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  1. btrfs as a guest file system

    Dear all, I want to have urbackup VM and I want to use btrfs killer feature (cross link, offline dedup and so on) with urbackup. What do you think if I will have zfs (zvol) as my host fs and btrfs as a guest system? Best regards,
  2. pve-zsync sync from one node to several nodes

    Hi there, Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere, I was not able to find a conclusive answer. I have several nodes in my cluster. I use zfs-autosnapshot because I want to have 'point in time restore possibility'. I have a conflict zfs-autosnapshot with pvesr. For example: pvesr...
  3. Replication with an unstable Internet channel

    Dear all, I want to setup a proxmox server on a remote site for prevent any kind of disaster. I have from time to time little disconect of my Internet channel. What will proxmox do in this situation? For example: 'Node A' sends a replica to 'Node B'. In during sync there was a problem with a...
  4. Add a shadow node to cluster (zfs sync)

    Dear all, I have Proxmox v 5.1 clusters. Is it possbile to add some zfs sync replica to another cluster? It will good to add some cronjob to my production VM cluster. For example: Productive cluster (node 1 (VM 100), node 2 and so on) Backup cluster (node 1, node 2 and so on) Want to add...
  5. Best IO Scheduler for local zfs storage

    Dear all. I have zpool/zvol - as a local storage (with l2arc+cache). Which best IO Scheduler in a common case? Is the CFQ best or not in this situation?
  6. [SOLVED] Very strange zfs size after resotre from backup

    Dear all, I have some VMs like this one: Source srv: pve 4.1.22 Dest srv: pve 5.1.36 vm config disk: virtio0: exchange:3031/vm-3031-disk-1.qcow2,size=45G Real size: root@pve-03:~# qemu-img info /mnt/pve/exchange/images/3031/vm-3031-disk-1.qcow2 image...
  7. [SOLVED] snapshot with RAM on a zfs storage

    Dear all, I want to ask you about snapshot with RAM. When I create a VM snapshot without RAM, I have a just zfs snap. What about snapshot with RAM? Where is stored the ram of VM? Thank a lot for you answer to me.
  8. Two cluster 4x and 5x in one network

    Dear all, I want to have a two clusters of proxmox in one L2/L3 network. For example: Proxmox 4 cluster: node 1 node 2 node 3 Proxmox 5 cluster: node 1 node 2 node 3 Is it possilbe? I don't want to...
  9. [SOLVED] dab error when try to create ubuntu 14 template

    Dear all, I have read the wiki After that I have setup pve 4.4 and do the following: root@dab:~/ubuntu# cat dab.conf Suite: trusty CacheDir: ../cache #Source: SUITE main restricted universe multiverse #Source: SUITE-updates...
  10. zvol default volblocksize - VERY BAD PERFORMANCE

    Dear all, I think it is a very bad idea, to create zvol with 8k volblocksize. Can I change a default block size of zvol when created a vm from web gui? I want to change it from 8k to 128k. If you want to see a more about problem, you can go to:
  11. zfs arc cache size

    Dear all! I have to plan use a local zfs pool as a my production local_storage. So, I have configure log + cache on a SSD drive. It works very very fast and stable. What about configure ARC size? I have 48GB of RAM From the default setting ARC is: from 32M to 24GB. I want to run about 35 GB...
  12. Network performance slow on a guest Windows.

    Hi all, I want to talk about network stack performance: I run WindowsXP on Proxmox 1.5 with 2.6.32 kernel. I use virtio network card with RedHat virtio network driver. I did setup 1c v 7.7 (This is Russian kind of an ERP), the program works like: 1c 7.7 client software run on a...
  13. Backup to many servers by ProxmoxVE

    Hi all! I have two servers. The first server is: Proxmox-VE. I have more VMs. The second server is: Backup server. It powered by FreeNAS. It has a large hdd. The second server is remotly. It lives in a remote server room. I need to create backup dublicated. For example...


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