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  1. webui autologout after < 5 mins

    I'm noticing on some of my pve hosts, my web ui login sessions expire after less than 5 mins. This may have happened on prior versions as well, but I noticed this only after upgrading to 7.2 from 7.1. I've seen some older threads with a similar issue where folks were suggesting time sync issues...
  2. Read-only permissions

    What role/permission should I use if I just need to issue 'get' API commands.
  3. node with existing VMs joining cluster.

    Is this possible?
  4. VMID range

    Is there a way to restrict the VMIDs to a certain range(s)?
  5. Remove node from cluster

    How do I remove a node from a cluster?
  6. Migrate VM to different host

    How can I migrate a VM to another Proxmox host that is not in the same cluster?
  7. VM shutdown on host shutdown.

    Does proxmox initiate a proper guest shutdown in the VM when shuting down the host?
  8. delete cd drive

    how do i delete the CD drive via pvesh?
  9. rpcbind, spiceproxy

    is it safe to disable rpcbind (tcp 111) and spiceproxy (tcp 3128)?
  10. scripted qemu ipxe

    can i run a script in qemu's ipxe via the proxmox api? trying to have it execute the following: set net0/ip set net0/netmask set net0/gateway set net0/dns ifopen net0 kernel initrd=initrd.gz initrd...
  11. Modify vnic via API.

    How can I modify the properties vnic of a VM with /nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/config while preserving existing properties? eg. i have a vm nic with: virtio=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,bridge=vmbr0,mtu=9000 and i like to disable the vnic with link_down=1, how can i do this without having to read / parse the...
  12. Concurrent cloning of VM?

    is it possible to clone a VM via concurrent requests? I'm getting 500 can't lock file '/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-100.conf' - got timeout when I try.
  13. proxmox API : disable interface from autostarting

    i'm trying to create a bonded interface with the proxmox api. eg. pvesh create nodes/NODE/network --iface=bond0 --type=bond --bond_mode=802.3ad --bond_xmit_hash_policy=layer2+3 --autostart=1 --slaves='eno1 eno2'. this creates... auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual bond-slaves eno1...
  14. Rest API Delete VM

    does the DELETE nodes/NODe/qemu/VMID function run asynchronously? after executing that api call, i was still able to see the VMID when I execute GET nodes/NODE/qemu.
  15. API equivalent of qm guest exec

    what's the api of pvesh equivalent of qm guest exec? eg. qm guest exec 100 '/bin/ls' -- '-ald' '/tmp' i tried pvesh create /nodes/xxx/qemu/100/agent/exec -command 'ls -ald /tmp', but it's giving me an error: Wide character in die at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 869. also, i...
  16. /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

    What are the SSH keys generated by proxmox used for? Is it safe for my config management scripts to overwrite this file with a custom one?
  17. qemu lock files

    is it normal for lock files to remain in /run/lock/qemu-server/ even when no VMs are running?
  18. pvesh return code

    Does pvesh always return 255 on a get request when it can't find an object? eg. pvesh get /access/users/johndoe status=$? # <- always 255 if not found? would my script break on updates/upgrades if i depend on 255 being returned?
  19. Disable WebUI subscription nag message

    is it possible to disable that subscription message when logging into the webui on the free version?
  20. LDAP sync

    how do i filter ldap user sync by ldap group and assign those accounts to a proxmox group? i have the following set: User Filter: memberOf=cn=MyProxmoxUsers,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com but it's not working. without the filter, i'm able to list all the users, so i can confirm ldap sync is...


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