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  1. datschlatscher

    No login possible after clustering nodes

    Are both outputs from node1? The output of both commands from node2 could also be useful here. It is a bit weird though, now that I read it again. 1. In the very beginning when you issued pvecm delnode for the first time, the node should have been removed from the corosync config already. 2. As...
  2. datschlatscher

    No login possible after clustering nodes

    It seems what you have already done, removing the second node from your cluster and resetting all corosync configurations there. (And perhaps adding it again after that) It sounds like there is still a remnant configurations folder for the other node on each node. However, to make sure please...
  3. datschlatscher

    Proxmox VE uses token based authentication not support option skiplock(Only root may use)

    As you already included in your post, the skiplock parameter is limited to be only used by the root user. In the backend, this is a very hard check against "root@pam". A root user token will never pass this check as the token name is appended to the username. Therefore, this behaviour is...
  4. datschlatscher

    shutting down proxmox from VM

    /usr/sbin/shutdown is probably what you are looking for. You typed /etc/ ;) This just makes it possible for the user to issue the command without having to authenticate with the password. Before you can do any of that, you have to connect to the machine, e.g. via SSH. SSH creates a connection...
  5. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] HELP Web Interface OFFLINE due PCI VM NETWORK CONTROLLER on auto-startup!

    Your NIC is passed through to the VM every time on boot. Therefore, making it unavailable for your Proxmox node. With no network, you also cannot connect via SSH. I'm afraid I worded my answer above a bit confusingly. But you do not connect over SSH, you will need to find an offline way of...
  6. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] HELP Web Interface OFFLINE due PCI VM NETWORK CONTROLLER on auto-startup!

    Depending on your setup you just have to find a way to access it without the web interface/SSH and change the VM config file in /etc/pve/qemu-server/<vmid>.conf In that file either turn off start-on-boot by removing the entry `onboot: 1` or remove the line adding the PCI device which should...
  7. datschlatscher

    shutting down proxmox from VM

    If you want to go the route of sending an API request from your Windows machine to your Proxmox node, you should be able to do so in a rather straightforward manner with the Powershell built-in Invoke-RestMethod...
  8. datschlatscher


    This could be a networking problem. Please try to ping node 1 from node 2, and then ping node 2 from node 1. Can you access both webinterfaces? The output of cat /etc/pve/corosync.conf and pvecm status could give an insight here. Apart from that, posting the journal would be the most helpful...
  9. datschlatscher

    Accessibly installing with the Bare-Metal ISO

    For now, installing Debian and setting PVE up on top of that is probably the best route for now. I am not sure what you mean by "special requirements" though. Installing from the installer or via Debian and setting up Proxmox on top of that shouldn't differ all that much in terms of system...
  10. datschlatscher

    VMs sorted neither by ID nor by name. I there a way to sort them by ID at least?

    Templates and storages also have their own group. It depends on what your definition of "easy" is and what you want to rename. Renaming the "Name" is as easy as double-clicking the "Name" text field in the VM Options. Renaming the ID is not as easily possible as typing it in a text field...
  11. datschlatscher


    Alright, you posted in the Proxmox Mail Gateway subforum. Though it sounds like you are actually using the PVE (Proxmox Virtual Environment). Please post the output of the storage config with the command cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg of both of your nodes. The journal could give some more...
  12. datschlatscher


    Please post some more information where exactly you encountered this error and what steps you took (differently from node 1 - if you are aware of any) to end up with this problem. Posting the your output of pmgversion -v can also be helpful in this regard.
  13. datschlatscher

    unable to login to webui with 2 node cluster

    You wouldn't really do so in cluster. But rather reconfigure/disband the cluster. The admin guide has a chapter on removing a node, please take your time to carefully read it to be aware of the risks involved. Because clustering comes with a multitude of other features which are not dependent...
  14. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] VM stops at night, dont know way?

    It seems your problem comes down to using ZFS. ZFS reserves 50% of the system memory by default for use in the ARC (Active Replacement Cache). However, the ARC might not release memory quickly enough if the system is at maximum capacity, leading to the VMs to sometimes being killed by the OOM...
  15. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] VM stops at night, dont know way?

    Alright, it seems something else is hogging quite a lot of RAM then. You can look at what processes are using what resources in a very tidy way with e.g. htop. That program also allows you to sort by column, in this case memory. This should clear up what is taking up so much RAM when your...
  16. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] VM stops at night, dont know way?

    I skimmed through your syslog and it looks like the OOM (Out of memory) killer stops your VM because your host reaches critically low levels of free RAM. As can be seen in the syslog entries around half past 1 am. Jun 22 01:31:33 BRGKDC1 kernel...
  17. datschlatscher

    Does Turbo Boost help much?

    After skimming some more threads online (e.g. this one) and the Overview Information for Intel® Turbo Boost Technology a performance increase will only happen if your system isn't utilized at capacity anyway, as TurboBoost simply tries to use unused resources. E.g. it will increase the clock...
  18. datschlatscher

    Is there a ternary conditional operator in Python?

    Please keep discussions relevant to Proxmox (Especially if they don't really relate to the Proxmox Mail Gateway at all ;)) And yes, there is such an operator. The first result for "ternary conditional operator in Python" on Google provides a great summary and explanation!
  19. datschlatscher

    Does Turbo Boost help much?

    The performance for a VMs vCPUs mostly comes down to how Qemu/KVM handles that. When you assign a virtual CPU to a VM it is not automatically assigned to a physical CPU core (though KVM implements this via core-pinning) but rather the process gets the appropriate resources given via the Linux...
  20. datschlatscher

    Netzwerkkarte nicht gefunden geht nur mit PC-Q35-6.0

    Ich habe das hauptsälich im raschen Vorbeilesen wahrgenommen, aber soweit ich das jetzt noch nachvollziehen kann geht es dabei vorwiegend um so Fehler wie den "Error 43" beim GPU Passthrough. Konnte mich aber bisher nur tangentiell mit dem Thema hier im Speziellen auseinandersetzen. Kurz...


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