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  1. have qemu-guest-agent installed by default

    currently using version " Backup Server 0.8-9 ". would it be possible to add the package "qemu-guest-agent" as part of the default installed packages? use case is that the PBS will be a VM itself! :)
  2. Multiple parallel 'qmrestore' executions fail

    Related to: The bug of not reserving the VMID is solved, though there is a new problem. My PVE setup: # pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 5.3-1 (running kernel: 4.15.18-9-pve) pve-manager: 5.3-5 (running version: 5.3-5/97ae681d)...
  3. Change the defaults for 'Backup Now'

    Hi, I am using PVE 5.3 (with updates). Is it possible to specify/change the defaults for the 'Backup Now' option? The default is always 'local' for 'Storage' and 'LZO' compression. I would like to have 'GZIP' as my default 'Compression' and possibly a different storage location. Regards...
  4. multiple backups in parallel

    Hi, When I schedule a backup of multiple QEMU VMs, they run serially. Is there any way to make more than one backup run in parallel? (Knowing that my server is not currently loaded, sometimes I can afford to run 4-5 backups in parallel) Thanks and Regards, Shantanu Gadgil
  5. tagging instances

    Hi, This is a two part question: Would it be possible to assign custom tags to qemu vms. Software from inside the vm could then "query" those tags to get other metadata about the vms. Example: I will tag by server machines with the tag "myserver" Then my client machine can try to discover...
  6. Start all VMs and Containers fails [PVE 5 beta1]

    Hi, I upgraded a test server and upon reboot got the error shown below. Server configuration: # pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 5.0-2 (running kernel: 4.10.1-2-pve) pve-manager: 5.0-4 (running version: 5.0-4/e97c2852) pve-kernel-4.4.35-1-pve: 4.4.35-77 pve-kernel-4.2.6-1-pve: 4.2.6-36...
  7. qmrestore does not update UUID

    Hello, I recently discovered that 'qmrestore' does not update/change the UUID after a successful restore from a backup image. My experiments involved creating many VMs from the same vzdump image. As far as functionality goes, this may be expected behavior, but it caught me off guard, as some...
  8. [SOLVED] qmrestore doesn't reserve VMID

    Hi, I am using he following version: I have a scenario where multiple VMs can get created from a single image (backup) file in parallel. I use the command "/usr/bin/pvesh get /cluster/nextid" to get the next possible vmid and then start a qmrestore immediately. The problem seems to be...
  9. [SOLVED] howto to uniquely identify a VM

    Hi, Is there a method (like a UUID) which can be associated with a VM to identify it uniquely, besides its VMID. I know that the VMID itself is unique in a cluster, but can I associate meta data (tag?) or something which would indicate the uniqueness of the VM. The scenario I want to guard...
  10. [SOLVED] Using qemu agent from command line

    Hi, For quite some time, I have been experimenting with using the QEMU Agent from the commandline. I have enabled the agent from the web gui and installed the qemu-agent package in my guest. I am getting the results but I am not able to the same in a scripted manner. Here is what I am doing...
  11. [SOLVED] Download previous versions of Proxmox VE

    Hi, Could you provide links to the previous versions of Proxmox VE. Using the latest v 4.3, the default lvm-thin configuration is causing a lot of grief. Instead of deleting the LVM thin and recreating a normal LVM, I want to setup a workflow of installing 4.1 (which I think was the last...
  12. [SOLVED] Attach a raw image as a USB disk to the VM

    Hi, Is there a way from the WebGUI (or via editing the config) to attach/create a usb disk to the VM ? That is, the attached raw image file will show up as a USB device from inside the VM. Regards, Shantanu
  13. Add option to disable ballooning

    Hi, Could you add an option in the WebGUI to explicitly disable ballooning, which would add balloon: 0 in the config file. This is useful when I want to use the virtio-9p filesystem pass-through setting . (virtio-9p fails if ballooning is enabled, which seems to be the default) For now, I am...
  14. spiceproxy remote viewer fails in cluster mode

    Hi, When I login via one host IP and start the SPICE console of a VM on another host, it fails with the error "Unable to connect to the graphic server ..." When I login via the machine where the VM actually resides, it works. Regards, Shantanu
  15. shared virtual disks among different VMs on same host

    Hi, Is it possible to create a shared virtual disk for *data* among VMs to simulate a "shared LUNs" (fiber channel) scenario. Is it possible to do this on a single physical host with just local disk(s) for storage. So, is the following scenario possible? Single machine with a SATA drive of...
  16. Install Proxmox VE 2.0 Final via PXE?

    Hi, Great work on the 2.0 release. Really slick UI and everything!!! Something I really miss and have been eagerly waiting for is to be able to install from a standard PXE server. Any news/update on whether we can install PVE 2.0 Final using a standard PXE server ? Thanks and Regards, Shantanu


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