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  1. TwiX

    Backup MySQL VM with PBS

    Hi, I noticed that during a PBS backup of a large MySQL VM (with guest agent installed), Mysql is not able to perform requests (select, update, insert)... I thought that the FS lock triggered by qemu-ga guest-fsfreeze takes only few seconds in order to have a consistent FS. Is it the normal...
  2. TwiX

    ZFS Datastore - Fragmentation with SSD ?

    Hi, I have recently replaced all my HDD for 10 SSD for my ZFS Datastore. This is now extremely fast specially verify jobs (even if we can discuss the interest of verifying snapshots on a ZFS pool). The weird thing is that PBS reports fragmentation on the related pool : AFAIK, on a SSD...
  3. TwiX

    [SOLVED] new v2 TOTP recording

    Hi, Seems that latest pve7.1 changes the way we record totp on /etc/pve/priv/tfa.cfg. I have a problem with that because the 'Secret' is now showed V2 : V1: V2 method allows root to know all secrets keys for all users. Some of them use the same TOTP secret for several services...
  4. TwiX

    LXC - Virtualize PVE inside PVE

    Hi, We usually make KVM VMs. But for history reasons we still have some old containers. Openvz containers which were migrated to lxc since PVE4. Now with pve7 some LXCs refuse to start properly (mainly due to old systemd < 232). Also, LXC live migration is impossible. So I'm wondering if...
  5. TwiX

    PVE7 - corosync upgrade rebooted all nodes !

    Hi, I tried to upgrade a 6 nodes pve7 cluster yesterday. We use Ceph and HA for all VMs. I was able to upgrade 4 nodes without issue. But on the fifth node, I lost the whole cluster. All nodes rebooted ! Syslogs for nodes 22 to 27 : update ok for nodes 22,23,24 and 27 upgrade of node 25...
  6. TwiX

    Kernel failure - PVE 7

    Hi, Yesterday an updated PVE7 node crashed - Dell R440 - Xeon(R) Silver 4210 CPU @ 2.20GHz (2 Sockets) with 256 GB RAM The weird thing is that network was still OK - and corosync said that all 6 nodes are reachable. the GUI showed involved node grayed - its Vms continue to respond to ping...
  7. TwiX

    Recreate all cluster / node by node

    Hi, I recently upgraded a 6 nodes Ceph PVE cluster 6.4 to 7 We discovered higher CPU usage, performance issues. I want to recreate all cluster. What I plan to do for each node : - Migrate all VM to another node - Stop all OSD and then remove them from config - shutdown the node. - remove...
  8. TwiX

    LAMP VMs - PVE7 - Kernel 5.11

    Hi, I recently upgraded a 6 nodes PVE cluster to PVE7 cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu2/cpufreq/scaling_governor performance Users report me some issues (lag, freezed browsers for 1 min) for several LAMP VMs... Everything seems to be ok inside the VMs including pve nodes ressources... I'm...
  9. TwiX

    Verify jobs - ZFS

    Hi, Is doing 'Verify Jobs' makes sense on a fully ZFS datastore ? Thanks in advance !
  10. TwiX

    Upgrading switch stack - Ceph & HA

    Hi, I plan to upgrade a switch stack (2 switches) which means a downtime of 5 min (or more) I guess. 6 PVE Ceph nodes are connected to this stack, with nearly 80 KVM VMs in HA. Even with shutting down all VM for 10 min, I think that PVE nodes would reboot, and I don't what could be the...
  11. TwiX

    Strange behavior with kernel > 5.4.73

    Hi, I recently noticed that my debian 10 VMs reports high disk usage (80-100%) with atop. Here are some screenshots for the same vm (completely idle) ran by several pve kernels Kernel 5.4.114 Kernel 5.4.106 Kernel 5.4.73 any ideas ? Running some basics 'dd' tests writes inside the vm...
  12. TwiX

    Qemu-guest-agent and snapshots

    Hi, On a relatively updated PVE node, I do some PBS backups. Backups are made with snapshot mode and qemu-guest-agent is installed on all VMs (Qemu Guest Agent is enabled indeed). I noticed yesterday that during the backup, I have lot of iowaits on the VM. Backup started @8:41 and ended...
  13. TwiX

    PVE Firewall - Datacenter rules

    Hi I have the following rules applied at datacenter level : Everything is working as expected for Hosts nodes But not for a VM (by now only hosts nodes are protected by PVE FW) When one of my zabbix proxies tries to ping the VM, it is rejected as you can see in the logs Why...
  14. TwiX

    List proxmox VM/CTs for cluster with IP addresses

    Hi, Is there a way to get a list of all VM/CTs for a cluster including IP addresses ? qm list / pct list do not provide IPs I guess. Thanks !
  15. TwiX

    Removing CephFS mount

    Hi, I've recently moved all my backups jobs to a dedicated PBS platform. Thus, I removed CephFS on all involved nodes. However, I noticed that CephFS mount on /mnt/pve is still there even after rebooting the node. When browsing/mnt/pve/ the bash shell crashes... Is it normal to leave CephFS...
  16. TwiX

    Verify jobs

    Hi, I guess a 'OK' verified snapshot, is not the garanty that restoring this snapshot will be OK ?
  17. TwiX

    existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared

    Hi, I don't know why but since upgrade to v 6.3-2 (with ceph octopus), day after day all my backups are no longer using dirty-bitmaps. (PBS v1.0-5) On all logs I have : existing bitmap was invalid and has been cleared. What could be done in order to check what is going on ? PVE proxmox-ve...
  18. TwiX

    Verify jobs with encryption

    Hi, How verify jobs are able to verify encrypted backups ? The way I understand is that the server is not able to check due to encryption. Thanks !
  19. TwiX

    Backups / multi PBS / replications

    Hi, Here is the scenario : PVE node has 2 PBS configured PVE node always backup on PBS1 PBS2 pull all PBS1's datastore via Syncjobs ---- For any reason, if PBS1 is not available, backup to PBS2 fails
  20. TwiX

    PBS and freenas

    Hi, Is there a way to make PBS work with Freenas in order to have all functionalities you provide via ZFS but on a remote (ZFS compliant) NAS ? Thanks !


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