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  1. How much kernel does PMG keep ?

    Hi, I just noticed that one of my PMG has a some old kernel : apt list --installed | grep pve-kernel WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts. pve-kernel-5.3.18-1-pve/stable,now 5.3.18-1 amd64 [installé, automatique] pve-kernel-5.3.18-3-pve/stable,now...
  2. [SOLVED] PMG does not translate UTF8 subject when filtering spam

    Thanks for your fast answer. (?i)^.*Administrateur du syst..?me.*$ work as expected ! On a more technical stand (and because i'm curious), why the value in What object are stored in ISO and not UTF8 which tend to be a standard ? Regards
  3. [SOLVED] PMG does not translate UTF8 subject when filtering spam

    Hi, We received a big spam with a subject trying to make users believe it was send by admin in the subject : "RE: Administrateur du système" So we created a regex blocking "Administrateur du système" But then we received another spam with the same subject and it was not blocked by PMG...
  4. Missing important log in pmgproxy.log

    Oh okay this explain why I did not find anytrhing as I was grepping on the IP I've added.
  5. Missing important log in pmgproxy.log

    Hi, I wanted to put this has an issue in the git but it seems that this is not possible (or I didn't understand correctly) PMG logs are missing some info like addind a new network. For testing purpose I created a TEST network and looked in the log, I only get logs when I delete one ...
  6. Change domain for MAILER-DAEMON mails ?

    tried to set the smtp_helo_name in the, does not change the mailer daemon address, will update when I found something
  7. Change domain for MAILER-DAEMON mails ?

    So myorigin = did not work. I check on another PMG server that was working properly and notice that I did not put "search" in the server that cause me trouble. pmgconfig dump now show the correct dns.domain and dns.fqdn but sadly the mailer daemon is still with the wrong...
  8. Change domain for MAILER-DAEMON mails ?

    Hi, I have a little trouble to figure this out. My PMG server hostname is : and it is performing filtering for the domain When there's a MAILER-DAEMON send it is send with this address I would like to change that for...
  9. web security - port 8006

    Hi, IMO as long as PMG does not split the user interface for managing quarantine and all the other admin stuff you should not open this to the world. If you do not have the possibility to setup a VPN for your user you could try to use the pre-mentioned Fail2Ban rule and do not hesitate to...
  10. [SOLVED] How long does it take until bayes is not undefined anymore ?

    Fixed, It just took longer than estimated before bayes was defined
  11. How can I see why a virus was not detected ?

    Hi, I received a virus file with a .xz extension (a compressed file apparently) It was not blocked by ClamAV, all logs files of clamav are empty even if the virus filter is actived. For spam I can easily see in the original mail why it is blocked / not blocked but how can I do that for virus...
  12. [SOLVED] How long does it take until bayes is not undefined anymore ?

    Hi, I have the value bayes=undefined on any entering mail despite receiving a lot of spam with a level > 10. Does anyone know when the value is set ? Regards
  13. [SOLVED] Remove "no subscription" pop up for a personnal use ?

    Hi, thanks for your answer. As it is currently simply a homelab for testing I will not purchase a license But I will purchase one once in prod ;) Regards
  14. [SOLVED] Remove "no subscription" pop up for a personnal use ?

    Hi, I'm setting my own pmg on my home lab, Is it possible to get rid of the popup message ? It's really annoying Regards
  15. [SOLVED] Should I put DKIM key in both mail server and pmg ?

    Hi, Thanks for your answer. I just create the DKIM key on PMG and when I do "view DNS records" the records seems very long see : mailsecure-dkim._domainkey IN TXT ( "v=DKIM1; h=sha256; k=rsa; "...
  16. [SOLVED] Should I put DKIM key in both mail server and pmg ?

    Hi, A bit of a stupid question but should I put the dkim key both in mail server and PMG server ? I'm using zimbra as a mail server and I can create a DKIM directly in zimbra, I was thinking to create the new DKIM key in zimbra and put this key in PMG but I'm afraid that might cause trouble...
  17. [SOLVED] Email coming from noreply address of local domain are bounced.

    Hi, My address is bounced when I send message to any user in but not blocked when I send to any other domain OR from Here is the tracking center log : Send from : Sep 7 10:03:31 my-pmg postfix/smtp[12449]...
  18. How to properly enable autolearn for spam ?

    I will consider this possibility, but it might raise a lot more false positive
  19. How to properly enable autolearn for spam ?

    Hi, I do not clearly understand what I need to do to enable autolearn on PMG. I have a zimbra mail server that is "protected" by PMG but quite a bit of obvious spam are passing by, even if we refuse anything that as a spamscore > 6. I read somewhere that PMG need 250 mails with a score > 12...


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