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  1. tim

    Disk resize problem

    This will go through the normal release cycle and at the end will be available via the enterprise repository. Can't give you an exact date, but in the next weeks probably. Regarding your nfs server, I would debug the stack e.g. network, DNS etc. do some tests with iperf for example, check your...
  2. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Yeah that's because it is not checked if there is actually a file, it just generates the path for that storage. I just wanted to make sure that the path is generated correctly, but this shouldn't happen when not called directly as it is checked at a higher level. I still think that the...
  3. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Ok, can you please check if you can see any error when using the mentioned cli commands. /usr/bin/qemu-img info <path-to-qcow2> pvesm path <volumeid> I know this is a little bit tedious, but this seems to be very inconsistent behavior from what you reported. Please give it a try a few times or...
  4. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Ok, you do all cli commands as root, but the issue appears from the web interface as admtpl. Can you log in as root in the web interface and check if you still have that issue?
  5. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Strange, really. What's the output of: pvesm path <volumeid> volumeid should be: NFS01:117/vm-117-disk-0.qcow2
  6. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Sure thanks, hope you also :) Now things get interesting please check what's the output for the following command: /usr/bin/qemu-img info <path-to-qcow2>
  7. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Ok the size is wrong here, because it should be already the absolut new size and still is 20GB. So it seems the initial idea is still correct, the disk size can't be read, so let's check were this all starts. We'll need to add some more debug info. Same procedure as before, but other file. This...
  8. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Ok, looks good. Yeah that's expected, as we didn't tell proxmox anything about it. Next step would be to add some debug printing to the actual code to see what's happening here, when executed via the management interface. Open the file /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ and locate the "sub...
  9. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Ok great, we are getting closer to the actual problem. Let's do some manual resizing to see what actually cause this. First connect to the problematic VM with ssh. tail -f /var/log/syslog Keep it that way and monitor whats happening while we do the resize. Now on the host: qemu-img info...
  10. tim

    Disk resize problem

    Yes would make sense, but in the case of the resize command the value in the config isn't used. Can you do one more test and try to resize the disk while the VM isn't running.
  11. tim

    Disk resize problem

    The no backup option has really nothing to do with this context. AFAIK this isn't even evaluated when cloning or resizing. You can force a rescan of the storage with: qm rescan --vmid <integer> Sure here are our offerings:
  12. tim

    Spice / remote-viewer / acpi to VM

    This should be configurable from inside the VM for Windows, somewhere in the user rights you can define who is allowed to shutdown remotely.
  13. tim

    Web interface through nginx reverse proxy not showing up

    Please share your configuration, as we can't say really much without checking if the config is correct.
  14. tim

    Corosync in Proxmox zweckentfremden

    Ich würde Ihnen empfehlen, nichts auf dem Host zu installieren was nicht unbedingt notwendig ist und schon gar nicht . Ich verstehe nicht ganz wieso Sie die 3 Nodes nicht einfach zu einem Cluster zusammenfassen? Die Applikation wird doch in einer VM laufen insofern wäre Migration allein schon...
  15. tim

    VM network does not work after migrating to another host OVH - Soyoustart dediated servers

    Please take a look at our admin guide, we have a comprehensive chapter about network setup:
  16. tim

    Lost VMs after join to new cluster

    I'm really not sure what you did from your description. What did happend exactly please explain step by step. The output just shows your version and that you used zfs as storage.
  17. tim

    we config mtu no active

    Please take a look on general debian network configuration, there is an example on how to set an mtu which should point you in the right direction.
  18. tim

    Windows 10 VM Ballooning -> almost 100% Ram usage

    which version of virtio drivers are you using


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