ggf. mal ohne die vermutlich verbaute M.2 NVME Addin-Karte und den 4 NVMes starten - bleibt das System dann stabil?
  17. jsterr

    Ceph: 1 PG bleibt dauerhaft auf active+clean+remapped stehen

    Du könntest falls das Problem mit dem Device Health Metric Pool zusammenhängt folgendes mal probieren: 1. Delete the pool device_health_metric 2. delete the active manager under monitors 3. wait for an standby manager go active and the recently delete manager disappers in the list. 4. now...
  18. jsterr

    Ceph trying to reset class

    Did not fix it for me, did you do anything else ? After rebooting ceph still brings up this error: Mar 30 11:42:49 pmx01 ceph-osd[2900]: 2022-03-30T11:42:49.866+0200 7f49b844df00 -1 osd.2 932 mon_cmd_maybe_osd_create fail: 'osd.2 has already bound to class 'nvme', can not reset class to 'ssd'...
  19. jsterr

    Ceph Netzwerk Routing

    Ich setze hier mal ein "Watch" auf den Post. Etwas Offtopic aber ich möchte gerne ergänzen: Einfach wären 4 Ports im 3 Node System mit Meshed Round Robin (geht auch und toleriert Kabel-Fehler). Wir haben gemerkt dass je nach "Konstellation" eventuell sogar das ganze Ceph nicht mehr funktioniert...
  20. jsterr

    Howto limit pve-realm users to ceph-view only?

    This enables users in group noedits to do everything with vms, upload isos/templates, show everything in ceph and on nodes (configurations) but not beeing able to edit ceph, or sys-config from nodes. Would be cool to be able to separate between ceph-sys-config permissions and non-ceph-config...


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