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  1. Error when backing up a container

    When running the command zfs list -t snapshot I get this message: no datasets available and command pct listsnapshot 102 : `-> current You are here!
  2. Error when backing up a container

    I have a container with Turkey linux running a Nextcloud server, this container has approximately 400GB occupied out of a total of 800GB but when backing up the error, both the local backup and the backup using PBS INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 102 --node pve --mode snapshot --storage...
  3. [SOLVED] I can't do a full backup

    Muito obrigado, problema resolvido e lição aprendida!!!
  4. [SOLVED] I can't do a full backup

    Follow the VM settings root@pve1:~# qm config 100 agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: order=scsi0 cores: 4 machine: pc-i440fx-6.1 memory: 4160 meta: creation-qemu=6.1.0,ctime=1644774016 name: WIN10-APP-SERVER net0: e1000=3A:85:9D:77:28:31,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1 numa: 0 onboot: 1 ostype: win10 parent...
  5. Proxmox Backup Server on google cloud on google cloud

    Thanks for replying I will check the console the communication lost is SSH
  6. [SOLVED] I can't do a full backup

    I recently installed the Proxmox Backup Server then I configured it in Proxmox and backed up the VM but by my mistake I deleted the full backup and now every time the backup is made it is only the incremental one, I deleted all the backups I changed the drive backup storage but it only does the...
  7. Proxmox Backup Server on google cloud on google cloud

    I'm trying to install Proxmox backup-server on Google cloud but so far without success. I tried installing by creating a Debian 11 instance, following this tutorial: More during the installation the instance loses communication and does not respond...
  8. High throughput with only one VM

    I'm using a Dell server model T110 with a 3.10GHz 4-core XEON processor and 8GB of 3.10GHz DDR3 memory plus 2 480GB SATA SSDs in ZFS RAID1 and 2 more 1TB HDDs in ZFS RAID1 so I ask if this configuration is much lower necessary, because with only one Windows 10 VM the processing is getting to 90%...
  9. [SOLVED] Using prune

    Eu ainda não entendi a função do Prume, alguém poderia me explicar ?
  10. Should I install Proxmox on SSD or HDD?

    Thanks a lot for the info, but due to limited time I created a ZFS RAID1 with the SSDs to install proxmox and then I created a ZFS RAID1 with the HDDs, then I created a Windows 10 VM and allocated the ZFS HDD on it with a total of 3TB leaving 1TB of the HDD that is 4TB is it possible for me to...
  11. Should I install Proxmox on SSD or HDD?

    My question is also if proxmox is installed on SSDs, it would greatly increase the reading and writing and thus reduce the lifespan of SSDs, as for space I have no problem
  12. Should I install Proxmox on SSD or HDD?

    Hello everyone ! I have a Dell R420 server and 2 SSD 500GB SATA plus 2 HDD 4TB sata, what is the best way, install proxmox on SSDs or HDDS? These SSDs were purchased for the Windows VM
  13. [SOLVED] Import ZFS RAID 1 from another Proxmox installation

    Thanks for the help I managed to import I used zpool import -f STORAGE and it worked.
  14. [SOLVED] Extender C drive after installing windows 10

    Thank you very much , I used gparted and it worked , solved !! I need to insert the solved information in the title ?
  15. [SOLVED] Import ZFS RAID 1 from another Proxmox installation

    they are like this I can't see the name it seems to me that it's the same as the one that already exists called rpool
  16. [SOLVED] Import ZFS RAID 1 from another Proxmox installation

    Olá tenho 2 HDs de 1TB de outra instalação do proxmox que precisei desfazer mas agora preciso montar esses 2 HDs na minha nova instalação do proxmox esses HDs eram como ZFS RAID1 no antigo é possível eu importá-los como ZFS RAID neste novo Proxmox
  17. [SOLVED] Extender C drive after installing windows 10

    Instalei o windows 10 em uma VM com 100GB mas já consumiu esses 100Gb por causa do software e depois adicionei mais 250GB mas agora não consigo aumentar a unidade C porque o espaço adicionado é depois da partição reservada
  18. [TUTORIAL] Deployment Tips

    Hello everyone ! I don't understand how PMG connects to the mail server and how the mail client connects to PMG?
  19. apt update has error in Proxmox 7

    I cannot update Proxmox 7 Err: bullseye-security Release 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
  20. Best data security option for installing Promox 7 for use 2 VMs

    #oguz Thanks for the answer ! The HDS are normal between 7200RPM and redundancy is the most important, I also analyzed the possibility of installing vo proxmox using ZFS RAID1 placing creating a pool right after installation, in this case I found that a procedure is needed, which I think is a...


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