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  1. Network interfaces been created after changing PCIE devices

    Hello, I just placed a new GPU on a new PCIE slot and I had the issue of not being able to log into my control panel. After digning out I saw that a new interface with a different name of the original one was being created. At the beginning I had enp6s0, but after adding the GPU, proxmox...
  2. Needed entropy for ssh?

    Hello guys, I have just had a problem while trying to login into my debian 10 VM, and it seems that ssh service takes a lot of time to startup, and some times timing out. I just searched a bit, and people was saying because of lack of entropy in VMs, and recommended installing haveged. As soon...
  3. iGPU passthrough

    Hello guys, I currently want to passthrough my intel graphics 4600 to my VM, and it works fine, with a very old driver of it, which is limiting me a bit in some aspects. But new driver seems to return me error code 43, and searching on the net, it seems this code means, that the graphics...
  4. [SOLVED] Can't use PVE 6.x :'(

    Hello, I am willing to use the new pve 6.x but it seems, that my pcie passthrough igpu to windows VM is not working correctly. If you know what might be happening, to solve this, I will switch to proxmox VE 6.x, but until I have the stability to do it, I won't. I have tried all guides I could...
  5. HDD passthrough

    Hello guys, Just quick question, I need to passthrough hdd to my OMV VM, and followed this guide: However, I need to pass also SMART info and the ability to spin down the disks. Any suggestions on how to do that? Kind regards
  6. VMs disk size

    Hello, Just wanted to know if there is anyway I can check how much hdd disk is taking each VM I have in my local-lvm storage. Kind regards
  7. Kernel 5.x install PVE 5.4

    Hello guys, Is there any way, I can virtualize kernel 5.x in PVE5.4? Kind regards
  8. SMART information

    Hello, I am a bit new in proxmox, and wanted to ask, if there is anyway I can pull SMART information through the gui, and not via CLI, so that I can have them more accessible. Kind regards
  9. Not pingable with Intel E1000

    Hello guys, I am currently trying to setup a simple bridge between 2 VMs with windows. I created the following bridge: And then assigned network card to the VM with that bridge on the hardware. I have been trying to ping between my VMs with the model intel E1000, and it has been no possible...
  10. SSD performance in VM

    Hello guys, Just quick question, I have been reading around that I could obtain good speed performance if I used raw formats for my VMs, but also read that now, with LVM-thin, I get the 2 good things of both worlds, which means, snapshots and performance. I have been checking that, and it seems...
  11. iGPU passthrough problem

    Hello, I am currently testing integrated gpu passthrough to some of my VMs, with proxmox, but it seems I am not able to achieve a correct result of it. At the first beginning, I tried myself to install a Windows VM without touching any proxmox config and I was able to passthrough the GPU to the...
  12. No understanding this stats

    Hello, My openvz is doing something strange look: And it only has 5 cores asigned not that amount :/ Any one does know why that is happening? Thanks
  13. Not understanding this network

    Hello, I have in a vps this network use: but on the global node and the same time I have this one: Why on 1 place is 12M and on the other 200M? Thanks
  14. Cluster

    Hello, Currently I am trying to create a cluster with 2 dedicated servers in ovh, but I think they do not support multicast because I received this error: Waiting for quorum... Timed-out waiting for cluster [FAILED] Do you know if I can create this in another way? Thanks
  15. CPU units

    Hello, I am a bit confuse with this topic in openvz, I mean, I have read all openvz manuals and proxmox questions about this topic but they all talk that cpu units refers to the priority that you give to a container of the full cpu, the problem is that I do not assign the full cpu to my...
  16. Problem turning on container

    Hello, I was opening my containers in lxc and I received this error when trying this command: lxc-start -lDEBUG -o /root/prueba2.log -F -n 128 lxc-start 20161117000148.310 INFO lxc_start_ui - tools/lxc_start.c:main:264 - using rcfile /var/lib/lxc/128/config lxc-start...

    Hello, I was wondering if cpusets are fixed to the container for always, and not managing resources like openvz did to make a more dinamic resource assignation. Waiting your answer, Pedro
  18. acl and quota

    Hello, When I setup a container I see an option called acl and quota in the root disk option and was wondering what is it. Also I am wondering about swap, in openvz it was just like a burst of ram, it is the same here is lxc or it is now the real swap? xD Waiting your answer, Pedro
  19. Email spam

    Hello, Does proxmox has any security option to control mailing spam smtp or php, I was currently thinking about limiting port 25 with firewall but people could get in working on another port. Any idea, Thanks
  20. Files

    Hello, Now with lxc where are the files of the containers? before they where on root and private folders, but now I can not find them. Waiting your answer, Pedro


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