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  1. huge dirty-bitmap after sunday

    @danielb , yes, I just run fstrim to test, and confirm it will cause huge dirty-bitmap, thanks for your reply. # fstrim -a -v /var/tmp: 0 B (0 bytes) trimmed /: 1.1 TiB (1212771516416 bytes) trimmed INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 103 --storage pb1_backup3 --notes-template '{{guestname}}'...
  2. huge dirty-bitmap after sunday

    Hi, every one, I was using PBS to backup VM created on ZFS, it was running well, however sometimes I found one VM got very huge dirty-bitmap, even bigger than the real data usage insider that VM. This VMs was installed CloudLinux and cPanel, it was using XFS filesystem, I also found it almost...
  3. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Hi, I just try replication-job with unlimit bandwidth and it is much better then before. Thanks very much.
  4. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Hi, Fabian, thanks very. I had wait long time but not help, I had limited the bandwidth to 15M but this vDisk size only 30G, and it was working well in before. I notice the error status due to replication-job rerun automatically(I setup two hours schedule and it rerun in several minutes). I will...
  5. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Hi, Fabian, I have encounter the same issue after update from 7.0-14 to 7.1-5, some of replication jobs failed. I also tried to remove and delete vDisk if necessary, and then tried to rebuild the replications. The replication-jobs completed and said OK, but the replicated vDisk size is 0B ... I...
  6. fdisk and sfdisk missing from pve 7.0 installation iso?

    @t.lamprecht , I see, thanks, I had clean my harddisk successfully now. Thank you very much.
  7. fdisk and sfdisk missing from pve 7.0 installation iso?

    Hi, I just boot into ProxMox debug mode with 7.0-2 ISO, I want to clean my hard disks as old partitions caused trouble. But I found there is only fdisk command, not gdisk and wipefs commands, and fdisk command can not delete old GPT partitions of harddisk.
  8. ZFS and special device how to use unused free space ?

    Hi, @H4R0 , thanks very much for your help. Yes, you are right. I just run the "zpool remove rpool nvme0n1p1" and removed the special device(nvme0n1p1) from my zpool(rpool) successfull without lost any data, it take almost one minute to allocate the data from special device to other vdev...
  9. ZFS and special device how to use unused free space ?

    Hi, I found this: I will try later and update my result here. Thanks, everyone.
  10. ZFS and special device how to use unused free space ?

    Hi, @gu1u , thanks for your advice. Yes I can backup all VMs, and then destroy zpool, and then recreate it , and then restore VMs from backup, but that is not what I want. Thanks anyway. @H4R0 , thanks for your reply. my special device is only one device on nvme disk, but the zpool itself is...
  11. ZFS and special device how to use unused free space ?

    Hi, guletz, thanks for your reply. Is there a way to move the data from special device to other pool ?
  12. ZFS and special device how to use unused free space ?

    Hi, every one, I have setup special+log+cache into rpool and was running well, now this ProxMox can not boot and hang in grub recuse mode, so I want to remove the special ,log and cache device. I know i can remove log and cache device any time, but i do not know if i can remove special device...
  13. CEPH pools have too many placement groups

    Hi, I just installed Ceph octopus(15.2.10) in ProxMox, and see this warning message: 1 pools have too many placement groups Pool ceph-data has 128 placement groups, should have 32 root@ASLCC6:~# ceph -v ceph version 15.2.10 (c5cb846e8e85c920ff64c704524419fc9d2b8c34) octopus (stable) #...
  14. CT backup to PBS failed

    @dcsapak Thank you.
  15. CT backup to PBS failed

    Hi every one, I just encounter backup job failed issues, one of my CT backup to PBS failed since from several days ago. Today I run the backup manually for this CT but also failed, and I notice there is error messages: INFO: catalog upload error - channel closed INFO: Error: error at...
  16. qmrestore bwlimit problem

    Hi, I just encounter this issue when restoring VM from PBS, I try to limit with 1M (--bwlimit=1024) but get speed over 150MB/s: # qmrestore backup:backup/vm/134/2021-04-05T05:48:05Z 135 --storage rpool1 --bwlimit 1024 new volume ID is 'rpool1:vm-135-disk-0' restore proxmox backup image...
  17. cloud-init LVM resize not working

    Hi, I just encounter same problem, in my case, I am using two LVM logical volumes: root and swap, and the physical volume created in partition(/dev/sda1), therefor I need to run the growpart to expand the disk partition and then run the pvresize and lvresize to expand the LVM volumes. However...
  18. Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    This is greate, thanks for provide PBS. I just update to version 0.9.7 both server and client, and I notice one issue: When ProxMox backup job failed in client side, the server side PBS datastore still keep running status. This issue also exist in version 0.9.1 PBS server and client.
  19. Last Provxmox VE version not requiring UEFI

    Hi, I encuonter this issue too. I my case, I have to add "vga=normal" into boot menual kernel line, otherwise the installation will fail to initilize. And I found I can only initilize the installation when BIOS using Legacy model, If BIOS using UEFI model, installation also fail to initilize...


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