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  1. VictorSTS

    Kernel segfault on host while using spice display in Linux VM

    Hello, I'm having a serious issue with a couple of Linux VMs (Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop, Linux Mint 20.1). They both have spice display: agent: 1,fstrim_cloned_disks=1 audio0: device=ich9-intel-hda,driver=spice boot: order=scsi0;ide2 cores: 4 cpu...
  2. VictorSTS

    VM stops randomly while connected to it's spice display

    I'm having an issue with a couple of VM's which use Spice display. They are accessed remotely using virt-viewer. The VMs randomly stop if user is connected to it's spice display. It does not stop if user does not connect to it. It may happend a couple times a day or they may work for a week...
  3. VictorSTS

    qm rescan seems to not check CEPH storages

    We had a hardware issue in one 3 node cluster with both local and CEPH storages. We had to move some VMs around both from nodes and from storages. All VMs are running correctly, albeit in just two nodes until we get replacement hardware. Somehow during this procedure (probably forgot to tick...
  4. VictorSTS

    Backup task is hung and unresponsive node

    Hello, I have a 3 node cluster running v7.1-1 (running kernel: 5.13.19-3-pve). Server 03 has a running backup task that: - Cant be stopped from the webUI (button is greyed out). - Cant be killed, not even with "-9" - When trying to view the log nothing is shown and after a few seconds, an...
  5. VictorSTS

    Is it possible to change the default authentication realm on PBS?

    I have been searching the forum but haven't found a reply. I have created a few auditing accounts that will have access to different datastores each. They are all "pbs" accounts. I would like to ease the logon process for the users, so they do not have to change the realm at logon. Is there...
  6. VictorSTS

    Proxmox 7 and Mellanox ConnectX4 and vlan aware bridge

    Hello, I'm setting up a new cluster using Mellanox ConnectX5 and Connect4LX cards. The ConnectX5 have not given me any issue (yet?), but the 4LX do not work that flawlessly. After solving a very slow boot issue related to some old firmware version, now it seems that I won't be able to use...
  7. VictorSTS

    Error creating snapshot: rbd image already exists

    I'm getting an error creating a snapshot named snp01 of VMID 500: rbd: create error: 2021-10-19 14:10:50.941 7fd6304630c0 -1 librbd: rbd image vm-500-state-snp01 already exists I know that "*-state-*" images contain the memory of the VM at the moment of the backup. This VM is stored in Ceph...
  8. VictorSTS

    CEPH storage shown with grey question mark

    Hello, I'm currently migrating a Proxmox Cluster with v4 to Proxmox v6.4 with Ceph. For the migration I moved all VM to one node and formatted and reconfigured the other two servers, so its as if it was a new install. I've setup the cluster ok, then installed Ceph, and created a couple of Ceph...
  9. VictorSTS

    PBS file backup and Windows ACL

    Hello, We are testing file backups using proxmox-backup-client v1.1.5 to a PBS server v1.1-5. When backing up files with Windows ACL from a SAMBA AD server and then restoring them back the ACL is lost. Are Windows ACL supported in PBS? (in the sense of being stored in the backup and restored...
  10. VictorSTS

    NTP service does not start on some nodes

    Hello, We usually setup plain old "ntp" service in our Proxmox nodes and sync time of the VM from them. The configuration is the default that comes with the package. Today I got a couple warnings regarding clock skew on 2 of 3 nodes of a cluster. Checking the time on them, I saw that ntp was...
  11. VictorSTS

    Protected backups

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out if in the current version of PBS is there a way to setup "protected backups". The meaning of "protected" here is that those backups can't be deleted from any Proxmox Server and must be deleted from PBS itself. The idea for this arises from the lifecycle for some...
  12. VictorSTS

    CT backups with CEPH storage

    Hello, Ia have a 3 node cluster of Proxmox 6.1.7 with CEPH 14.2.6. When I create a backup of a CT with mode "Stop" it works correctly. If I create that backup using mode "Snapshot", nearly 90% of the time I get an ERROR: "Cannot stat: Structure needs cleaning". I know that I could set some...


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