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  1. Connection error 595 ... again

    It wasn't the route ... it was ipv6. just adding the ipv6 addresses to (in our case) "ips_proxmox" "ips_proxmox_wan" solved the problem. Thnx for your effort!
  2. Connection error 595 ... again

    Ah I see! thnx!! I will have a look into that and will report back. Best regards
  3. Connection error 595 ... again

    network for host A looks like this: -------------------- auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6 loopback auto <if1> iface <if1> inet manual auto <if2> iface <if2> inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address <hostA_public_address> netmask <hostA_public_netmask>...
  4. Connection error 595 ... again

    So, I'm back and sadly the situation hasn't changed ... I can confirm that it is the firewall settings on the cluster that produces the "Connection refused (595)" error when I switch of the cluster firewall through the guy I can access the other host (error gone) I don't understand how my...
  5. Connection error 595 ... again

    debug settings where set on both nodes but only the cluster.fw was configured. Firewall on the nodes was on, but no individual rule configured. Will be away for a couple of days, but than I need to come back and get this solved. Thnx for having a look on this so far!
  6. Connection error 595 ... again

    Ah, I see, but the host firewall (/etc/pve/nodes/<node_name>/host.fw) takes precedence over the cluster wide settings? (/etc/pve/firewall/cluster.fw) (meaning if I restrict a port in cluster.fw but allow it in host.fw than it will be allowed?) can I put the above mentioned option section...
  7. Connection error 595 ... again

    hostname resolves to the ips_proxmox_wan (the public ip address) I will check iptables again ... it would help though if the firewall would log when configured to do so: cat /etc/pve/nodes/<hostname>/host.fw [OPTIONS] tcpflags: 1 smurf_log_level: info tcp_flags_log_level: info log_level_in...
  8. Connection error 595 ... again

    pveproxy runs on ":::8006" I access the WebGui through the public address "+ips_proxmox_wan" it is forwarded how? from which source to which destination? public_address to public_address? I added +ips_proxmox_wan to "IN ACCEPT" but still got the same error cluster.fw is now...
  9. Connection error 595 ... again

    Well as far as I understand, yes. I can't give our actual ips here, but here's our /etc/pve/firewall/cluster.fw vmbr0 has the public IP vmbr1 has the internal/corosync IP ---------------------------------------------------- [OPTIONS] enable: 1 policy_in: DROP [ALIASES] [IPSET ips_proxmox]...
  10. Connection error 595 ... again

    Hi all, I know this has been discussed before, but I ran into this error too and have an additional question/different set up. I like to run a two node cluster in a hosted environment. Good news: the cluster is running, both nodes are "green" in the webgui, pvecm status looks good etc etc. Both...
  11. [Solved]Error: Connection Error 595: Connection refused

    Is there no way to get this working? As mentioned I have the two systems connected via a crosslink cabel and only the ip address of those interfaces configured as --bindnet0_addr <ip> --ring0_addr <ip>
  12. [Solved]Error: Connection Error 595: Connection refused

    Unfortunately I ran into this error too. I like to run a two node cluster in a hosted environment. Good news: the cluster is running both nodes are "green" in the webgui, pvecm status looks good etc etc both nodes have two interfaces, one facing the public internet, and one connected via a...
  13. pve-firewall no logs even on level debug

    Hi, what's wrong with firewall logging? the pve firewall in my cluster seems to work fine except it shows no logs? I set "/etc/pve/nodes/<nodenmae>/host.fw" to: ---snipp--- [OPTIONS] tcpflags: 1 smurf_log_level: info tcp_flags_log_level: info log_level_in: debug log_level_out: debug...
  14. VNC: Failed to connect...

    Ah okay thnx! And, b.t.w. thnx and respect for this very nice piece of software!
  15. VNC: Failed to connect...

    Hi all, I've set up a small proxmox cluster - installed on top of a debian stretch with apt-get install proxmox-ve ... All fine and smooth. Only hickup is that I can only VNC into the VMs that are running on that machine that I'm connected to on the gui. If I want to connect to a VM running on...
  16. map rbd to multi vm

    indeed! cool! thnx a lot for quick resonse!!
  17. map rbd to multi vm

    Hi all, how can I map one ceph rbd to a bunch of different VMs in proxmox. I would need a shared storage and would like to use ocfs2 for that, once I got the rbd mapped. cephfs from the proxmox host is not an option, neither is glusterfs between the vms nor drbd. TIA!


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