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  1. IO at 100% in VM, Host is at ~10-20%

    Hi, we are having an IO Problem with (at least) one of our PVE hosts. The host has only one VM running which has 2 Drives: One of the drives is /, the other one is a 10TB data mount. The VM has a high IO utilisation: But the Host does not: as all the writes in the VM are going to the 10T HDD...
  2. Host Read Only Filesystem retten

    Hallo, ich habe bei einem Host das Problem, dass das Filesystem wegen Fehlern nurnoch als Read Only gemountet wird - auch nach einem reboot vom Host. Jetzt wollte ich das Rootfs mittels "dd" auf einen anderen Datenträger clonen, das funktioniert aber nicht, da ja LVM Volumes genutzt werden...
  3. [SOLVED] pve-zsync Fehlerlog?

    Hi, tldr; Wo findet man denn die Logs von PVE-ZSync? ich habe mit pve-zsync das Problem, dass ich ein Source nicht auf mehrere Targets syncen kann - der zuletzt angelegt Job funktioniert dann, aber der erste nicht mehr: root@xftd0012:~# pve-zsync list SOURCE NAME...
  4. [SOLVED] 20% CPU Usage on Idling system from Interrupts

    Hi, we installed Proxmox on two NASes that will not recive Firmware upgrades anymore ("just" an i3 w/ 16GB RAM) an everything works fine. The only problem is that one Interrupts hogs up the CPU. With grep . -r /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/ I found out that the culprit was...
  5. Will Proxmox 4.5/5.0 include QEMU <=2.8.0?

    Hi, will the next Proxmox release feature QEMU <=2.8.0 and if yes is it intended to have COLO configurable for it? Thanks, Jonas
  6. [SOLVED] 4.4 non-HA Cluster over WAN

    Hi, I know, this is not the first time asked. I know it's not supported, may or may not work etc. I just had some more questions. We will have 3 Proxmox Nodes, each running 1 VM while one node runs 2 VMs wich will be pve-zsynced to the other nodes. They only server for Backup purposes, there...
  7. Single Node Ceph Storage

    Hi, is it possible to user Ceph as Storage on a Single Node on a homelab? I know I'd have to edit the config to osd pool default size = 2 osd crush chooseleaf type = 0 but would the storage be administerable from the webui? Thanks in advance, Jonas
  8. [SOLVED] LXC USB Passthrough (ZWave Stick)

    Hi, sadly there is no wiki entry for LXC USB Passthrough, so if someone has the same problem as me he will at least find it in the forum. Nice work with VE 4.3 btw. 1st. Plug in you USB ZWave stick and find the Major:Minor Numbers: root@proxmox01:~# lsusb [...] Bus 004 Device 005: ID 0658:0200...


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