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  1. Proxmox upgrade 6.1 to 6.2 no web gui

    Hello, I have a standalone proxmox 6.1 server, and I install the last upgrade, but on reboot have have no web GUI pveversion -v gave proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 (running kernel: 5.4.34-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.2-4 (running version: 6.2-4/9824574a) pve-kernel-5.4: 6.2-1 pve-kernel-helper: 6.2-1...
  2. Proxmox 6 and windows 2008 not R2 server

    Hello everybody. Recently I have migrate my production cluster from proxmox 5 to 6. My actual version is pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.0-2 (running kernel: 5.0.18-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.0-5 (running version: 6.0-5/f8a710d7) pve-kernel-5.0: 6.0-6 pve-kernel-helper: 6.0-6 pve-kernel-4.15: 5.4-6...
  3. Proxmox, vzdump, nfs and ceph slow backup

    Hello every body, I have a proxmox cluster composed with 3 servers equipped with 24 cores xexon, 4 Gbits nics, 64 Gb ram on each. Each server is connected via a cisco switch sg500, and all switches is connected via 10 Gbits optical. We have 3 batiments with 1 proxmox server on each. The pve...
  4. Proxmox 5.2 ceph cluster problem

    Hello, I have a cluster of 3 proxmox 5.2 server, all works correctly since 3 days ago. Ceph mon and ceph osd on one server stop working correctly, and the most surprising think is on the proxmox server with ceph don't work, the cli ceph command did not respond. Thank's form you help.
  5. Problem with proxmox 2.1 and kvm duplicate ip address

    I have a proxmox 2.1 cluster 14 kvm machines and today 3 of the 2 centos and 1 windows 2008 server have a duplicate ip address. These machines are working proprely since 6 months without problems. When I shutdown these machines I can not ping or nmap there address on my lan. I try to migrate...
  6. Proxmox 2.1 network car disapered after this morning upgrade

    Hello, I have update this morning one of my server. The only update available is relate to dev. After rebooting the computer my multihomed network card disapered, I suppose that th dev remove my network card, because a dmesg | grep bond gave me : bonding: bond0: setting mode to balance-xor...
  7. Big cluster problem with fresh install proxmox 2.1

    I have create à two node cluster with 2 dell R510 equiped with 8 1T in Perc 700 raid 10. All work previously with the installation and for test purposes I decide to reinstall from blank, after I backup all my vm. After a fresh install with proxmox 2.1 without problem I create à new cluster...
  8. Proxmox 2.1 backup via web interface

    Hello everybody, I have a strange problem, when I go to the web interface to create cluster backup I don't have the "Max files" option in the interface such as this How can I reactivate this option ? Tanks for your answer.
  9. Question about HA cluster and VM migration

    Hello, I have a proxmox 2.0 cluster compose with 2 dell poweredge R510 configure in HA+fencing with drbd. When i restart one of the server the vms are transfert automaticaly to the other with problems, but not online. The server witch is restarting stop all vms, and when all vms are stopped...
  10. vmid.conf to drbd

    Hello everybody, I create a Proxmox ve 2.0, 2 cluster machive by following this tutorial, all works perfectly well. My only problem reside in this phrase "For this testing configuration, two DRBD resources were created, one for VM...


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