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  1. symmcom

    How fast is your backup datastore? Benchmark tool

    Strange that this benchmark result shows so low given the specs. Perhaps because of the drives. CPU: Xeon E5520 Dual Socket 16 Cores RAM: 48GB RAM HDD: 10x2TB 3.5" Seagate Barracuda in ZFS Raid-Z3 NIC: 2x10Gbps SFP+ Uploaded 94 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 54014 microseconds. TLS...
  2. symmcom

    Server sizing and speed

    First thing to do is to run benchmark on the PBS server and see how fast your server actually is. The output should give you some indication. # proxmox-backup-client benchmark
  3. symmcom

    Ceph tell can't find the command I'm searching

    Try this, ceph tell osd.* injectargs '--osd-max-backfills 2'
  4. symmcom


    Your title says VDI but you are intending automated access into VMs. So without knowing the details, I am assuming you are trying to give user console access to a VMs using VNC/RDP/SSH of Guacamole. I will highly highly recommend against it as will many others. Regardless of the need, you want...
  5. symmcom

    Backup storage option if solely used CEPH with Proxmox

    I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for keep working on it. Greatly appreciated.
  6. symmcom

    Backup storage option if solely used CEPH with Proxmox

    I actually abandoned backy2 many months ago. It just not a good fit for a large environment in my opinion. It is powerful in it's own right no doubt but few mechanics of backy2 just hard to deal with. After finding out how simple and effective eve4pe-barc was to backup/restore Ceph disk images I...
  7. symmcom

    Prevent rewriting Ceph config file

    Is there a way to prevent Proxmox from rewriting ceph.conf? I have added some radosgw configs. If I happen to add/remove MON/MDS or in some case restart any ceph service, Proxmox seems to remove all radosgw manual config. It only keeps what is being managed through GUI. Such as MON, MDS.
  8. symmcom

    [SOLVED] How to replace 500GB HDD (CEph, OSD RBD) with 1TB one ? (safely!)

    It is probably too late for a reply, but in case someone else looking for info. As far as I know, this is the safest way to upgrade without impacting cluster performance to a point it becomes unusable during re-balancing. You can speed up recovery greatly with tweaks such as increasing Backfill...
  9. symmcom

    Proxmox VE 6 with CloudLinux KernelCare

    Hello Proxmox Community, Anybody using KernelCare from CloudLinux with Proxmox VE 6 or recommend it?
  10. symmcom

    [SOLVED] How to replace 500GB HDD (CEph, OSD RBD) with 1TB one ? (safely!)

    To replace older drives with newer ones in a Ceph cluster, add the new one, wait for the rebalancing to finish. Then stop and out the old drive. Wait for the rebalancing to finish and remove the drive. Repeat till all the drives have been replaced. This is a fairly common scenario. As for...
  11. symmcom

    Replacing system drive in Ceph node

    This is what I use when reinstalling OS drive on Ceph nodes and OSDs are not automatically recognized. This is an OSD by OSD process so take your time to avoid any mistake and lose any OSDs: 1. Reinstall Proxmox as usual. 2. Find out which OSD does the drive /dev/sdX belongs to. For example...
  12. symmcom

    [SOLVED] SWAP behavior on Proxmox 6

    I went ahead with Zram as well. The host itself got plenty of RAM. But some LXC running inside is limited to allocated memory which may not need to swap time to time. I used the following procedure: 1. Load zram module $ modprobe zram 2. Make the module autoload during reboot by adding zram in...
  13. symmcom

    Proxmox/Ceph Cluster HW Recommendation

    If you are putting those Ceph nodes on 40g SFP+ for Sync cluster then you will be fine. Otherwise you are going to saturate your 10g network with 24 SSDs per node during rebalancing. This chassis comes with dual 10g so I am assuming you are going to have 2 separate networks for Ceph Public and...
  14. symmcom

    [SOLVED] SWAP behavior on Proxmox 6

    That is it. Rechecking the nodes, all the ceph pmx node OSs are on single enterprise HDD. The pmx nodes in question OSs are on mirror ZFS SSD. All these nodes were cleanly installed with Proxmox 5.4 and now upgraded to 6. Any node with ZFS mirror SSD the swap is missing. It looks like I never...
  15. symmcom

    [SOLVED] SWAP behavior on Proxmox 6

    I am aware of the swaippness parameters. I have been using vm.swappiness=0 for all nodes. What I am asking, is there a way to have LXCs use shared storage as swap device and not the host swap space.
  16. symmcom

    [SOLVED] SWAP behavior on Proxmox 6

    I can add them again, but it happened to all 9 nodes. So I was wandering if it was done intentionally by Proxmox because it is better to disable SWAP on host. I personally prefer to keep it off so Proxmox does not constantly write to the SSD OS drive. But I also want LXCs to have SWAP.
  17. symmcom

    Recommended ZFS pool setup?

    My personal recommendation is Mirror for Proxmox OS drives and Z1 for the VMs. This keeps the OS drives separate from everything. Much easier to work with. I personally do not prefer Z1 at all since it only gives 1 drive failure redundancy. But it is understandable in your case due to lack of...
  18. symmcom

    [SOLVED] SWAP behavior on Proxmox 6

    Hello, Has SWAP behavior changed on Proxmox 6? I have noticed that after the upgrade the swap mention has been automatically removed from /etc/fstab. The GUI shows Swap usage N/A for the host. Also LXCs are not swapping any more since the host itself has no swap space allocated. I can fully...
  19. symmcom

    Backscatter IP Blacklist due to NDRs

    Hello, The PMG is trying to send out lots of Bounce reports to bogus destination we are receiving SPAM emails from. This is putting our IP address into Backscatter IP Blacklist and causing some issue when users are trying to send out emails. Some destination servers rejecting emails coming out...
  20. symmcom

    Praises To Proxmox Dev Team

    I have been looking at Proxmox GUI on mobile since it was introduced several years ago. I must say I am very impressed where it is today! Although there are some rooms for improvement, it has been greatly enhanced. I was also really glad to see the console works great now on mobile. I wanted...


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