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  1. Login PVE issue

    Hello, again this morning 'Login Failed, try later'.... nobody else know this problem? strange. I haven't customized nothing, I just try to login normally, as usual.
  2. Login PVE issue

    Hello, i had the same Issue, I've done the reinstallation and it worked great. but today, the problem came back... I'm in PVE 7.2.7 stand alone; I've tried : systemctl restart pveproxy.service = NOK tried : apt install --reinstall pve-manager proxmox-widget-toolkit = NOK tried apt install...
  3. Opt-in Linux Kernel 5.15 for Proxmox VE 7.x available

    Great, thnaks. This Kernel version resolve the problem : Servers with AMD CPU won't boot with Kernel 5.13 versions. Now it boot perfectly.
  4. PVECM Status : need for explanations

    Thank you very much, gentlemen, you have allowed me to understand details that I was missing and therefore to concentrate my efforts in the right direction to solve my problem of qdevice that was not voting (opening of the tcp port 5403). Proxmox is really a fantastic solution: great product...
  5. PVECM Status : need for explanations

    ok, thanks Thomas i was confused. so i just have to understand why the Qdevice don't vote.
  6. PVECM Status : need for explanations

    ok, thanks a lot. i ll read your like because actually, our cluster look like that : Membership information ---------------------- Nodeid Votes Qdevice Name 0x00000001 1 A,NV,NMW 0x00000002 1 A,NV,NMW (local) 0x00000000 0...
  7. PVECM Status : need for explanations

    hello, First : Can someone explain us the signification of : NA, NV, NMW in the Device column of the node when issuing a 'pvecm status' plz. (I've read a lot, but nothing about this, seems to be new ?) some time I have this : Membership information ---------------------- Nodeid Votes...
  8. Network configuration - private vlan advice needed

    hello, thanks. Yes i know that i can, but i try to know what i should do. Actually, i have no bridge, only a vlan interface for cluster network one both nodes, it seems to be ok.
  9. Network configuration - private vlan advice needed

    hello all, i need an advice about best practice to properly configure private network between two nodes The two nodes are connected to a vSwitch provided by our datacenter with vlan id 3000 for exemple. this vlan is only for Cluster network purpose, not for VM. in this context, can i use only...
  10. [SOLVED] how do i replace a hard drive in a healthy ZFS raid?

    ok thanks for that clarifications, i'll change my servers boot with Proxmox boot tool soon.
  11. Switch Legacy-Boot to Proxmox Boot Tool - 512M partition seem to be used.

    yes I saw, but what worried me is that they show a partition without FS. I understood afterwards that I could continue the procedure without fear, in the worst case I do not apply the /Force and I am quiet. Thanks for your answer.

    it would be very nice if we have the option to backup the host directly in the Dashboard, and the option to restore it when booting from Proxmox ISO, like 3CX do. I'm sure the configuration is more complexe than a IPBX, but I think their method can be a start point. we would all feel much more...
  13. [SOLVED] how do i replace a hard drive in a healthy ZFS raid?

    hello @maxprox , you say 'As far as I know you can the command reduce to this minimum, to give the command only the new disk, if you have no root "/" and no boot drive (after the change)' does it mean in order to replace a disk with root and Grub on ZFS, I have to give the command ? if so...
  14. Switch Legacy-Boot to Proxmox Boot Tool - 512M partition seem to be used.

    Good morning, in order to follow the recommendations, I want to change the boot mode of my server with Proxmox Boot Tool. the root is on the ZFS and the bootloader is Grub. I can see the 512MB partitions on my disks, but they are not empty by doing a : lsblk -o +FSTYPE the FSTYPE is not empty...
  15. [SOLVED] Create cluster on non-default SSH port without iptables?

    Hello, i'de like to know if this limitation is stil present ? (replication broken by ssh configuration on alternative port). i've searched on Bugzilla but didn't find it. I think reforcing SSH security by changing port and disabling password is recomanded if no mandatory.
  16. Storage "local" and "local-zfs"

    Many thanks Ckhung ! it's the graphic representation i was looking for several days. because of my lack of linux knowledge, I couldn't 'materialize' this famous ZFS. much clearer now, many thanks.
  17. [SOLVED] PVE 6.0/corosync over WAN (high latency) - looses sync

    hum, maybye some translations problem. my question is : wich storage mechanism do you use in order to make VM Datas (vhd) to transit accross your differents locations ? i've read some different implementations about this, but not sure all are WAN compatible.
  18. [SOLVED] PVE 6.0/corosync over WAN (high latency) - looses sync

    some cluster their servers only for centralized management. I mean, can you move your VMs from one server to another. Apparently yes, if I understand you. so the question is : how do you copy data from one server to another ? shared storage ? replication ? if you have documentation I'm very...
  19. [SOLVED] PVE 6.0/corosync over WAN (high latency) - looses sync

    hi, your configuration interests me because I have to propose this type of architecture to a customer. can you boot your VMs on all your cluster nodes? if yes, what mechanism do you use to transfer VM data from one datacenter to another? I don't need to be able to do livemigration, I just...
  20. Problem creating Proxmox bridge in VPS with only one ip address

    hi, it works now. don't really understand where i was wrong, re-do config vmbr1 from scratch


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