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  1. Install onto MacBook Pro (Late 2011)

    I have a (late 2011) MacBook Pro that I was thinking of running PVE on natively on. I'd run PVE guests of MacOS X, Windows and Linux, as a lightweight alternative to running VMware / Virtualbox. How easily does PVE install onto a real MacBook? Which instructions would I follow? How functional...
  2. Terraform provider? is a hypervisor-agnostic way of specifying a set of virtual machines, the networking between them and associated services (such as DNS). It has broad support for many clouds (AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure) and in-house (VMWare, OpenStack) computing resources, together with a...
  3. Bugzilla vs. Github or JIRA

    Bugzilla is seriously behind the times. If you want people to contribute to this open source project, how about opening issue trackers on the github project? Better still, install the Atlassian suite (JIRA, Stash, etc). As an open source project Proxmox VE would get it for free. M.
  4. See Pool, Server Notes, IP in the main listing

    Like I assigned other attributes (Pool, Server Note) to the main listing. I want to be able to see those attributes, and perhaps hide other things to give me other views. For example, as a non-technical user (e.g. the...
  5. See IP addresses in the main listing

    Most of my nodes each have one IP address. I know I can navigate: 1. Datacenter -> proxmox node -> nnn. (name) 2. Network tab -> read the IP address/name But! I'd really like if there was a view in which all nodes and IP addresses were visible from the GUI. Possible? Thanks, Martin.
  6. Webhook for UI Console events?

    Hi, I want to get notification of the console tasks (e.g. CT 125 - Stop) into an external system (HipChat). How might I do that? gets no hits. Thanks, Martin.
  7. Show Notes on Dashboard?

    Hi, Is there a way to show additional attributes of my nodes? In particular I would like to show the Notes field, as presently shown on the Summary page. Thanks, M.
  8. Linux Containers LxC, OpenVZ, Docker and more

    Interesting article: Worthy of discussion?
  9. Hashicorp Atlas Supports OpenStack, ESXi and others. Presumably needs a driver
  10. Wikipedia Entry (English)

    I submitted a draft
  11. Why can't this container mount an NFS share?

    I am trying to mount a NFS share using a container. # modprobe nfs libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod.c:554 kmod_search_moddep: could not open moddep file '/lib/modules/2.6.32-32-pve/modules.dep.bin' Meanwhile, on the proxmox node: # pveversion -v root@proxmox:~# pveversion -v...
  12. [SOLVED] pvesh set /storage issues

    storageName = 'Backups' exportedMountPoint = '/Volumes/Storage/.../ProxmoxBackups' cmd = "pvesh set /storage/#{storageName} -server '#{ip}' -storage #{storageName} \ -export #{exportedMountPoint} \ -content 'images' -type 'nfs'...
  13. driver for Proxmox

    Fog strives to provide a generalized abstraction to the Cloud - so people can switch from e.g. Dreamhost to AWS to Google to OpenStack. These are all possible today using Fog. Proxmox has no Fog driver, which also means it has no Vagrant driver...
  14. Proxmox setup (including for VirtualBox) - github project

    I built this tool for my customizations for tools such as Chef. Does Proxmox basic setup, optional use of Virtualbox. Includes setup to be able to ssh to the proxmox nodes for further setup, and container post-mount customization. It's modular and extensible...
  15. Using Chef-proxmox to maintain Patches to Proxmox host (kernel modules for PPP)

    Hi - I was wondering: After reading Question - how do people maintain a list of modifications they make to their proxmox servers so they can reapply those changes next time they upgrade proxmox? (EDIT) I noted...
  16. chef knife spot images (like ec2)
  17. Proxmox under Virtualbox - no outbound networking

    Hi, I set up exactly per my article on - which describes steps to install Proxmox inside Virtualbox for a setup that can be portable in a laptop. However, clearly I have done something wrong as neither the proxmox host nor the guests can ping I...
  18. Proxmox under Virtualbox

    Hi all, I've been struggling to get a Proxmox PVE under Virtualbox working on my OSX laptop. Unlike on my Mac Mini where IP addresses are fixed, the laptop is often online and/or the network addresses changes. I've been through various articles and compiled a rough article on the wiki...
  19. Template from an OpenVZ container using the WebUI

    Hi, I want to convert an OpenVZ container into a template. I can see how to do this for KVM (there is a menu item) but there is no similar menu for OpenVZ. shows how to do this on the...
  20. HPET Support (on or off, 32-bit or 64-bit)?

    Hi - I looked through Wasim's book, on the Wiki, via search here and asked on ##proxmox on freenode. As I've not found an answer.. During boot I see that "clocksource tsc unstable". Googling leads me to note that clock source is related to HPET. I found But that doesn't answer whether...


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