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  1. jsterr

    Howto limit pve-realm users to ceph-view only?

    Hello Proxmox Forum, I wanna create a admin account that can edit nodes, vms, etc. but NOT be able to edit / delete / change things on ceph-side like pool-size or starting/stopping of the services etc. Has someone already got a fitting role for this? Thanks Jonas
  2. jsterr

    [SOLVED] Howto remove LUKs encryption from osd?

    This happend on osd creation on pve 7.1.2: create OSD on /dev/nvme0n1 (bluestore) wiping block device /dev/nvme0n1 /dev/nvme0n1: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0x00000200 (gpt): 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54 /dev/nvme0n1: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0x5d268655e00 (gpt): 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54...
  3. jsterr

    Proxmox using eth-naming + alt-names in network interfaces

    Hello Proxmox, im currently facing some systems (that have 2 onboard nics) that get alt-names defined by proxmox system and I dont know why. Usually those systems get enp195s0f0 and enp195s0f1 but for some weired issue (I dont know) they only get those names as alt-names: Any reason why the...
  4. jsterr

    Hash Missmatch on apt update & pvecephinstall

    Hello Proxmox any tips on howto fix this, this happend after internet got lost while downloading packages from repos: E: Failed to fetch Hash Sum mismatch Hashes of expected file: -...
  5. jsterr

    Any tips on balancing osd data usage?

    Hello Proxmox Community :) The usage differs from 52 to 73 % (20%) - is there a way to keep it more balanced? I prev. had a problem that one osd had 95% usage, that caused some serious problems but I was able to fix it - but I want to make sure that it does not happen again. Any tips...
  6. jsterr

    TASK ERROR: failed to get ip for node 'pve01' in network ''

    Hello proxmox, if I start a bulk migration from pve02 to pve01 7 vms migrate without any problem, but one had this error: task started by HA resource agent TASK ERROR: failed to get ip for node 'pve01' in network '' is the ceph ip of the pve01-node. I started...
  7. jsterr

    [SOLVED] Remove HA ressource that is not available anymore

    Hello :) How can I delete this ressource. its not available anymore and I cant delete it from HA-Manager. root@pve2:/etc/pve/ha# cat manager_status...
  8. jsterr

    Problem upgrading 7.0-11 to 7.1

    Hello, this Error happens on a clean 7.0-11cluster setup when upgrading from 7.0-11 to 7.1-4, Strange thing is it only happend on the first node pve1. pve2 and pve3 upgraded without issues. Failed to restart corosync.service: Transaction for corosync.service/restart is destructive...
  9. jsterr

    Does PVE host support secure boot?

    Does PVE host support secure boot? Any information on this?
  10. jsterr

    [SOLVED] 1 pools have many more objects per pg than average

    root@XYZ:~# ceph health HEALTH_WARN 1 pools have many more objects per pg than average 1 pools have many more objects per pg than average pool vm_nvme objects per pg (423) is more than 12.0857 times cluster average (35) This happend after trying recreating the ceph pool with fewer osds...
  11. jsterr

    VM cant start with second nic

    Hello, recently I created a seperate private LAN see here: VM starts only with one nic (vmbr0): root@pve03:~# cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/101.conf agent: 1,fstrim_cloned_disks=1 balloon: 0 bios: ovmf boot...
  12. jsterr

    [SOLVED] Private LAN between servers (3 Node Ceph)

    I want to have a private lan (vmbridge1) that only exists on the hosts and have no additional cabling or dedicated phys. ports. Is this possible? I create vmbridge1 with no slaves on each node, gave it a ip adress. gave some vms a additional nic with vmbridge1 put on some ip-adress on those...
  13. jsterr

    ceph monitoring via check_mk

    Hat jemand eine Idee wie man check_mk beibringt die Ceph Stati entsprechend abzufragen? Habe mir den check_mk docker container mal hochgezogen, die services hinterlegt. Auf den pve-nodes ist der check_mk agent installiert und über API User analog zu...
  14. jsterr

    Proxmox with Ceph reserved RAM

    Hello Proxmox-Forum, does Ceph automatically reserve the needed ram in hci scenarios? So like if all my vms need ram, ceph makes sure it always has enough ram for best performance and all its services? If yes where can I see how much ram for each service is reserved? If not is there kinda way...
  15. jsterr

    entity osd.5 exists but key does not match

    root@pve01:~# pveceph osd create /dev/sdh create OSD on /dev/sdh (bluestore) wipe disk/partition: /dev/sdh 200+0 records in 200+0 records out 209715200 bytes (210 MB, 200 MiB) copied, 0.574679 s, 365 MB/s Running command: /bin/ceph-authtool --gen-print-key Running command: /bin/ceph --cluster...
  16. jsterr

    Proxmox VE + Ceph Monitoring 2021?

    Hi everybody, Can someone tell howto monitor PVE and Ceph in a Cluster so I get notifications when ceph has errors or pve has errors? I tried out InfluxDB + Grafana but building dashboard and using preconfigured one are really bad because you can only monitor graphs and notifcations dont...
  17. jsterr

    How would you deploy 5 Node Ceph over three rooms?

    Is a 4:2 pool setup with 3 rooms correct? room1: server 1 and server 2 room2: server 3 and server 4 room3: server 5 how much mons do I need here, 5? Is this setup correct so I can loose 2 servers anytime at the same time without having downtime?
  18. jsterr

    Reduced data availability: 1 pg inactive, 1 pg stale

    Im having this on my testing-cluster: Reduced data availability: 1 pg inactive, 1 pg stalepg 1.0 is stuck stale for 29h, current state stale+undersized+degraded+peered, last acting [3] How can I get this error removed? I restarted the osd.3 and I also deleted it and set it up again but errors...
  19. jsterr

    Windows Backups auf PBS mounten

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit Backups von Windows-Maschinen direkt auf dem PBS zu mounten, um dann via CLI z.B. spezielle Subfolder oder Dateien wegzukopieren / wegzusichern? Gibts Alternativen wie z.B. VM anstarten direkt auf dem PBS (mit PVE darunter?) und dann wegkopieren der Dateien aus der Live-VM?
  20. jsterr

    Proxmox VE ZFS - rpool (Mirror) creation by uuid?

    Is the Proxmox ZFS setup from installer setup with device uuid or with device-names? Im asking because we wanto switch the physical disk behind sdc with the physical disk behind sda so it fits the same disk-layout two other nodes we have. Currently: sda: slot-0 (hdd) sdb: slot-1 (ssd-1) sdc...


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