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  1. symmcom

    Prevent rewriting Ceph config file

    Is there a way to prevent Proxmox from rewriting ceph.conf? I have added some radosgw configs. If I happen to add/remove MON/MDS or in some case restart any ceph service, Proxmox seems to remove all radosgw manual config. It only keeps what is being managed through GUI. Such as MON, MDS.
  2. symmcom

    Proxmox VE 6 with CloudLinux KernelCare

    Hello Proxmox Community, Anybody using KernelCare from CloudLinux with Proxmox VE 6 or recommend it?
  3. symmcom

    [SOLVED] SWAP behavior on Proxmox 6

    Hello, Has SWAP behavior changed on Proxmox 6? I have noticed that after the upgrade the swap mention has been automatically removed from /etc/fstab. The GUI shows Swap usage N/A for the host. Also LXCs are not swapping any more since the host itself has no swap space allocated. I can fully...
  4. symmcom

    Backscatter IP Blacklist due to NDRs

    Hello, The PMG is trying to send out lots of Bounce reports to bogus destination we are receiving SPAM emails from. This is putting our IP address into Backscatter IP Blacklist and causing some issue when users are trying to send out emails. Some destination servers rejecting emails coming out...
  5. symmcom

    Praises To Proxmox Dev Team

    I have been looking at Proxmox GUI on mobile since it was introduced several years ago. I must say I am very impressed where it is today! Although there are some rooms for improvement, it has been greatly enhanced. I was also really glad to see the console works great now on mobile. I wanted...
  6. symmcom

    Very Large Proxmox cluster possibility

    I understand Proxmox is tested in a 16 node cluster lab. Although there are no hard coded limit, Redhat and Suse limits to 32 nodes for technical support perspective. My question is it possible to scale say 80 nodes in a cluster without breaking something. Let's say I want to deploy a Ceph...
  7. symmcom

    [SOLVED] Enable KRBD on non-KRBD Ceph Pool

    I do not have a test Ceph cluster to test this with, so wondering if anybody got some info. I have always used 2 ceph pools for KVM and LXC disk images. On LXC Ceph pool I had KRBD enabled while the pool for KVM disk images had KRBD disabled. My question is, can I enable KRBD on the non-KRDB...
  8. symmcom

    Prevent Password less access into LXC using pct command

    Hello, Is there a way to prevent passwordless access into an LXC from hypervisor? Currently, anyone accessing Pmx console can simply use pct command and enter any LXC in the node without needing any credentials at all.
  9. symmcom

    Mailgateway Virus Scanner Not Effective

    Unless I am doing something wrong or things need reconfiguring, I do not think the ClamAV in mailgateway working properly. I sent some EICAR test to our email server and only 1 out of 7 'virus' email got blocked. Repeated test showing the same result. The Action is to remove all attachment which...
  10. symmcom

    [SOLVED] Sending SPAM report every hour

    I am trying to send out the SPAM report every hour instead of just once a day as it has now become absolutely critical. I tried to add the following in the crontab: 0 8-18 * * 1-5 root /usr/bin/pmgqm send But no reports going out. Any tips?
  11. symmcom

    Fingerprint not verified error when joining node to cluster

    Hello, I have a PMG cluster where I have one Master. It is up and running. But when trying to join a 2nd node to the cluster i keep getting the following error: fingerprint 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX' not verified, abort! The fingerprint belongs to this node 2. Anything I can check to solve...
  12. symmcom

    [SOLVED] pveceph createosd not creating any OSD

    Hello, Having a new issue never had before. I am using the following the command to create an OSD in a newly deployed Ceph cluster. The command finishes successfully but there is no OSD created or even assigned any number to OSD. The OSD directory under /var/lib/ceph is empty: #pveceph...
  13. symmcom

    SPAM Report to Admin only

    Hello, Is it possible to send Daily SPAM report to the Admin only and not to all users? Most users in one of the environment are too computer illiterate to know what action to take such as Black/white list etc. I would like the SPAM reports for one particular domain to go to only...
  14. symmcom

    PMX Mailgateway Active-Active setup

    Hello, This is not an issue but more of a clarification. If I use PMX MG in active-active setup so all emails come through both gateway1 and gateway2, will I have to log in to them separately to check email queue/tracking centre etc.? Or login into one gateway will show all info in MG...
  15. symmcom

    Large volume of non existent dictionary based email recipient

    Hello, I have a domain and the email format is Email transmissions are working fine no issue there. But we are seeing a very large number of emails hitting the gateway for which the actual email address does not exist. We are receiving about 4000 emails...
  16. symmcom

    [SOLVED] Outgoing Relay from external mail server not working

    Hello, My Proxmox Mailgateway serves 3 email domains,,, Domain1 and domain2 are in the same subnet as mailgateway and all are working. The 3rd is on another location. I am trying to setup domain3 to use PMX Mailgateway on location 1 as smarthost...
  17. symmcom

    Sender address rejected for notification emails from mail gateway host

    Hello, I am using PMX MG for both incoming and outgoing emails. Emails are flowing fine, except the Deferred Mail list is full of items saying Sender address rejected: Domain not found (in reply to RCPT TO command) The error msg is only for all notification emails the gateway is trying to...
  18. symmcom

    My impression of PMX MailGateway, simply WOWed!

    This is not an issue posting. But my first impression of Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.0. I am WOWed by it! I tried to use PMX MG 4 years ago. But the licensing, complexity of raising a cluster was not the cup of tea I was willing to drink. I have not kept up with the development of MG. But recently...
  19. symmcom

    Almost a year Proxmox node!

    One of our Proxmox node has been running for 333 days without a reboot! Getting to a point where a reboot becoming increasingly necessary. But trying best to hit 365 days mark! :) Just wanted to share with community.
  20. symmcom

    Kudos to Proxmox Dev for Ceph/Cluster GUI

    Its not whole lot but I am super excited to see Ceph GUI in Proxmox GUI. Completely replaces the need to have 3rd party dashboard such as Ceph-Dash which i have been using for a while now to visually monitor several Ceph clusters. Really great work Proxmox!


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