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  1. [SOLVED] Shell access issues

    Issue resolved, ran apt-get dist-upgrade using putty and shell access is now working.
  2. [SOLVED] Shell access issues

    I've recently installed Proxmox 6 and currently unable to access the shell, I can access it using putt though. This is the error I'm getting timed out waiting for client TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/termproxy 5900 --path /nodes/discovery --perm Sys.Console -- /bin/login -f root' failed: exit...
  3. Proxmox drive config

    Apologies for the very late reply. Proxmox VE should have been installed on the NVMe drive. Is there anyway of checking that? The WD drive ewas removed from an old system but Proxmox does appear to be using it What I want to achive is the following NVMe - Run the OS and nothing else...
  4. Proxmox drive config

    I have a small 1 node proxmox setup for playing around with at home and have added a new hard drive, this is the current setup QNAP-VMServer - QNAP NAS data-storage - WD Red hard drive r1-samsungevo860 - 2 Samsung 860 in a ZFS pool. I would like to use the WD Red as a backup drive for the...
  5. Installing Netdata

    I only have one server host but multiple VM's and containers. If netdata is installed on the host will it show details for all the guests. Is it safe to use the auto install script bash <(curl -Ss
  6. Installing Netdata

    im looking at installing Netdata to monitor my small proxmox home lab and wondered where is the best place to install it. Is it best to install in its own VM or can it be installed on the proxmox host?
  7. Unable to access proxmox host

    All sorted. Somehow the firewall was on, connected local keyboard & monitor and was able to switch it off.
  8. Unable to access proxmox host

    Not yet, will be doing this tomorrow. No, SSH & web gui don't work
  9. Unable to access proxmox host

    I have proxmox installed on a system that until today was working fine, I have now lost access to the system. The machine has a static ip of, ping times out for this address and I can't access the web gui either. I now the system is running as I can access the VM i use as a...
  10. Proxmox host lost internet connection

    Firewall is disabled on everything, not got round to configuring them yet Ping to works from PVE & all guests. Found the DNS setting which hadn't changed to the new gateway address, all working now.
  11. Proxmox host lost internet connection

    I had to change my router over the last weekend which meant IP address change for my proxmox machine. This is the network setup from the PVE node This is the interfaces output from root@enterprise:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces # network interface settings; autogenerated # Please do NOT...
  12. Proxmox & Grafana

    Perfect, thanks
  13. Proxmox & Grafana

    I have been setting up Grafana to monitor my proxmox server but have a couple of queries. I have created a CPU usage graph but it's showing the % incorrectly, see screenshot below This is the setup for the stats The stats are going from Proxmox to InfluxDB and then to Grafana Any...
  14. Installing OpenVPN

    That was me being stupid, not sure what I meant either :)
  15. Installing OpenVPN

    Stupid question but which file does that edit need to be in? Also do you have a link to that config or is it in the wiki?
  16. Installing OpenVPN

    Does anyone have a link to an up to date tutorial for installing OpenVPN on proxmox, I’ve found a couple but not been able to get them working. I want to be able to connect to proxmox and the vm’s remotely and for when downloading torrents. Is it best to run as a container or a vm? Also what’s...
  17. Homelab server setup

    Only using a Red as it's from the NAS after upgrading it's drives. Think I'll stick with the drives I e got and see what happens, will take plenty of backups.
  18. Homelab server setup

    I'll be running a number of vm's such as Pihole Local web server for testing Plex server Backup server Observing or similar Plus anything else I throw at it. Just moving to a new role in IT and using this to learn with.
  19. Homelab server setup

    I am in the process of setting up a homelab server and need some advice around which drives to use, I already have the following 1 x 2TB WD Red 1 x 250GB Samsung EVO 860 I was planning on getting a Samsung 970 EVO M.2 drive for the boot device and another 250GB Samsung EVO 860 to use as VM...


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