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  1. services hung because of backup storage problem

    when changing VM hardware properties for example, i'm getting "Connection error 596: Connection timed out" when starting a VM, i see kvm process and the VM is shown running in gui, but in tasks "start failed: command .... failed: got timeout" is shown oh, btw: pve-manager/6.4-13/9f411e79...
  2. services hung because of backup storage problem

    both. the crash was on the vz-backup storage
  3. services hung because of backup storage problem

    hello, our backup storage (synology nas mounted via cifs) crashed last night during backup run. some VMs have been stopped with io-error because of this (as they had been backed up when the crash happened), but unfortunately even with backup storage unmounted (umount -f...) i could not restart...
  4. proxmox backup (vzdump) parallelism ?

    yes, and that is the culprit. it's not such a big deal for me if backup slows down VM disk IO, but slowdown is even growing with the number of cluster nodes and there is nothing you can do against it (without slicing your backup jobs into groups).
  5. Lost Partition Tables on VMs

    i don't have the issue (at least i'm happy i was not hit yet), but as we currently move a larger env from xenserver to proxmox, i really want this getting resolved, as this is a real bummer for me. it makes me nervous. enterprise products should not have such bug. loosing disk partitions...
  6. Lost Partition Tables on VMs

    >I have a similar problem. I suspect a discard option. On several masts where I have it turned off, the problem does not occur. so, does this apply for your VMs ?
  7. proxmox backup (vzdump) parallelism ?

    thanks for the pointers. limiting bandwidth for vzdump is no option, as limiting backup bandwidth also limits VM io bandwidth, afaik.
  8. KVM VM errors - where do they get logged ?

    well, from where does the proxmox gui get the information of kvm/qemu io errors ? can somewone give a hint where to look for that in the code? i don't find appropriate infos via grep....
  9. proxmox backup (vzdump) parallelism ?

    is there a way to limit backup parallelism/concurrency in a cluster? i have 5 nodes and when they all have vzdump run in parallel, our nas is heavily saturated and each of the backup "threads" is running slow
  10. KVM VM errors - where do they get logged ?

    there is no task when a VM is throwing an IO error
  11. KVM VM errors - where do they get logged ?

    hello, let there be some "Status: IO-Error" for a VM, for example bacause of out-of-diskspace condition. Where can i see more details about such errors, i searched a while but can find no logfile containing it. I had some host where VMs got io errors from time to time and i would have found...
  12. webui caching - inconsistent local storage in firefox ?

    i have seen this login issue again and again in 2 clusters, independently, and for both it resolves after cleaning out all the keys in browser local storage. i have seen this error on both of them.
  13. CPU soft lockup: Watchdog: Bug: soft lockup - CPU#0 stock for 24s!

    you need to use virtio-scsi-single to make iothread=1 to be effectively used at all. iothread=1 without virtio-scsi-single is meaningless (though it's possible to configure in the gui) using virtio-scsi-single does not mean that you use a single virtual disk...
  14. Docker on Proxmox VE

    mind that is only web-based orchestration , not a appliance/docker runtime env
  15. Interner Proxmox Mirror mit rsync auf RHEL Server

    >Das non Subscription Repo von Proxmox nicht. was ist das problem konkret ?
  16. CPU soft lockup: Watchdog: Bug: soft lockup - CPU#0 stock for 24s!

    >Well, the switch to io_thread/async Threads did not mitigate the problem entirely for me, it did. mind that "virtio scsi single" makes the difference....
  17. VMs temporarily malformed after restore

    i also see this in log : Can't call method "push_write" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/APIServer/ line 359.
  18. proxmox stable -> testing

    thank you very much for explaining. i had simply wrong expectations then... (as i assumed pvetest would be similar to debian testing...)
  19. proxmox stable -> testing

    mhh, ok, some of them are installed, must have overseen that that while trying, i was assuming that there would be much more difference between pve-no-subscription and pvestest i wanted to try latest webgui features like cross-cluster migration and such stuff, maybe my expectation is simply...
  20. proxmox stable -> testing

    # cat sources.list deb bullseye main contrib deb bullseye-updates main contrib # PVE pve-no-subscription repository provided by, # NOT recommended for production use #deb bullseye...


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