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  1. datastore within datastore or directory within datastore

    Hello, I am wondering if we can have a datastore within another datastore, or a directory with a datastore? because I want to have a structure like below: Backups: SRV-NAME1 VM1 VM2 VMx SRV-NAME2 VM1 VM2 VMx Thanks,
  2. Proxmox HA (Different Locations)

    Hello all, I am thinking of HA within two different locations, I read some discussions on the forum, this is clear the nodes should communicate with each other, a very good connection, etc. are needed. some said is not HA it's HF High Failure :) or not recommended. If this is not recommended...
  3. Moving local VMs to a dedicated server

    Hello all, I am planning to move my local VMs within PVE to a dedicated server on PVE that is hosted on the cloud/OVH. What will be the quickest / safest way of doing it? Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend a head. KAMALA
  4. [SOLVED] NAT and Port Forwarding

    Hello All, I am testing a dedicated server hosted with on PVE, could you please confirm if my configuration are correct? The reason I am asking your help is because with this configuration I have a Pfsense VM but not able to go outside/internet and can't access it's web interface...
  5. Migration of VMs from HyperV to ProxMox

    Hello, I migrated Pfsense VM from HyperV to PVE, The VM is running normally and all looks good. It's used as a VPN but when I am connected to the VPN I can't access the server which is hosting the VM (Pfsense) Could you please help me on that? Thank you very much for your help as usual and...
  6. [SOLVED] Backup Process not ending! and restoration history?

    Hello all, Hope you are all doing well, could you please let me know what to do with this particular case where a backup is not finished, still processing since over two weeks?? see below the screenshot. Las week I faced a problem with one of my already backed up VMs. So I want to check if...
  7. [SOLVED] Backup PBS backups to Cloud

    Hello there, Hope you all are doing well, I am wondering if anyone of you used a cloud solution to backup the backed up VMs from PBS to an external backup solution? Thanks in advance for your help as usual. Best regards, KAMALA
  8. WDS/MDT

    Hello all, I have migrated my WDS/MDT server from hyper-v to pve, at this point I wanted to test if all works as expected. When the VM boots it gets a correct IP address from DHCP but this is the error I got! Thanks for your help as usual :) regards, KAMALA
  9. [SOLVED] VM Disk location (Can't find the VM disk)

    Good morning all, I am trying to covert some VM disks, when I go to → /var/lib/vz/images as we can see in the below screenshot it shows empty! the only place that I can see my disks is under this path → /dev/zvol/hddpool could please tell me where can I find the VM disks? because I am not...
  10. Setup Backup Possibilities / Configurations

    Hello All, Is it possible to setup two different backup plans for a VM? as we can see below is my configuration Because my local backup-pool is small compare to the current VM size I just want to back the OS into it locally with only two disks. and another backup to the Synology NAS including...
  11. [SOLVED] Bond Configuration

    Hello, Is it possible to create a bond# by including already used eno# and keeping my current configurations! like what you can in the bellow phot? Thanks KAMALA
  12. [SOLVED] Restoring Process → From BPS

    Hello, Since I am in the process of testing PBS trying to know how it works, I went throng the documentation seted the GC/Garbage Collection to → Daily and Prune Schedule Once a Week on Sat at → 18:15. I want to keep my last 7 Copies as well. AND BACKINGUP everyday at 00:00. All is clear to...
  13. [SOLVED] Creating the Datastore is not Working - EPERM Operation not permitted

    Hello, Could you please help me why am I getting this error and how it can be fixed? For more information, what I did was, first I tried to create a test datastore to see if it works? which it did. then I deleted the test and since then I am not able to re create one. Thanks for your help.
  14. [SOLVED] Adding Synolog NAS to PBS as Backup Storage

    Hello All, Is it possible to add Synology NAS to a Virtualized PBS ? if yes how can we do that ? Thanking you in advance for any help that you could as usual :). Bests, Yaseen KAMALA
  15. [SOLVED] Proxmox Backup Server vs Normal Backup within Proxmox

    Hello All, I was wondering to know beside that PBS will allow us to centralize our backups and reducing workload. in term of functionalities are we getting any extra features that we can't have with normal backups that we already have within ProxMox. Secondly I read some discussions on the...
  16. [SOLVED] Updating ProxMox 5.4-15 Error!

    Dear All, Hope you all are doing great! In fact I am tiring to update my proxmox 5.4-14 but but this what I have within /etc/apt/sources.list: and commented out the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ when I try to execute apt dist-update: Could you please help me how to fix and update...
  17. Restauration fails!

    Hello everyone, Could you please help me! I have a back up of a VM when I try to restore its original hypervisor it works fully fine but not to another proxmox hypervisor I get this error message: restore vma archive: lzop -d -c...
  18. [SOLVED] Partition Resizing!

    Dear All, We are trying to increase a partition size from 2T to 4T could you please help me how this can be done correctly. below is the a screenshot of what we are going to extend. Thanking you in advance for any help. Best regards, Yaseen
  19. [SOLVED] Networking Configuration!

    Dear All, Currently I am facing a problem on a proxmox hypervisor node. I don't have access to the web interface using the IP address mentioned in the welcome message followed by the port number 8006. I even don't have PING. I checked the configuration within /etc/network/interfaces, it is the...
  20. [SOLVED] Can't See ZFS Pools

    Hello dears, Hope all of you are doing great. I need your help please. We have a ProxMox Hyper-V today I added a new NVME pool with with 2 M.2 SATA SSD of 2 TB on RAID 0 used the below line of command since we do not have RAID0 in GUI: zpool create -f -o ashift=12 nvmepool sda sdb All went...


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