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  1. I will convert vmdk, but there is not enough disk space

    Hello, I have a vmware server and I'm migrating to pve. I have a 110GB virtual server. I will move it to Pve and convert it as raw, but I don't have enough space. Actually there is, but I don't know how to do it. root@pve1:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev...
  2. How to switch Ceph to Proxmox VE Ceph?

    Hi, We have a Ceph structure in our company. Our friend, who was interested in the system, left our company. We have 6 Node servers and we have a working front structure. Below I leave information about a Node. How can I transfer this system to Proxmox VE? Can you show me a way about this? I am...
  3. How to block mail to fake mail header from?

    Hi, I've been dealing with a problem for days. A lot of spam comes to our mail accounts from different mail servers. The sending mail server is not filtered because it is clean. I can block a rope or domain. But it comes from too many ip addresses and domains. Summary: Mail from server...
  4. If the mail server is closed, the incoming mail will wait for delivery.

    Hi, maybe there is something like this in general but I want to ask. If the mail server is closed, can we hold this mail on the pmg side? Let the mail server deliver pmg when it opens.
  5. How to add virtual ip with cluster?

    Hello, How can I run any IP address on servers in the entire cluster structure? My goal is this: I can only send mail from one server with random ip addresses in cluster production with 4 servers. I added all the ip addresses to my server with random ip addresses. This time I cannot send mail...
  6. [SOLVED] ERROR: 401 permission denied - invalid PMG ticket

    Hi, i have a cluster. i failed to new node join. master root@pmg3:~# pmgversion -v proxmox-mailgateway: 6.1-1 (API: 6.1-2/53ccdd75, running kernel: 5.3.10-1-pve) pmg-api: 6.1-2 pmg-gui: 2.1-3 pve-kernel-5.3: 6.0-12 pve-kernel-helper: 6.0-12 pve-kernel-5.3.10-1-pve: 5.3.10-1 libarchive-perl...
  7. Where is directory -> Configuration -> Mail Proxy -> Whitelist

    Hi, I will add yahoo and google out ip addresses to whitelist. But I could not find the file on the server. Since there are many ips, I will add a manual. Where can I edit this file?
  8. [SOLVED] Sending smart host mail via cluster node server?

    Hi, I have cluster making including 1 master and 1 node. I am sending mail from my mail servers. I can send mail as smarthost from my master server. When I type the address of my node server, I can't log out. How can I help you solve it?
  9. [SOLVED] How do I send from rondom ip addresses?

    Hi, I want to get rondom ip addresses of mails coming out over pmg. I have done a lot of research but I have not been successful. I try: Mail is still delivered from the server ip address. I have not made any settings except...
  10. [SOLVED] How To Relay Multi Mail Server

    Hi, I have a lot of mail servers. I installed 2 pmg for these servers. They are now working as a cluster. The situation briefly looks like this: -- - master cluster - node cluster My settings: Default Relay...
  11. How do authentication Mailenable login for smarthost?

    Hi, we used sophos before, but we decided to use pmg now because pmg is much more beautiful and configurable. We have about 10 mailenable servers. There are thousands of accounts in it. I understand that every server can use and display pmg as smarthost. In other words, a mail server I don't...
  12. Moving from VMware to Proxmox

    Hi, I have a server with vmware version 11. I want to move this server to Proxmox. I'm new to Proxmox. I went through the Migration documents, but I didn't succeed. I opened the server with the same features through Proxmox. I moved the vmware vdmk file to the server that was opened on the...


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