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  1. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    Output is `0` on both vmbr0 and vmbr1 from the system that doesn't have VLAN aware ticked but is passing vlans.
  2. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    And, output of ethtool -k vmbr0 from a system that doesn't have "VLAN Aware" ticked but does pass VLANs through. Features for vmbr0: rx-checksumming: off [fixed] tx-checksumming: on tx-checksum-ipv4: off [fixed] tx-checksum-ip-generic: on tx-checksum-ipv6: off [fixed]...
  3. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    Ok, here's ethtool from a system that is working properly with the "VLAN Aware" box ticked: I will get output from a system without the box ticked soon. The system has a realtek nic (output of lspci -v with respect to the NIC below) root@proxmox02:~# ethtool -k enp1s0 Features for enp1s0...
  4. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    Hmm, I saw inconsistent behaviour on two NICs (both are Intel Corporation Ethernet Controller I225-LM) attached to two different vmbr on the same system. Neither vmbr had "VLAN Aware" ticked, but one was passing VLANs, the other was not. Output of lspci -v is below 58:00.0 Ethernet controller...
  5. Tips on prolonging life on ssd with btrfs?

    Wearout will go up fast, QVO is Samsung's most bottom tier drive money can buy. It's really designed for cold storage type situations, ie the kind where a user puts some games on their drive and they only really get read, very rarely get fully overwritten. Just keep an eye on it and you'll be...
  6. [SOLVED] Proxmox, virtualized pfsense, VLANs

    Yes you definitely have to reboot. One of the many idiosyncrasies in proxmox that no one tells you about until you lose half a day trying to configure something. Supposedly newer versions of proxmox you’re supposed to be able to “edit config without rebooting” but it seems that’s only for...
  7. [SOLVED] Proxmox, virtualized pfsense, VLANs

    All this looks correct. Have you rebooted the host since you added the new vmbr ?
  8. [SOLVED] Proxmox, virtualized pfsense, VLANs

    That looks correct. Could you show us a screenshot of interface -> assignments in pfsense? Also, I presume you’ve checked the firewall rules in pfsense on all your LANs? Maybe add icmp allow all rule at the very top just for testing purposes?
  9. [SOLVED] Proxmox, virtualized pfsense, VLANs

    Please post contents of your networking config. cat /etc/network/interfaces
  10. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    Upon further investigation I think this isn't an issue with proxmox itself but rather something further up. Perhaps something to do with whatever is responsible for configuring the bridge? bridge-vlan-aware...
  11. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    @spirit, that is not even the problem. The problem is at my 1st site, I do not have VLAN aware enabled; I have a virtualized OpnSense QEMU vm there with two vtnet interfaces; both of these interfaces have tagged vlans within the VM. This works fine. Question: Why? If 'vlan aware' isn't...
  12. "VLAN Aware" - inconsistent in behavior when adding tag inside qemu guest. Why?

    I have two proxmox installs. They are both 7.2-3. One has is running on a HP ProBook G7 laptop. It has a single RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The network config is below. On this system, I run a opnsense router VM. It has two interfaces. My WAN is tagged on VLAN 44...
  13. Move EFI disk fails on between (RBD storage and RBD storage) or (RBD storage and lvm-thin) while VM is running

    I just hit this error moving an EFI disk belonging to my home assistant qemu VM from local-lvm to a nvme ssd (that is a local-lvm-thin). Once I halted the VM I was able to move it. Running 7.2-3, everything up to date (I Just installed it last night). Here is the VM config: # cat 112.conf...
  14. Moving disk from one system into another

    Yes, I did. Infact on first boot I got an error about secure boot being enabled, so I went into the bios and disabled it. I also tried manually targeting the bootloader to no avail.
  15. CIFS: storage is not online (500)

    I just hit this very same issue. I was trying to connect a SMB share from my Synolgy to my Proxmox. Unfortunately, it didn't work and I had no choice but to give up. I'm now using NFS.
  16. Moving disk from one system into another

    My current proxmox "server" is a very old i7-4770k, 32G and a z87-c motherboard. The system is running latest proxmox 7.2-3, full up to date as of posting and boots in UEFI mode (but no secure boot). The "boot" volume is a 2.5" 60GB SATA SSD, and the server has a 2 TB NVMe drive which is used...
  17. Why can I not choose the storage destination of a powered-off VM when doing a migration?

    As in title. I setup a 2nd server in my lab to do testing, it only has a "local-lvm" storage. I setup some VMs on it. Now that I'm done testing - I'm decommissioning it and I need to move all my VMs off from this test server and onto my main one. But when I go to migrate powered off VMs, I...
  18. [SOLVED] Changed root pw on proxmox backup server & proxmox host - cant re-add backup server to proxmox

    So last night I changed the root password on both my proxmox host server & my proxmox backup server. The new password works fine to log into ssh/webGUI etc of both systems. I deleted all historical backups, then removed the proxmox backup server storage from my proxmox (starting fresh)...
  19. iGPU Passthrough on PVE 6.3-3

    Hello Everyone I've been wrestling with this all day, hoping someone can help. I have my iGPU onboard GPU passed through to a vm running windows 10 build 2004. Qemu utils are installed on this system. It's using OVMF bios (UEFI). I used the instructions in the documentation to set this up...


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