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  1. Does LVM-thin work on Iscsi?

    According to , thin LVM cannot be shared, so I guess you would have to treat the iSCSI volume as local storage.
  2. Shared LVM (thick/thin) on multiple hosts via ISCSI w/o CLVM/HA-LVM

    Hi guys, I've come across some cases where people simply expose LVM across multiple hosts via iSCSI without some form of proper clustering like CLVM or HA-LVM. I was wondering how reliable this would be? We've actually dealt with a paid-for cloud management platform before that sets up LVM as...
  3. Unable to convert cloudlinux VMWare .vmdk files to .raw

    What if you try the conversion on other distros with generic KVM/qemu? If you wish to try it on CentOS 7, I recommend installing qemu-kvm-ev, which comes up a much more up-to-date version of qemu.
  4. Unable to convert cloudlinux VMWare .vmdk files to .raw

    Hi, Not sure if it's related. If 'disk1.vmdk' is a vmdk descriptor file, can you open up the file and see if vmdk version is set to either 1 or 2 instead of 3? If it's version 3, then it doesn't seem to be supported by the qemu 2.12 (not sure about 3.1) yet, so you may have to change the...
  5. Differential backups

    Given a lot of people have been looking forward to achieving live differential/incremental backup for KVM, I'd just like to share some of my fancy ideas here as we're all in the same boat. File-level backup is simply not scalable for us. Due to the fact that there are so many different...
  6. Shared-nothing Architecture with proxmox ?

    Sounds like refurb Dell Optiplex 9010 with Intel AMT could be a cheaper option for you ;), but how to fit them into a 2U rack shelf would be another question. I think the OP intends to do something like hyper-converged infrastructure in Windows 2016/2019 (Hyper-V + S2D without traditional...
  7. Live-converting vmdk to qcow2

    It turns vmdk descriptor file version 3 doesn't play well with qemu, but version 1 and 2 are fine. Although Proxmox can still in-place mount a vmdk descriptor file as v3, live-conversion wouldn't work, and the actual disk size of the flat vmdk file will be incorrectly detected. As per...
  8. FYI, online migration with local disks to different target storage WORKS :-)

    Hi mailinglists, Thanks for sharing. The only limitation I've occurred so far with specifying '--targetstorage' is summarised in the following:
  9. Live-converting vmdk to qcow2

    I've just tested a live conversion on Proxmox 5.3-11 but now it just fails, but in-placing mounting a vmdk descriptor file along with the flat vmdk file still remains fine. More testing is still in progress.
  10. Live-converting vmdk to qcow2

    Hi Kai, Assuming you have vCenter with Storage vMotion support, and the VM (let's call it testvm1) to be converted runs Linux. !!! ALWAYS DO A FULL BACKUP OF EVERYTHING FIRST !!! Disclaimer: All information here is provided on an as-is basis. Use it at your own discretion! My steps are: Set...
  11. [SOLVED] Searching for real HBA for Dellserver

    Not sure if all variants of Dell H310 can be flashed to IT mode though. I don't think it's possible if the H310 is an integrated one instead of a typical PCI-E card.
  12. How and When to use CephFS

    It's true one can make one standalone drive RAID0, but the drive will still contain the RAID metadata, so it's still treated as hardware RAID (but crippled) instead of true IT/passthrough mode. This means getting drive SMART stats is relatively less straight-forward than a drive attached to an...
  13. Live migration between local storage without a cluster

    Hi all, Is it possible to do live migration from one standalone Proxmox host with local storage to another one without joining both to a cluster if the destination host has the same or higher minor version? I know this is possible on generic CentOS 7 with qemu-kvm-ev, but it seems Proxmox...
  14. Roadmap to implement QEMU 3.x?

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe it's time to implement '--with-local-disks' feature in GUI given it's just a flag. I guess I'll respond to and see if this can be introduced.
  15. CephFS storage limitation?

    If the OP simply wants to try out running VMs on CephFS in a test environment, I guess maybe try manually mounting CephFS outside of Proxmox's management on your hypervisors and then make Proxmox treat the mount point as a local directory. I haven't got enough hands-on experience in relation to...
  16. Online migration --with-local-discs failing

    Was this output from the source or destination host?
  17. Roadmap to implement QEMU 3.x?

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for the update. Apologies in advance for going tangent, but please bear with me. We've been testing live migration with local storage on different kinds of KVM platform every now and then in the past 5~6 years, but to honest, we have barely come across any KVM platform that...
  18. Roadmap to implement QEMU 3.x?

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for the update. I'm under the impression QEMU 3.x now has a better implementation for performing live storage migration. We've been looking forward to seeing a more reliable KVM solution that can do live migration with local storage.
  19. Roadmap to implement QEMU 3.x?

    Hi everyone, Given QEMU 3.1 has already been released, is there a roadmap for implementing QEMU 3.x in Proxmox? Cheers.
  20. [SOLVED] Converting a Windows VM from VMware (NFS on NetApp) to ProxMox (Ceph) with minimal downtime

    Hi Rainerle, Sounds like we're in the same boat. We've been thinking doing something similar as per the following: Downtime could be greatly reduced with our draft plan other than uninstalling/installing guest tools, etc...


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