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  1. [SOLVED] How to mount an LXC snapshot? [device /dev/vg/snap does not exist]

    Hi Guys, Is it even possible to mount an LXC snapshot? root@prox1:~# lvcreate -s --name snap vg/vm-100-disk-0 Logical volume "snap" created. root@prox1:~# lvs LV VG Attr LSize Pool Origin Data% Meta% Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert cts vg twi-aotz--...
  2. Cannot do full clones on a running container without snapshots (Thin LV)

    Hi Guys I can take as many snapshots as I need of a running Container both in the GUI and CLI, and PBS can make backups of a running LXC in snapshot mode without any issues. So why can't I clone a running LXC residing in a thin pool? I get: "Cannot do full clones on a running container without...
  3. 20 GB Container taking 10 mins. to backup, snapshot mode

    Every backup of a 20 GB container (a thin-pool LV) on a PBS server in snapshot mode takes the same time, approx. 10 mins, regardless of whether it's the initial backup or the subsequent backups. OK I get that the 2nd, 3rd backups are incremental in disk-space used and that's certainly a good...
  4. How do i know if my lxc container is nested?

    Is there some sort of indicator inside the container that confirms that nesting has been enabled and is active?
  5. LXCs in Thinpool Over RAID1: When should I mkfs.ext4 ?

    Hi, When creating LXCs in a thinpool on LVM over RAID1, I'm not sure whether or not to lay the filesystem on * the RAID1 array before LVM comes into play, or * the logical volume just before converting it to a thinpool, or * just leave it to Proxmox to lay the fs when creating the containers...
  6. Does RAID 0 increase I/O for VMs & Containers ?

    Hi, My tests on bare metal servers show that read and write operations are a third faster with RAID 0 compared to RAID 1. The question is: Would that boost in I/O speed get reflected inside VMs and LXCs?
  7. GUI showing LVs 7% bigger size

    Actual LV sizes: root@pmx8:~# lvs -a vg-b | grep pthin | grep rimage [pthin_tdata_rimage_0] vg-b iwi-aor--- 99.99g [pthin_tdata_rimage_1] vg-b iwi-aor--- 99.99g [pthin_tmeta_rimage_0] vg-b iwi-aor--- 1.00g [pthin_tmeta_rimage_1]...
  8. unified_cgroup_hierarchy?

    With the latest kernel in PVE 6.4 (5.4.114-1), is it possible or even safe to turn on the unified_cgroup_hierarchy parameter? If it is possible and safe, how to enable it (the file to enable it in and the lines to add/edit)? This parameter is needed for per-user throttling of RAM, CPU, IO...
  9. Can KVMs and LXCs have access to their files on the PBS?

    That would be a nice addition, don't you think? Or is this feature already available and have I just missed it?
  10. LXC 'du' size confusion

    Why would an LXC container with actual data size of 19GB and 120GB raw file show 56GB in 'du'? Using hdds on Proxmox 6.3.
  11. Is it safe to install glibc?

    Is it safe to install the glibc-source package on Proxmox 6.2? i.e. won't interfere with or break the Proxmox packages? root@srv5:~# apt show glibc-source Package: glibc-source Version: 2.28-10 Priority: optional Section: devel Source: glibc Maintainer: GNU Libc Maintainers...
  12. Tainted: G - What does this kernel message mean?

    Getting this warning / error twice each second, sending the kern.log and messages files in /var/log on the Proxmox node into over-drive. Is it signalling a potential hardware failure? /var/log/kern.log --- ------------[ cut here ]------------ Jul 21 00:26:14 prox1 kernel: WARNING: at...
  13. How to remove host's LE cert and release port 80?

    Hi, Made a silly mistake on my single public-IP machine when I ignored the requirements for installing a Let's Encrypt certificate on the host. ---- There are a few prerequisites to use Let’s Encrypt: 1. Port 80 of the node needs to be reachable from the internet. 2. There must be no other...
  14. IPtables Rules for NAT reflection / loopback

    Hello Proxmox Network Gurus :-) I need your advice. I am stuck with 1 public ip on a Proxmox host, so I am using a bridge and NAT port forwarding to a single container. root@prox1:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces ........... auto vmbr0:0 iface vmbr0:0 inet static address netmask...
  15. Proxmox 3.4 Enterprise Repository

    Hello: Are there any differences with regard to what is being provided between the Enterprise and non-Enterprise repositories for Proxmox 3.4? Are there any advantages or pluses to having access to the Enterprise repository for v3.4? For instance, security updates, kernel updates, app...
  16. pve-zsync: how to config non-22 ssh port?

    This is the sync example given in the wiki: root@zfs1:~# pve-zsync sync --source 100 --dest --verbose --maxsnap 2 --name test1 --limit 512 Couldn't find any examples for configuring a non-22 ssh port. Also, what does "not possible to sync recursive" mean?
  17. noauto_da_alloc anyone?

    Never knew or heard about this switch for ext4 until now. " Delayed allocation is used by write system call. It delays real block allocation until written data is flushed from memory to disk. Prevent file fragmentation and decrease CPU utilization. Suppress writes to temporary files which exist...
  18. WARNING: Use of uninitialized value $spages ?

    Hi, I've just installed PMG-5 in an openVZ container (PVE 3.4, the container template is debian stretch from and all seems to be working fine. But, I am getting copious amounts of this error in the log files in /var/log/ . WARNING: Use of uninitialized value $spages in int at...
  19. DCC + Pyzor + Virus Scanners ?

    Hi, Is it possible to add DCC (, Pyzor ( and additional virus scanners to PMG? How? Thanks.
  20. Wget PMG ISO ?

    Hi, Is there a direct URL to download the PMG .iso file via ssh? Thanks.


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