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  1. vkhera

    [SOLVED] backup no longer compressing after upgrade to 4.2

    I upgraded all nodes in my cluster from 4.1 to 4.2 on Friday (April 29). Since then, all backups are no longer compressed. I just verified that the "LZO" option is selected in the backup configuration. Is anyone else noticing this? From one of my small VMs that backs up weekly: [filer]% ls -l...
  2. vkhera

    cannot restore to glusterfs

    I had a VM go corrupt after a live migration from one host to another. Repairing the disk corruption was too much work, so I decided to restore from the backup earlier in the day. The problem is, I cannot restore it directly back to the gluster storage. It fails immediately with this: restore...
  3. vkhera

    horribly slow gluster performance

    I have a three-node cluster, all ZFS. One node is small used just for quorum. I set up two of the nodes to hold gluster data in a ZFS data set on each. The set up and configuration was pretty straight forward, just gluster peer probe each other after installing the glusterfs-server package...
  4. vkhera

    Removing ceph

    For an experiment, I installed ceph: pveceph install pveceph init --network pveceph createmon I ran createmon on all three of my cluster nodes. Now that I'm done, I cannot see entirely how to remove it. I was able to use the GUI to remove monitors 1 and 2, but it will not let...
  5. vkhera

    using NIS client authentication

    If I want to use NIS to authenticate my logins to PVE, do I just configure the base system to use NIS and select "PAM" as the realm for logging in to the GUI?
  6. vkhera

    constant nfs exports requests

    On my NFS filer (FreeNAS) which is used by proxmox for backups and holding ISOs, I see this in the logs every 10 seconds per PVE host: Oct 12 17:28:28 filer filer mountd[2262]: export request succeeded from Is there some reason for so many export requests from PVE? This goes on...
  7. vkhera

    backup command line error after upgrade to 4.0 beta 2

    I upgraded my 4.0 beta1 nodes to 4.0 beta2. Over night I received an error from the backup cron job: 400 too many arguments vzdump {<vmid>} [OPTIONS] The crontab entry for vzdump is this: vzdump 103 104 --mailto XXXX --storage filer --mailnotification failure --quiet 1 --mode snapshot After...
  8. vkhera

    virtual disk timeout

    Sometime overnight one of my VM's running FreeBSD 10.2 reported scsi subsystem timeouts on all four of its virtual drives: (da1:vtscsi0:0:0:1): UNMAP. CDB: 42 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 88 00 (da1:vtscsi0:0:0:1): CAM status: Command timeout (da1:vtscsi0:0:0:1): Retrying command (da2:vtscsi0:0:0:2)...
  9. vkhera

    backup empty of no disks selected

    I have a VM with large disks, and they do not backup in a timely fashion using vzdump to an NFS storage. Therefore, I use a snapshot with zfs send/receive to keep a clone of the zfs volumes on a remote machine. This works really well. The only problem is the vzdump backups from PVE for that VM...
  10. vkhera

    memory usage graph in 4.0 beta inaccurate

    I've noticed on 4.0 beta that the memory usage graph for a VM is off a bit. It seems to be off by 1GB on the example screenshot below for a 16GB VM. On another VM that has 1GB RAM, the "max" line appears on the chart at just below the grid line for 1.1GB.
  11. vkhera

    migrating non-shared storage ZFS-backed VM

    If I make a VM and have the virtual drive on storage "local" as a qcow2 file, proxmox ve 4 beta will permit me to migrate the VM from node 1 to node 2. I only care to do this with the machines off, but if it works while running, that's an added bonus. If I make the VM with virtual drive on...
  12. vkhera

    recommendation for filesystem disk alignment of virtual disks

    For my proxmox server, the ZFS storage is built with ashift=12 for the 4096 aligned blocks to match the modern drives. For the VM's inside using virtio disks, do I also want to build my file systems 4096 aligned, or is it ok to leave them 512 aligned as per the defaults? The virtio disk is...
  13. vkhera

    snapshots and backups from ZFS storage

    I'm running 4.0 beta, and I'm trying to figure out how safe the backups are for a live running machine. By safe, I mean they restore everything at an exact consistent state. My VM's are configured to use a local ZFS storage, so the virtual drives are raw zvol's on the base system. On my...
  14. vkhera

    proxmox 4 beta refusing to start VM after VM crash

    Running 4-beta 4.0-26/5d4a615b. I set up the first VM on this machine, which has 64GB of RAM and ZFS backed storage. The VM was given 16GB of RAM to run FreeBSD 10.2. I'm using ZFS send/receive to copy data into the VM from another machine. After it loaded about 14Gb of the data, the machine...
  15. vkhera

    cannot view console of VM running on another node in 4.x

    Running pve-manager/4.0-26/5d4a615b with two node cluster. Host names pve1 and pve2. When I connect to the web interface on pve1, I cannot view a console of a VM running on pve2. It just hangs at 'starting VNC handshake'. To view a console on pve2 I need to log into the web interface on pve2...
  16. vkhera

    ntp service missing in 4.0 install

    I installed 4.0 from the beta ISO and upgraded it via apt-get to version pve-manager/4.0-26/5d4a615b. I did this on two machines and on a vmware virtual machine, and all exhibited this omission. There is no ntpd running, nor is the ntp package installed at all. Is there some other time...
  17. vkhera

    Why DRBD only supports raw disks

    On the DRBD9 wiki page is this note: What is the reason for this limitation, and does it apply to DRBD8 as well? I did not see such a note on the original DRBD page for current Proxmox VE.
  18. vkhera

    planning new cluster

    I am planning a new proxmox cluster for my office network to replace a handful of aging machines. I have been running a test install of Proxmox for a couple of months with some light load. Now I'm ready to take the plunge and move everything. The problem I'm solving by going virtual is this: I...
  19. vkhera

    ceph 3-cluster with 2-copies per object

    I've read through both the books and the online docs for Proxmox over the last couple of weeks. I am planning to set up a cluster to replace 4 physical servers, one of which contains about 5 virtual machines on it already which I manually manage. My plan is to get 3 servers each with SSD for...


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